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Jan. 10th, 2014 04:55 pm
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Right now I am typing on a new laptop, giving it a go, and I am not loving it. Usually when I buy a new laptop I am super into it but I think the whole having to upgrade to windows 8.1 which is taking forever and the shaky track pad. The deal was good though and if The Sims run smoothly then I will probably keep it, even if I do not love it. Windows 8 is a learning curve though, I am not going to lie. I am actually looking at apple right now because the ultrabooks run the same price and I am not loving the windows experience.

Justified came back and it was perfect. There was a lot of plot and the main plot is not exactly set in motion, but it was a true pleasure returning to these characters. The writers of this show excel at showing character growth and the actors were fantastic.

So I watch American Horror Story. It's in its third season and I thought once I got through the second season and enjoyed it and really loved the opening episodes of this season that I'd be safe, but I feel myself getting exasperated with Coven for reasons that feel oddly familiar after going through multiple Ryan Murphy shows. Even with the rebooted plot ever season, I am just bored. There is a lighter tone this season once you get past the dark first episode but, for me, all the present stuff has lost its shine. Jessica Lange is awesome and Angela Bassett is amazing to watch but after all the vamping there is not much actually happening. It took so long to unveil the actual threat and that threat is just not big enough and I'm left going 'so'. Of course I will finish the season but the thrill is gone, but I know I will check out next season, especially if Angela is returning.


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