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ETA: OMG LJ CUTS will be the end of me one of these days!

I saw this meme like around last November and I knew I wanted to do it, but then technical difficulties arose and I had to put it on hold. If you haven't done it yet, then go do the meme :) 

And now....How I got into bandom (the short edition)

1. Bandom fangirl since: Though this journal was created on March 27th, 2008, I'm going to say that I've been reading/lurking in bandom since November of '07. So not too long, but I guess I'm not a n00b anymore ;)

2. First band in the fandom: Believe it or not, I came in through the Wentz.

Pics or it didn't happen--FOB )

3. How, why, and when did you get into bandom?

That is a long answer that I will definitely answer in a post filled with fic recs and pics and music clips and rambling (sort of like this) but for now, the short answer: [livejournal.com profile] polyfandomrecs , mixed in with some boredom, a really cool snippet, and a strong feeling of 'I want another kind of story to read, maybe this is it', so it was completely random :) It's actually been over a year ago, and I still love it. Sure the furor has died down a bit, because if I ran on that level of adoration constantly, I'd be mentally dead. Still here and having a good time.

4 is some patd grp shots )

5. What was your first impression of each of them? So this is weird because I encountered PATD two different times: through music/MTV and through fic, but fic was what got me into the fandom, so I'll mention that here.

I should also mention here that these impressions were drawn off of fic so they might be a little skewered and are mostly different from how I view them now. We can all laugh at my ignorance in the comments.

Brendon-- very hyper dude with some hidden depth, also ex-Mormon, I was okay with reading him in fic. Had a good ass.

Ryan--who? I knew he was skinny and was often written as depressed and angry and sort of manipulative. Was often a side character in the fic I was reading. Maybe it was what I was reading. Probably was also the time period, because now he is a happy stoner who looks up gangster in youtube.

Jon -- had a beard and was mostly perpetually pleasant.  He didn't wear real shoes. Also loved coffee, cats, and cameras. Also adored Spencer Smith according to all the fic. AKA the Real Boy of Panic.

Spencer -- Sarcastic, slightly bitchy, loved shoes, lovely eyes, and became slightly adorable around Jon Walker; and sometimes Brendon Urie. Also was Ryan Ross's best friend.

If I was going only by the first time I saw Panic, I have to admit that I thought the act was Brendon with some backup band, kind of like a guy version of Avril Lavigne. 

6. What was the first bandom fic you ever read?

This is the second fic I saved onto delicious. (Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner--go read it now if you haven't. It's a classic.) But the first bandom fic I remember reading was a FOB one (Pete/Patrick).

7. When was your first bandom concert experience? What was it like?

So HCT 2008, here is my first unfiltered reaction. Here is the longer one after I took some time to calm down. I should warn for CAPS and rambling, but you guys should know me well enough now to just expect that :)

Pulled back

Dec. 9th, 2008 03:57 pm
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It is seriously like every time I'm ready to chill out a little on Panic (realizing that my quest to own ...Live in Chicago will not happen before '09 can do that to me) and then I get pulled back in.

*Spencer Smith actually shaved and I didn't believe it for a second, but there are pics on patd. Though seeing Spencer's face in all it's androgynous hotness is a plus, does anyone else feel that Brendon looks really hyped up for some reason? And how it seems Brendon is now trying the facial hair thing?

*[livejournal.com profile] rossetti wrote fic based on new FOB music. I love it when people write stories based on the music, so here is a link for your pleasure.  (oh yeah, it's a brendon/ryan one and it's based off 20 Dollar Nosebleed if you guys need more info.) I'll probably make an 'official' rec post for it but for now, just go read.

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Read this interview with Spencer and see why he is my favorite.

*Why is Spencer always the one talking about this? I can't say I don't love it. Still, he and Brendon give my favorite interviews. Oh how I wish I could be that interviewer for a day....though I can't say how coherent I would be in his presence.

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So I'm watching the new PATD self-made video and I came to some powerful conclusions:

** This band is insane in all the good ways and my love for them apparently has no bounds!

** Ryan Ross as a mummy and sort of pop-locking will never not bring a smile to my face.

**Spencer Smith was appropriately dressed as a wolf-monster to me :) I still adore him.

** Speaking of Wolf-Monsters, does anyone else feel like Video Spencer looks like half-demon Spencer in sekkritbandomlj's demons at the disco fic ? Is it just me? (Yes this is a subtle rec to a fun AU series; give me some allowances, I've been away from the 'net for a while :)

** I completely want in on their magical stash.

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Title: Shades of Similarities Bind
Rating: PG-13, some minor language
Pairing: Gabe/Spencer, Brendon/Spencer (past), other background ones
Word Count: 2750
Bands: PATD, Cobra Starship
Summary: Spencer meets someone on tour.
A/N: This is an AU where Cobra Starship does not exist. It was written for super_bandom challenge featuring kind of rare pairs. So much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] awkwardlurker  for looking over this for me and catching my mistakes. Any other ones you find are solely on me.

25 Days by Hello Saferide is a song that sort of goes with this story.

The first time they meet is an accident. )

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So [profile] awkwardlurker            tagged me to do my 5 Celebrity Lust-Crushes and rank them in order of my lust for them. And one thing I will never do is reject an opportunity to post about hot guys:) So now I invite you to take a peek at the the gallery of HOT MEN DOING IT RIGHT!!!

So now that is it. I am supposed to tag 5 other people, but since I was already tagged by the person I would tag, if you want to do this---POST SOME PICS ON YOUR JOURNAL BECAUSE 'I WOULD RATHER HAVE PICS OF HOT PEOPLE INSTEAD OF NOT HAVING SOME'
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Before I do this meme....look at my new icon thanks to the wonderful
[profile] geneli4  and this post full of Spencer looking psychedelically hot!  SPENCER SMITH IS DRUMMING HOTNESS...now to the regularly scheduled program :)

So these are 5 questions [personal profile] iamtheenemy  asked me.
1. Which member of bandom would you most want to have a conversation with? Alright. This one took some thought because my first thought went to SPENCER! But, I realize that there is not much I actually want to  talk about with Spencer Smith. I want to see him in his drumming glory, and I love him in interviews---but I wouldn't mind a conversation...but I would love to talk to Gerard Way. I am a sci-fi geek and I love books. I really enjoy Gerard in interviews and I think I could love picking his mind and discussing stuff like Buffy, American Gods, and fantasy novels.  Though I wouldn't mind talking to Gabe Saporta too because I know he reads and he intrigues me.  ( I know Ryan Ross reads, but I don't know if I could catch him 'not high' and 'willing to talk' at the same time :)

2. What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation now would be an endless supply of money to follow my favorite bands. I would just travel from hotel to hotel and live like a well-fed vagabond and be recognized by the band members (Spencer Smith I am looking at you!). The bands I would love to follow right now: EMPIRES, Muse, Panic at the Disco, Tegan and Sara, Death Cab for Cutie, Fall Out Boy, Charlotte Sometimes, Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance, CHEVELLE, the cab--I imagine them opening for PATD

3. If you had to describe yourself using a fruit, a color and an animal, what would they be? If I was a fruit I would be a kiwi because I have an awkward skin but I am tasty and tart---wow I feel like I am posting in some weird personal add now--Besides kiwi is totally awesome! Using a color, I would describe myself as periwinkle: kind of uncommon yet sparkly. The animal that describes me is cat because they are a little moody but are also crafty. ( I am a cat person...)

4. Do you have any pets? No but I want a cat again.

5. If you had to get [another] tattoo, where would it be and what would it look like? If I ever get a tattoo I would probably get 'dum spiro spero' which roughly means 'while I am breathing I am hoping'. That may be one of my favorite Latin phrases. I think part of its charm is how one letter creates such meaning in a phrase. The script would not be too big and I would want it wrapped around my wrist in sort of fancy script. If it was not wrapped around my wrist I would  written down my left forearm. I would definitely want to be able to see it during the day.

Alright so how this works is if you comment in this post I will ask you 5 questions that you can answer in your journal. ( I know I have been on some kind of meme marathon lately :)
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So I was having an awesome bandom chat last night ( and if you weren't there you missed some great times) and the question came up what was your OTP/favorite person/OTF--one true fic for your OTP. So anyone who knows me, should know that my adoration of Spencer Smith is not exactly secret :)

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So this is the first time I have actually been tagged to do a meme--  (I am totally going to get on that one I have been meaning to do for a week now)

This is my current background on my desktop--is anyone surprised about the subject?

I have a good number of icons--I pretty much use my desktop as a purgatory for downloaded material. Many of the files are albums I need to upload or unzip so they can go on my IPOD.

The background is t-shirt that says 'I blame Spencer' on it and I need to own that shirt. Spencer Smith is one of the main reasons for this journal. I can go on about how I got into bandom (and that is for that other meme); but just know that Spencer Smith and his drumming hotness sucked me into bandom (and the awesome people who make up the fandom!!!) In previous posts, I have said how I can not have really good pictures of Spencer on my background because it is too distracting, so this is the next best thing :)
(I may or may not sort of want to get this shirt signed by Panic members--- )

(I am supposed to tag other people to do this----hmm ok if you are interested in doing this then jump in on the fun!--I really want to see what others come up with and I don't want to tag people if they hate doing memes or anything so seriously jump in and do this!)
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So it is 12:54 am (my time) and I have a disturbing desire to share!


The above picture comes courtesy of [personal profile] audrey1nd and has nothing to do with this post except it is an awesome picture of Spencer! It's like he knows he is good and is like 'cover me with your praise!' or 'Here have a better look, I know I am a stealth ninja when it comes to photography...'.
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Things I must talk about ---

I never realized how much Spencer Smith is my favorite until I start seeing live performances. (Seriously I start flailing-I used to think that was an internet word, but I can actually flail.) I was watching the Wal-mart Soundcheck performance and I just get so excited when they actually cut to shots of Spencer in action.

Just in case you have not seen it--

Panic at wal-mart

blue screen of death-- I mock that thing. (I am just using another computer---my laptop is still being cagey. )
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A recount of the day of Panic (aka thebestdayeveromg!)

Concert Time!!

Yeah Pretty.Odd.---this Panic band is just great. You can tell they love these songs. The only basis I have is the Denver DVD, but they sound so much better this time around. I recommend to anyone to see a band they love live if they can.

This has gotten long. I am not sorry.

edited for ridiculous formatting issues 05-04-08
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This was supposed to be a recap of the concert, but this sort of took over.


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