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I did catch the NBA All star Saturday night and 1) Yay Kyrie Irving, and 2) Fall Out Boy were pretty good. I am always worried for their live performances, well actually whenever any group/musician performs live in front of nationally televised audience, so I am always extra pleased when they are passable to good. Live TV is such a tricky thing that when one puts on a great performance (Gaga at the piano on SNL, Kanye on SNL, Madonna Like a Virgin on MTV, Mariah Unplugged) I always take note.

This is just my second time posting a story on AO3 and I have to say that I do kind of love kudos; they're like little acknowledgements that someone liked my story and they're arrival is sporadic enough that they are a treat. When I leave kudos on stories it's not always that I don't like a story enough to comment, but at times I am just so tired or lack words to express my pleasure that the kudos is just the right button for the moment.


I am behind on most of my shows. Thankfully some were on repeats and I have figured out how to work my DVR.

Shameful, but I just want someone to splice together the Quinn/Santana moments from the last episode and let me watch those while I just focus on one pairing for fic and ignore all of Glee's other faults.
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Magical Realism bookclub via tumblr. I have never actually participated in an online bookclub before, though I did go through two books with a local one that finally made me read David Sedaris and introduced me to Water for Elephants; but I am a fan of magical realism so I may give this a shot.

I have watched the finale of SOA and I have thoughts but not right now, maybe later. Quickly though: there has been many valid complaints about this season and the finale but, while last night was many things, it was not an actual reset--it may have just felt like one. Also, someone with more time and dedication needs to do a Hamlet meets SOA tumblr or something.

Speaking of needing time to digest something, Glee sectionals aired and I did a new thing of skipping majority of the show attempting plot, tuned in for some musical numbers, caught the last ten minutes and just followed reaction via tumblr and reviews and everything felt better. Right now the chances of me going through next week's Christmas episode are very low.

I'm terribly behind in fanfction reading (damn you delicious) but maybe I'll get some things read tonight during my 30 minute block after Happy Endings and before American Horror Story.
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It's been almost two months since I posted. Wow. Let's get back into it with a meme I've seen around:

|Fandom as relationships:|

ramblings on different fandoms )

Apparently this meme is longer but I'm now tired. Any questions or ones I left off that you want me to answer, leave them in the comments.

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It's been forever since I've posted. Still not dead. Just been lurking on tumblr and dealing with other issues.

Posts that exist in my head but not actually online (yet):

+ Bridesmaids is a fantastic movie; not without flaws but I haven't enjoyed a movie so fully in a very long time. Don't let the advertised grossout humor detour you, this movie hits the emotional beats hard and rises above what lesser movies would probably have done.

+ X-men: First Class. There's a lot I love about this movie and a lot that I didn't. There's been so much written that I could probably compose a post fully of others' words but I'm too tired right now. But there will be posts on the film because I've grown up on X-men and I've seen every movie from the franchise.

Glee hired six writers, two of which are women. Rejoice? This news inspires me with cautious optimism.

How have you guys been?
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The ratings for The Killing on AMC were good, but I am interested to see how many viewers return. I did watch the second viewing (11pm-1am) last night and found the show to be well made but I didn't really come out all that invested in the overarching mystery. Apparently this is an adaptation of another show, but I don't really care. The show has a really good cast and I'm sure some people liked it but I won't be making this show a must watch.

Hunger Games casting announced. I'm not familiar with Hunter Parrish, but I do think Josh Hutcherson has the acting ability to carry the role of Peeta and with a dye job, he should be convincing enough. I would have to see him up against Jennifer Lawrence to really get a defined opinion. Gale doesn't really get much to do in the first book, but even so, Liam is so not how I imagined him looking. Perhaps he'll shrink a bit? I'm mostly still ambivalent towards the film, even if when I first read the novels I said they could make good films.

LJ was being wonky again. Here is a possible explanation. The closeness of the two recent downtimes do make me a wee bit concerned, but I don't really know what to do. I need to remember to save fic I really like, and I do go to different fic archives (ao3 and ff.net) and I follow some tumblr tags but lj is still a source of community for some of the fandoms I follow. I'm sure there are message boards but Lj is the communication I am most familiar with.

Why is Jenna so good looking? I miss Glee.
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The downside to being off all day and not doing anything extensive is that past midnight I won't feel tired at all. So thoughts on Glee while it's fresh on my mind.

long insomnia fueled thoughts on recent Glee with a focus on Quinn and the Kurt/Blaine pairing and the music. )

Four week hiatus up next. Usually I use the time skimming for fic and playing at productivity.The ideas I've had haven't been ruined by recent episodes (oh the pained pleasure in focusing on Tina, Mercedes, Quinn); some AUs I've thought about still can work. So maybe something will get done this time. No, definitely something will be produced because I'm going to do it.

I'm not following American Idol this year so I'm going to have a ton of free media time on my hands. Maybe I'll catch up on some shows/books I've been wanting to view.

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Glee was so good tonight. I don't know how to deal. More on that tomorrow.

Germany v Italy! I'm not really into friendlies so I'm not stressed about it.

Raising Hope is an effortlessly funny show, and I should talk about it more. Tonight's episode made me laugh.
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Favorite Episode this season, probably eclipses most of the B9 and will continue to be one of my favorite episodes. I've always felt that Glee is at its strongest when it has a mix of quirky music and has more of an ensemble vibe. Focusing on one or two characters too much and too often can grate, especially if other characters are getting sidelined.

spoilers for the latest episode like whoa )

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I did enjoy tonight's Glee, although I recognize there was no basic plot and the show felt more like a string of music videos than an actual episode, but they don't do this often so I can let the lack of plot slide. Because of my age, I'm more familiar with Britney Spears than I realized.

spoilers for tonight's Glee )
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The mega book post isn't happening yet, I got home late and tomorrow is going to be spectacularly busy and hellish, so maybe not until Thursday; which bums me out a bit because I'm being anal and refuse to post about the other books out of order but I have like 8 books before the two I really want to talk about. (The Book Thief and Ash).

So while I'm not making planned posts, some links:

This piece on the art of mixed media and professional publishing just made me really appreciate fandom. Think about all the fest and stories that already integrate art and stories and how it's not a big deal. Fandom is awesome. That is all.

Fantastic photos Diana posted of the Glee cast on Tumblr.

TNT renewed Southland: Hooray! I know it's old news now but I did want to note my pleasure at more of this show being around.

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Someday Slow to Make My Move
Gen, Quinn & Rachel
Rachel and Quinn go to a Tegan and Sara concert.

Quinn's been jostled for the fifth time in ten minutes and she swears she can feel the person pressed up behind her breathing. It's not pleasant. While the opening band sets up, another song she's never heard of pushes her closer to deafness, and her only consolation is Rachel's tight smile, looking just as uncomfortable standing next to her.

'Is this the experience you wanted?' yells Quinn over the music, poking Rachel's shoulder to get her attention.

'No but I'm sure it gets better,' says Rachel, ever the optimist.

LJ | DW | AO3
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Okay Criminal Minds kind of broke me tonight. Oh, Hotch!

I've got a question about it, so if anyone watched it, please drop a comment.

question about Criminal Minds tonight//spoilery )

I enjoyed it. Imagine was rather sweet (though I didn't start crying), my favorite was actually True Colors. I'm loving the more ensemble vibe.

bulleted commentary about tonight's episode )


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