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I would so love to see how some of these would play out. I've always kind of wondered how Snow White would end up in the future. Oh and Jasmine as the villain, studying magic because she wants more options, yes please! Tiana is missing but I can imagine

Oh and I'd love an AU where Mulan was leading enemy forces and is hiding her identity, maybe space AU?
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So I watched the show. I do like it and I want fic for it and I would love bandom fic adapted to that universe because I am a creature of patterns. Though I do have to say that having to miss Amazing Race was a downer and I missed Cold Case too. Also, the Butterfly thing was a little weird to me, but that's just me, probably. I really like Jack (why do I always love the supporting cast) and that mother is awesome in her Machiavellian ways. 

I'm really hoping the show has a presence on Yuletide or something :)
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Oh man, I'm so bored right now. Ummm, I kind of looking at attempted Sixties fic AU/Vietnam and my eyes started crossing, so any of you guys who said you wouldn't mind helping me could give it a look, that'd be great. IDK, my eyes are burning.

I feel sick right now because I ate way too many cookies and I don't know what's wrong with me; I'm on some kind of food binge and I need to stop. Ugh. Right.

Right now I'm watching Medium and sometimes I think Joe should leave Allison because she's so annoying and I know they are supposed to be so in love and that's great but I feel bad for Joe and I need to stop watching this show. But I do really dig Joe's accent.

On another note, I want someone to die on Heroes. I want someone from the main cast to die for real and not come back or anything else all hand wavey. I have some theories about that show and how I really believe the creator got too attached to certain characters and how someone from the main cast needs to DIE NOW.

How much more pointless can I make this post....ummm I was holding out some hope that my laptop would be fixed now but that would just be too good to be true. I really miss my laptop.

Two days ago, when I was watching Dead Like Me, I thought about how much I want a Dead Like Me bandom AU. I've read the SGA one and it's so good. Because I usually think in terms of PATD, I'm going to lay out how I'd do it with those characters, but really, I just want a Dead Like Me AU.

Pete = Rube, maybe he could be a bank robber too in his earlier life.
Ryan = Daisy except he's a writer from the 20s who constantly talks about being one of the Bright Young Things.
Brendon = Mason because I adore his comic haplessness. I could totally see Brendon being a hippy.
Roxie = Spencer because I like imaging him with a gun, and taking people's souls out because they piss him off.
George = someone from the Cab, maybe Marshall or Johnson. Maybe Marshall had a crush on that dumb kid, Cash, but then Marshall died in some freak accident when he was 18.

Are there any bandom Dead Like Me AUs? Could you guys link me to them, I could read them after I get my laptop back :)

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Hatefucked by the sickness fist...yep, that can summarize my situation pretty well. Of course, out of my family I'm the one to get the most sick. What is this? Day three. I look like crap too: red nose from all the tissue, dazed fever glance, can't taste anything. It really sucks.

Enough of my complaining....

The more I watch Burn Notice, the more I want a Bandom AU of it. Ideally I would see it as MCR and Gerard could be the ex-spy and Mikey, his fuckup younger brother.  Frank could be Gerard's crazy ex who loves explosives; and either Ray or Bob could be Sam. I wouldn't even care, just make a Burn Notice AU :)

and if I can't woo you with MCR, let me think of PATD.

Spencer could be the ex-spy and Ryan is his best friend who is kind of a fuckup but is trying to help him now. Brendon could be his crazy ex, because Brendon loving expolosives would be a spectacular thing. (You know you want it!). Jon could be Sam, Spencer's friend from his spy time and is informing on Spencer. Jon would be an excellent Sam :) That is the main cast....

I guess one benefit of me being sick is that I can think of AUs in bandom.

Here is a crossover fic with Burn Notice and FOB. In this, Patrick gets kidnapped and Pete gets some help. Great fic and you should go read it.

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This weekend has been decent enough so far.

I had a good time on AIM last night, you know chatficcing and being ridiculous on the internet.
I got hooked on The Cobra live webcast last night; I was on for a very long time. This only confirms that Gabe Saporta is full of awesome things and Alex Suareasy needs to drink wine and rap forever!

The last post from We're So Blogging has convinced me of one thing: Need more beach/surfing AU STAT \o/

So Ryan could be like this travel dude who posts smug posts about how he's languishing in sunny weather, while lesser folk shiver and are forced to frolic with Old Man Weather. The story could follow his exploits; that would be fun.

The main point is that there needs to be more beach/surfing AUs.

(I've been on an Entourage fest lately. I've just been reading epic Eric/Vince stories and now I want Entourage/Bandom AU. I want it bad!)

Entourage and Bandom, come options )
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LJ Question: Many people believe that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for your entire year. How did you spend the first day of 2009? Do you think it will influence the rest of the year?

God, I hope how I spent the first day is not an indication of my theme of the year, considering I spent it mostly dazed due to sleep deprivation and a slight migraine from not eating correctly; to add to my exciting life, I only went out to run an errand at Wal-mart---so no, It better not be an indication of they year to come :)

Don't worry, I know you guys were much cooler than me on the first day. I hope you guys had a great time on that. dumspiro is my twitter username and I'm active on it, so add me or something :)

Jossip posted of Movies 'We' Can't Wait to See. I would like to recall it Movies They Can't Wait to See for some of them. One that did pique my interest; it was The Picture of Dorian Gray. As hot as I find Prince Caspian and Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton gets me all frenzied in that pleasant matter, I have to ask, wasn't Dorian blonde in the novel? I'm not one of those canon-police, but there weren't any actors with the hair color? Will Caspian be blonde in this one? (Wasn't Caspian supposed to be blonde in the Narnia movie? Is this some sort of conspiracy by Ben Barnes (ha! I do know his name \o/) to increase dark hair visibility?)

What movies are you guys excited for in '09?

How about music? I sort of want to hear the new Lily Allen; and, despite Panic making rumblings about new music, I wouldn't hold my breath for it until 2010---don't worry, I won't be upset if you guys mock my cynicism when the boys actually release new music in '09. I think I heard something about new Yeah Yeah Yeahs---umm, yes please!

In a random note--how creepy do you guys find the new FOB video? It made me think of the drug trip that I don't want to take. Some Hunter S. Thompson mixed with Dali. Hey Monday's Lead Singer reminds me of a younger female version of Pete for some reason. The whole circus theme makes me think of Panic's cousin; like in some AU, FOB is some creepy circus. Yes, I've read some bandom circus AUs out there but I'm talking bizarro!demented!Circus.


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