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 So I fell off the Things That Make Me Happy Meme yesterday and there was no picspam or anything, so now I definitely need to post something that makes me happy today. And that honor goes to a common feature on this journal, Popnography covering FOB. Every time they cover them (and especially The Wentz) with the right amount of snark and warmth that I love. (and by extension the rest of the DD/FBR crew--because I do adore these people but they are quite ridiculous ;) 

Speaking of ridiculousness: Gabe and Blair--OMG. (That track needs to leak like yesterday!)

Things that Make Me Happy #5--Popnography covering FOB/linking to things

*I read somewhere that LJ usage is lowest over the weekend so maybe I can take this time to be extra lame on this journal without notice? o__O

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There is a site, Be Gay Little Bird, and it is truly amazing. I recommend everyone goes and looks at it. In their latest post, there is a quote from DeLeon from the Cab mentioning Gabe, “The purple people eater, Gabe, tried to make a move on me. With his tongue as a sword.”
*if there was ever a quote that needed BOLD and ITALICS, that was one, but Firefox is covered in lame*

Obviously I need a tag called the purple people eater for Gabe and I need to shame Alex for lameness too. Not accepting a move from Gabe? Who does that?

who says no to this? )

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This weekend has been decent enough so far.

I had a good time on AIM last night, you know chatficcing and being ridiculous on the internet.
I got hooked on The Cobra live webcast last night; I was on for a very long time. This only confirms that Gabe Saporta is full of awesome things and Alex Suareasy needs to drink wine and rap forever!

The last post from We're So Blogging has convinced me of one thing: Need more beach/surfing AU STAT \o/

So Ryan could be like this travel dude who posts smug posts about how he's languishing in sunny weather, while lesser folk shiver and are forced to frolic with Old Man Weather. The story could follow his exploits; that would be fun.

The main point is that there needs to be more beach/surfing AUs.

(I've been on an Entourage fest lately. I've just been reading epic Eric/Vince stories and now I want Entourage/Bandom AU. I want it bad!)

Entourage and Bandom, come options )
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Title: Shades of Similarities Bind
Rating: PG-13, some minor language
Pairing: Gabe/Spencer, Brendon/Spencer (past), other background ones
Word Count: 2750
Bands: PATD, Cobra Starship
Summary: Spencer meets someone on tour.
A/N: This is an AU where Cobra Starship does not exist. It was written for super_bandom challenge featuring kind of rare pairs. So much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] awkwardlurker  for looking over this for me and catching my mistakes. Any other ones you find are solely on me.

25 Days by Hello Saferide is a song that sort of goes with this story.

The first time they meet is an accident. )

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Title: Melodies for the Deaf
Pairing: Gabe/Patrick
Rating: PG--though I'm never quite sure about ratings
Summary: Gabe has a plan.
Word Count: ~630
A/N: This is the other thing I wrote for super_bandom week 4. I figured since I mentioned it in another post, I may as well post it for those who aren't a member of super_bandom could look at it if they wanted. [livejournal.com profile] do_come_in  was awesome and looked over this for me :)
Disclaimer: So much fiction.

the scene is set behind the cut )

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Umm....once again I say that popnography and I share a hive mind. Not only did they feature Gabe Saporta again ( But really, I knew they would!), but they are all over Mitcham and sharing the hot pictures. I love that blog! (Gabe looks so hot in those pics, I can barely handle it. You know, I'm sort of freaking myself out with this whole finding Gabe hot lately. I've been on a roll lately with finding him extremely attractive.)

Also Popnography and I want the same thing: But we're still hoping there will be a video, and that it features any number of young rockers vying for each other's attention.

I want Decaydance artists making out with each other! I would settle for hot models though. But I still really want Gabe being a makeout bandit going through the label. \o/

I'm going to try and catch up on some fic to be read; but really, I have something I need to wrap up and I am not posting until I actually finish it.

Oh yeah, Friday I saw that episode of LA Ink and besides my continuous thoughts of the HOTNESS of Kat Von D, I was pleasantly surprised with Jepha's appearance. (Jepha, from the Used--I would assume you guys would know that) And I realized that I don't think I wouldn't recognize any member of the 'main' bands of bandom in person. There isn't a member of PATD, MCR, FOB, the Used, The Cab, The Hush Sound, and maybe Metro Station that I wouldn't recognize on the spot.

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Ok guys. Gabe Saporta just shot up into one of my favorites in this crazy fandom of ours. Honestly, I would love him without the fandom because he is insane in that awesome way and he loves the 80s. So often Gabe is around for the funny, but man, he has an awesome mind. I just want to live inside his head for a while. Gabe, I will subscribe to your newsletter.

So what has me all gleeful about Gabe?

This article, Everyone is (Still) Gay, featured on out.com. He talks about sexual politics in the scene and he is all elaborate and coherent and just so smart. He discusses homophobia and sexual ambiguity and go read it. Go read it right now. (Why am I not being spammed with this on my f-list like I was with Pete's interview with Out? I love being spammed with articles about this stuff!) It's from July! I was on LJ in July! So, why wasn't I spammed? Did I miss the awesome discussion about this article? I love the meta.

Popnography is once again being my soul mate and had a spot with Gabe in July. It has some great pics of him rocking his 80s gear.

Have you guys seen the new 'Guilty Pleasure' video? I still prefer the older one, but this one has Patrick Stump being ridiculous and cute in it, so maybe I feel less bereft.

(I have this constant headache, and it's been there for the last hour; but this article has totally pushed it to the background :)


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