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So what is everyone watching?

I tried and stalled with Fear the Walking Dead, but talk about the latest episodes make me want to pick it back up just to see the end. It is only six episodes.

Out of the new Fall shows I've tried Minority Report (it was ok but nothing made me want to return and the low ratings pretty much mean it isn't long for this tv world), Scream Queens (I keep on forgetting when this is on and hulu is not quick to post episodes; I was not that enthused with the first two episodes--Lea Michele was a highlight and the narcissistic boyfriend was good as well-- something about the humor felt like a tired attempt of sharp edginess that feels just a bit dated). Caught half of The Flash and liked it enough though I still haven't seen the last episodes of last season. Sleepy Hollow was good in a way that was tempting, but it's very hard to completely trust it not to go off the rails; I'm just going to enjoy the good moments while they last.

American Horror Story came on last night. IDK. Visually, it is rather arresting and there were moments but I don't know if I'm sticking around for any more. Some links on AHS latest: a review I mostly agree with and a plea for Ryan Murphy to stop which makes me flash back to Glee fandom and laugh.

Still waiting on Supergirl and Fargo.
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Is anyone watching Narcos, the new netflix show about Pablo Escobar and the era of cocaine Miami and the DEA? I've only seen episode one and liked it well enough. No spoilers (though how much can you spoil a historic event?)

*From season 1 it seems to be mirroring Escobar and a DEA agent; at least the DEA agent is narrating events. At times the voiceover was too much but I don't know how else they could have done it without either expanding the pov to hit on details the narration provides.

* The actor playing Escobar really looks related to Matthew Rhys from The Americans.

* The music, acting, design is all really good. It's definitely a high quality show.

* The guy from GOT, the Dornish prince in the fight, is in this sporting a mustache.

* This isn't my first time seeing a film about this era; I've watched the Cocaine Cowboys series and the one about the female Colombian druglord. So it seems that thirty years is the time in which events can get mainstream dramatization? There's enough distance where it isn't taken to be crass and a certain gloss can be provided.

I do plan to continue on with the series: not at the pace I consumed OITNB (in a day and half) but faster than I watched Daredevil (still not done!).
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Did anyone watch it? No spoilers, but or me, the pilot dragged and I wish it would adopt a wider focus instead of narrowing in one that one family. The previews of upcoming events does excite and I will see it through. I think it's only 6 episodes so a lot more action should start coming up. I couldn't help but compare to TWD's pilot and how excellent it was on so many levels.

Here is a review full of details for the first episode that describes it well. If it wasn't for the original show, I probably wouldn't stick around; but I could see it possibly working for others.
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BoJack Horseman is back on Netflix for a second season. This one carried on the tone the first developed and I really liked it. Some of the Todd stuff felt like it was a retread but it still worked, just not as well as the other plot lines for the other characters. Here is a post describing its blend of ludicrousness and sadness to great effect.

Linda Holmes on the latest FX show Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll and some of the dominant tropes of this 'Golden Age of Television' and the exhaustion she at with them. Most of this I agree with; it's not so much that the tropes shouldn't exist, but why is it such a battle to see other tropes with a shot or applied beyond the standard character type that they have been?

Why I'm Done Defending Women's Sports works to move beyond the notion of having to defend the existence of women's sports whenever moments like the World Cup happen.

This writer also equated Serena Williams to Muhammad Ali and makes a decent case for it.
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Zoo - a summer show on CBS about animals somehow deciding it's time to take it to the humans all at once is odd to watch. Because it's on CBS no gore can be shown so there's a lot of bloodied mouths, menacing groups of cats, and stalking sounds and people screaming at their impending deaths. Some of the dialogue choices are poor and there are definitely stock characters in this. Seeing other actors who were in excellent shows in this really drives home the importance of writing.

Catastrophe - is a hilarious comedy on Amazon and only 6 episodes. The main characters feel like actual adults and it holds its tone so well. There is vomit (ugh why) but the show has been a pleasure to watch. If you've watched enough shows you can play 'spot that actor', which adds another level of fun.

Humans - really good. The robot thing could feel sort of played out but they are coming at it from multiple angles and there are good performances in this. The main robot (the nanny for the family) did this super creepy laugh in the first episode that I just want to hear again. It's only been one episode, but so far so good.
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This new beta create entries page is huge. I do like the replying on Reading page function. I haven't encountered any new code stuff yet.

A few days ago the Fox executives went to the TCA and discussed their shows; and their main comment on Sleepy Hollow was that they were seeking to correct the creative mistakes and make it less serial. For me, the main issue was the shift of focus from Ichabod and Abbie and their chemistry (platonic or not), ill formed villain (I don't know why these shows don't realize having a defined villain is crucial), Henry and Katrina (and the sloppy writing around them). I don't understand what it is about a show that makes a team change what was already working. With the latest show and its shuffling of Abbie to the side has just made me realize I am done with Sleepy Hollow. I may check in on the third season, but there is so much pulling my attention that I don't stick around for shows I don't actually like anymore.

Speaking of tons of tv: 1715 shows on U.S. primetime hours (8-11pm)! That is so much. Naturally, I thought on fandom and niche seems to be the standard. Megafandoms are not the most common, and I see them becoming more rare. With the glut of new shows, availability of older shows via internet through various means, other media like books, video games, movies. Fandom is a many splintered thing. An interesting note was the suggestion that shows do some fandom engagement year round like Orphan Black and other genre shows to keep fan interest high to ensure their return during hiatus.

Post on the devaluing of stories that don't feature men in the film industry. It isn't anything new but with the recent Oscar noms, a flurry of pieces have come out about Selma and Wild's lack of major accolades.
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I can only truly value awards season as a list of things to catch up on, because if I fall into the delusion that awards=merit I will become a very negative kind of person, so from the recent spate of awards talk, these are the movies I want to see:

Pride - I wanted to see that before it got some awards but it hasn't come in my area and when I was near it, I didn't have time for movies. :(

Wild - I fully believe this is a good movie; but I also have an aversion to films following an individual walking in the wild and learning about life. The background of her having to deal with her mother's death does push me more into seeing it because it is rare to see a mother-daughter relationship given so much weight in a feature film.

Selma - Everything I've heard has been good stuff, I would expect no less from this director. I've taken a break from watching films set in this era, but the cinematic feel, the cast, and the director will make me override that, I guess.

Interstellar - Still haven't seen it because it's long, but this week I will get a chance. Ditto for Boyhood.

TV Shows: Jane the Virgin, The Knick, the rest of Veep, Marco Polo (from this interview with two of the leading ladies even if I did hear the pace was plodding but I have to see for myself), Legend of Korra
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The trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 dropped and it looks fine. I know I'll watch it because I did enjoy the first; but it seems like it just expanded the scope on the most shallow level and is redoing jokes from the first. I would like to be surprised, but I feel like I've caught the sum of it. Catching the surprise of the first is impossible--the past is a land one can't return to blah blah blah--but I do wish the trailer conveyed the same scale of the first. Crossing fingers that they expand some of the supporting characters and focus on the terror of moving on into the unknown.

Steve McQueen has been one of my favorites director since Hunger so I very much excited for his upcoming projects; but I think out of all of them the Widows movie sounds most interesting.

TV Stuff

Sleepy Hollow: I like none of what they have done with Katrina. I just want to stop the magical forced pregnancy trope being dropped on female characters who are already trapped in passive purgatory thanks to writers' choices. Then they add the ~power of maternal love that makes Katrina not want to stop the demon baby forced into her body by her evil son. Enough. The Mills sisters were great: I love how they responded so differently to the same trauma and are still reaching across to strengthen each other. I would prefer if instead of the mother being dead that she was in prison for a false crime. I am watching the midseason finale but I am hoping the show gets better in its second half.

The Flash: I have not seen last week's so I don't know the reason for the Iris and Barry split, but I do love how it affected both of them. I do not agree with the notion of Iris being worthless in the narrative; there is value in seeing the shaping of the perception of a superhero. The show has gotten better with the character. I'm still unsure about Eddie; if I didn't know about canon events I could like him completely, but if certain things are true. I am still so suspicious of Wells.
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A Defense of Likable Characters which comes after I saw a Defense of Unlikable Characters, which really displays the cycle of response and provocation when it comes to these sort of things; but I could just sum these up in that good characters can come from both situations (considering what constitutes likability varies according to the person) and what all characters need is good writing. From my view of what is touted as Quality American Drama (from Cable) there is a lot of shady male characters doing morally suspicious things, usually from positions of authority, and because so many shows start with that the idea of that character type being automatically tied to Quality has sprung up, even if that falls apart when things like Low Winter Sun happens.

I have more thoughts on this but I did want to link to this because I liked reading the piece.

So Sleepy Hollow is getting the 'What's Wrong With X' treatment from multiple venues, and as much it still hurts a bit because I loved this show so much, I have to agree with most of the complaints.

This piece from EW is mostly in sync with my issues with this second season. Mo Ryan, who is very much a fan of the show and touted the first two episodes as good, also presented her view on what ails Sleepy Hollow. Tim Goodman had a podcast that was actually two weeks earlier than the recent wave, and he even noted that the producer commented that he was surprised at the response to the new season.

my thoughts on the show up to this point )
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Perhaps I should just type up posts that start as if I've been already writing them and just go with it from there. It's not that I haven't consumed anything worth posting about (Captain America:TWS, YA series by Rae Jordan(?) that was excellent for some surprising reason, Saga) but I just haven't gotten to the place to make something coherent. A run through and some links--

Mad Men is back and I'm liking it. There is a lot I want to say about the past two episodes but for now, I'd like to link to a post on NPR about the latest episode that deals with new interoffice conflicts and how things are dealt with as the 60s are here and Civil Rights are becoming more of an issue.

Game of Thrones has been back for three weeks now and I am behind because I am usually doing work until ten; and also because my preferred method of watching the show is in three hour chunks; plus, having read the books, my excitement is more in seeing the changes and decisions and less about the wonder about what will happen next. I do read some reviews and right now I feel like Andy Greenwald's are one of the best even if you are familiar with the happenings in the books; Greenwald really likes the show and has en eye for some of the nuance going on with the characters and picks up on the themes the show is doing. His latest one is rather good.

Still behind on Vikings, Veep, Community, a whole season behind on Elementary and Justified. Will watch latest Orphan Black today/tomorrow.

Picked up Silicon Valley and like it after one episode.

what now?

Jan. 10th, 2014 04:55 pm
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Right now I am typing on a new laptop, giving it a go, and I am not loving it. Usually when I buy a new laptop I am super into it but I think the whole having to upgrade to windows 8.1 which is taking forever and the shaky track pad. The deal was good though and if The Sims run smoothly then I will probably keep it, even if I do not love it. Windows 8 is a learning curve though, I am not going to lie. I am actually looking at apple right now because the ultrabooks run the same price and I am not loving the windows experience.

Justified came back and it was perfect. There was a lot of plot and the main plot is not exactly set in motion, but it was a true pleasure returning to these characters. The writers of this show excel at showing character growth and the actors were fantastic.

So I watch American Horror Story. It's in its third season and I thought once I got through the second season and enjoyed it and really loved the opening episodes of this season that I'd be safe, but I feel myself getting exasperated with Coven for reasons that feel oddly familiar after going through multiple Ryan Murphy shows. Even with the rebooted plot ever season, I am just bored. There is a lighter tone this season once you get past the dark first episode but, for me, all the present stuff has lost its shine. Jessica Lange is awesome and Angela Bassett is amazing to watch but after all the vamping there is not much actually happening. It took so long to unveil the actual threat and that threat is just not big enough and I'm left going 'so'. Of course I will finish the season but the thrill is gone, but I know I will check out next season, especially if Angela is returning.
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Have you guys locked in your nominations yet? Perhaps like my general ways, I am making this harder than it needs to be but the plan is to go ahead and lock it in today just in case AO3 gets weird on the last day (23rd). Right now I have two definite spots filled with Tenderness and Jennifer's Body but I'm still dawdling on the last two, probably TASM and maybe either The Bridge or perhaps The Boondocks but I am so hesitant to foist that canon on someone because the tone would most likely be the hardest thing to get right.

I saw Sleepy Hollow and liked it; the show is bizarre but it's not overly serious and they are not dragging out getting people to believe the insanity; I loved it when the other cops saw the headless horseman.
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Sons of Anarchy came back and it kind of surprised me because I actually had no idea of its return date; also, where did the year go?

This piece came out about the Mastermind problem among recent dramas and brought up SOA and I have to say I slightly disagree. SOA's doesn't seem to me to have so much as a mastermind problem as it does have an issue where the stakes seem very high to the characters but the audience know certain things will be okay (for now). Season 2 worked so well because the main characters went through actual hardship, and the relationships between them shifted a bit. I still remember Gemma going to Tara and that scene at the table when she tells Jax and Clay. The other seasons while entertaining (a blight on that Ireland trip) lacked that; or dragged things out. It has felt like Juice has been a rat forever. I do think these last two seasons will be satisfying, but the conflict between Jax/Clay/Gemma----Tara has been stuck in a holding pattern for so long. That seems to be changing. Honestly, I've watched way too much SOA to quite the show.

I am still behind on the Bridge. On Demand is not being consistent :(

Legend of Korra premiered last night. I need to watch it again but overall I liked it.
What I liked:

spoilers for LOK premiere )
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And that place would not have had me so stressed to be saddled with a shoddy internet connection. It's weird how I type so much faster and open up tabs in prep just in case the connection disappears, it takes me back to the days of the phone modem and the fanfiction on *txt files.

Media Update:

The Bridge has me full on this season and I'm liking it though I do not necessarily want much fic for it; the only story I kind of want is the back story of Ruiz and the Gang Leader or maybe their fathers. IDK. I really want that backstory actually. I'm really enjoying the culture clash and the multiple points of view presented throughout. Going to kind of need there to be more than one killer because he just seems so together and good to be one man.

Orphan Black is good. I'm halfway done and could easily marathon the rest.

Teen Wolf finale this week!
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The Bridge

I caught up with The Bridge last night and I am still liking it, even if I don't have a burning desire for fic. There is one graphic I'd like to see that has Officer Friendly and Officer Frosty attached to the two leads. When watching the show I have to be in a certain mindset because the show switches between English and Spanish, which I don't mind, but I can't just not look at the screen when I need important info. I'm not even trying to figure out who it is yet because I'm not sure if we've seen the killer, but I am certain it has to be someone within the system or formerly within it like a retired professional.

Orphan Black

I started the first two episodes and now I am hooked. I love it. Thank you On Demand for having this show up. Of course now I am slightly salty about Tatiana not being nominated but I do feel that she has a chance next year if the critics and audience stay behind the show for its next season.

Music: I uploaded The Beatles' tracks I had for a friend, this is the #1 album and like 3 extra tracks so if anyone wants then feel free to snag.
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Anyone else watching The Carrie Diaries? I was ready to mostly ignore it because I am mostly ambivalent towards Sex and the City, but this prequel show is quite cute: the girls feel real, their friendships are tangible things, teens are having sex without devastating consequences (yet), and Freema (from Doctor Who) is quite nice as Larissa (though her stealing concerns me). There is a canon queer character (Walt, who hasn't even come out to himself yet but it's coming this season probably) and there was on screen same sex kissing between a mixed couple of guys in the background. I'll make a proper post at some point, but if you like teen dramas that aren't too heavy (kind of like ABC Family but a shade different), focus on a girl coming of age, (so far) positive about sex and the different ways others react to it, familes dealing with grief (the mom is dead), then give the show a go.

2 Broke Girls was the best it can possibly be tonight. I don't believe in constantly mentioning a canon's faults if I enjoy it, but this show is so up and down and even when it hits its stride, it'll rear back and lob a joke that falls flat and makes me cringe. I am still very much in the Max/Caroline corner but if some OT3 with Andy was written I would not be opposed to it.
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Spring Breakers has slyly caught me in its grip. (International Trailer)
It looks like a trashy yet entertaining film, but it is seriously hitting my girls doing violent crimes together button. IDK, blame Set It Off.

This piece, "The Only Black Guy at the Indie Show", has floated around my tumblr and twitter feed all week; after finally reading it, I, too, can link it to perhaps broaden its audience. MTV Geek/Hive has some pretty decent writing going on. It's good reading just if you can relate to not what's considered the norm in any 'scene'; it touches on rejecting the music you grew up with, finding your owned identity among something that you're kind of not supposed to, and dealing with others' reaction to it.

where I reminisce on concerts )

TV Stuff:

The Golden Globes were rather charming and light. I don't care about who wins awards because on that path leads madness; or, I should say I am not intense about it but I do like it when what I like is acknowledged but I don't see awards as the definition of best or quality. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were great hosts and the three hours just flowed.

Justified is good so far; but it feels somewhat lighter at the moment, I should go back and see if I felt the same way about earlier seasons, but part of it is how at sea Raylan is: he's a father but Winona is gone, he's not really active in a case just yet, and he's not really with the woman (TRUTH TIME: I don't care about Raylan's current fling nor her backyard fighting giant ex). Boyd is not too active yet, though I am looking forward to the match with the preacher's sister (did anyone else get kind of incesty vibes from them...).

I miss Mad Men. I miss The Walking Dead. I miss Teen Wolf.

New Girl I still like; Nick and Jess are going to be so great together when they get there and settle into it all.

Some day I will post on how overlooked comedy is when it comes to positive representation; it feels further along than the lauded, serious dramas.

Writing: ha ha! NOTHING.
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There was something special about the emotional whiplash I went through from hearing Community would have one more season (yay!), but only 13 episodes (okay...), to now Harmon being fired (NOOO!!!). I understand that decisions have to be made that take more into account than the artistic side, but I would rather the show be canceled than go on with a show that will be different in tone from Community. Faults and all, Community S1-3 had something I enjoyed. Yes, there were times it frustrated but it was a special show, and stood out, and was unlike any other. I'm going to miss that.

Am I going to continue on? For thirteen more episodes, yes. I enjoy Happy Endings and I am interested to see how the show develops. I enjoy the cast and unless things get horrible, I can go through thirteen episodes.

This post is pretty much my feelings more laid out.
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Anything major is going beneath the cut but some generalities before I go into details:

If you are unfamiliar with Avatar: the last airbender, I believe you can still enjoy this show without being knowledgeable about its full origins. The opening episode does a good enough job of introducing the basics and you may miss some of the nods to the previous season but it shouldn't hamper your enjoyment. If you're into female protagonists getting up to adventures, going through coming of age stories, assuming leadership, enjoying being physical, being good at fighting, a diverse cast when it comes to gender, comedy, and fantasies based on different cultures instead of the dominant one employed in most, if not all, popular fantasy works in Western media culture, then give this show a chance. Based on the previous show's track record this show will consider the weight of violence and present multiple view points and doesn't actually deal in complete black and white morality.

Did I mention the show is fun?

detailed thoughts on the first two episodes )

Icons for the show

Streaming now (maybe only to US residents and I do not have a link to a dl but I know one exists)


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