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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[livejournal.com profile] misermob gave me Pete, Ryan, and Jon Walker. This was not a hard decision.

Hard decisions, guys. Hard decisions. )

Okay that is all :)

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ETA: OMG LJ CUTS will be the end of me one of these days!

I saw this meme like around last November and I knew I wanted to do it, but then technical difficulties arose and I had to put it on hold. If you haven't done it yet, then go do the meme :) 

And now....How I got into bandom (the short edition)

1. Bandom fangirl since: Though this journal was created on March 27th, 2008, I'm going to say that I've been reading/lurking in bandom since November of '07. So not too long, but I guess I'm not a n00b anymore ;)

2. First band in the fandom: Believe it or not, I came in through the Wentz.

Pics or it didn't happen--FOB )

3. How, why, and when did you get into bandom?

That is a long answer that I will definitely answer in a post filled with fic recs and pics and music clips and rambling (sort of like this) but for now, the short answer: [livejournal.com profile] polyfandomrecs , mixed in with some boredom, a really cool snippet, and a strong feeling of 'I want another kind of story to read, maybe this is it', so it was completely random :) It's actually been over a year ago, and I still love it. Sure the furor has died down a bit, because if I ran on that level of adoration constantly, I'd be mentally dead. Still here and having a good time.

4 is some patd grp shots )

5. What was your first impression of each of them? So this is weird because I encountered PATD two different times: through music/MTV and through fic, but fic was what got me into the fandom, so I'll mention that here.

I should also mention here that these impressions were drawn off of fic so they might be a little skewered and are mostly different from how I view them now. We can all laugh at my ignorance in the comments.

Brendon-- very hyper dude with some hidden depth, also ex-Mormon, I was okay with reading him in fic. Had a good ass.

Ryan--who? I knew he was skinny and was often written as depressed and angry and sort of manipulative. Was often a side character in the fic I was reading. Maybe it was what I was reading. Probably was also the time period, because now he is a happy stoner who looks up gangster in youtube.

Jon -- had a beard and was mostly perpetually pleasant.  He didn't wear real shoes. Also loved coffee, cats, and cameras. Also adored Spencer Smith according to all the fic. AKA the Real Boy of Panic.

Spencer -- Sarcastic, slightly bitchy, loved shoes, lovely eyes, and became slightly adorable around Jon Walker; and sometimes Brendon Urie. Also was Ryan Ross's best friend.

If I was going only by the first time I saw Panic, I have to admit that I thought the act was Brendon with some backup band, kind of like a guy version of Avril Lavigne. 

6. What was the first bandom fic you ever read?

This is the second fic I saved onto delicious. (Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner--go read it now if you haven't. It's a classic.) But the first bandom fic I remember reading was a FOB one (Pete/Patrick).

7. When was your first bandom concert experience? What was it like?

So HCT 2008, here is my first unfiltered reaction. Here is the longer one after I took some time to calm down. I should warn for CAPS and rambling, but you guys should know me well enough now to just expect that :)
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Hatefucked by the sickness fist...yep, that can summarize my situation pretty well. Of course, out of my family I'm the one to get the most sick. What is this? Day three. I look like crap too: red nose from all the tissue, dazed fever glance, can't taste anything. It really sucks.

Enough of my complaining....

The more I watch Burn Notice, the more I want a Bandom AU of it. Ideally I would see it as MCR and Gerard could be the ex-spy and Mikey, his fuckup younger brother.  Frank could be Gerard's crazy ex who loves explosives; and either Ray or Bob could be Sam. I wouldn't even care, just make a Burn Notice AU :)

and if I can't woo you with MCR, let me think of PATD.

Spencer could be the ex-spy and Ryan is his best friend who is kind of a fuckup but is trying to help him now. Brendon could be his crazy ex, because Brendon loving expolosives would be a spectacular thing. (You know you want it!). Jon could be Sam, Spencer's friend from his spy time and is informing on Spencer. Jon would be an excellent Sam :) That is the main cast....

I guess one benefit of me being sick is that I can think of AUs in bandom.

Here is a crossover fic with Burn Notice and FOB. In this, Patrick gets kidnapped and Pete gets some help. Great fic and you should go read it.

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So If I had been posting hours earlier, this post would have probably been sprinkled in emo and boredom; but, not anymore! Thanks to some sort of LJ freeze (IDK!), I stepped away from the internet (maybe I could say unplugged ;) and came back and my flist is full of good things:

*If there was ever any doubt about why I adore Patrick Stump and why he is not only preaching sex from a microphone stand but is also my favorite. His current blog post explaining the Blender brouhaha (I have always wanted to use that word, it's true) just solidified that. Though I still stand by my offer to hug Joe Trohman :)

*The LJ panic has died down, so we all can breathe easy and get back to our good work of writing porn.

*Critics are still confounding me about Panic at the Disco. And really, if I wasn't confused by critics, then I wouldn't be me, so that is a good thing.

*That prompt thing, it's coming together well. Hooray to finishing!

*Listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is always a good thing.


* Did anyone watch Nip/Tuck?
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LJ Question: Many people believe that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for your entire year. How did you spend the first day of 2009? Do you think it will influence the rest of the year?

God, I hope how I spent the first day is not an indication of my theme of the year, considering I spent it mostly dazed due to sleep deprivation and a slight migraine from not eating correctly; to add to my exciting life, I only went out to run an errand at Wal-mart---so no, It better not be an indication of they year to come :)

Don't worry, I know you guys were much cooler than me on the first day. I hope you guys had a great time on that. dumspiro is my twitter username and I'm active on it, so add me or something :)

Jossip posted of Movies 'We' Can't Wait to See. I would like to recall it Movies They Can't Wait to See for some of them. One that did pique my interest; it was The Picture of Dorian Gray. As hot as I find Prince Caspian and Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton gets me all frenzied in that pleasant matter, I have to ask, wasn't Dorian blonde in the novel? I'm not one of those canon-police, but there weren't any actors with the hair color? Will Caspian be blonde in this one? (Wasn't Caspian supposed to be blonde in the Narnia movie? Is this some sort of conspiracy by Ben Barnes (ha! I do know his name \o/) to increase dark hair visibility?)

What movies are you guys excited for in '09?

How about music? I sort of want to hear the new Lily Allen; and, despite Panic making rumblings about new music, I wouldn't hold my breath for it until 2010---don't worry, I won't be upset if you guys mock my cynicism when the boys actually release new music in '09. I think I heard something about new Yeah Yeah Yeahs---umm, yes please!

In a random note--how creepy do you guys find the new FOB video? It made me think of the drug trip that I don't want to take. Some Hunter S. Thompson mixed with Dali. Hey Monday's Lead Singer reminds me of a younger female version of Pete for some reason. The whole circus theme makes me think of Panic's cousin; like in some AU, FOB is some creepy circus. Yes, I've read some bandom circus AUs out there but I'm talking bizarro!demented!Circus.

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I should accept the fact that I make up lyrics for FOB songs; and I can't really understand some of the words. I thought I'd share some of my mishaps:

lyrics? what lyrics? )

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Of course today is wonderful because I had the actual copy of FAD in my hands! I completely grinned in BestBuy and probably freaked some people out; and then I started humming some of the songs and I kept it in my hands until I got to the register. i almost walked past it and I was like 'oh hell no!' and then I calmed down and spotted it all obvious like. I did buy the bonus version because I wanted it and I'm okay with being broke for FOB.

Know why else I was grinning in Best Buy? I spotted a laptop and a PC for less than 400. My parents may get it for me, and even if they don't I have come to a conclusion that I'm buying myself one next year anyways. I'm seriously considering buying a cheaper one since Windows is probably coming out with a new Operating System within two years and I will want that one too.

Last night I was watching Chelsea Lately and she was hilarious. She was sort of mean towards Pete, but in the other episode she schooled Michael Yao (I think that's his name) when she told him 'he thought all those stars were really his friends!'.

I love Popnography covering FOB, they always make me laugh. I love that post mainly for the last line: There are certainly easier ways to enjoy the company of rough-and-tough men, Pete, but we understand the urge.

And Pete referencing N.W.A. is always gold.

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So I've been all on LJ today, mostly catching up with comments and going on people's journals to see how people are doing. I purposely didn't read ton of fic that I wanted to because I really wanted to catch up with my f-list. Truly, I really enjoy the social part of LJ just as much as the fic. I used to think that I only needed the fic, but I missed talking to you guys. (Yes it's past midnight in my time, so I get a little sappy :)

Thanks to a lack of tedious schooling dragging me down, I can focus more on reading and writing this weekend. So hooray to free time! I have to throw out there that I detest editing but I have to force myself to do it otherwise there is no point. I'm slowly getting the sequel to Definitive Countdown done but I'm not in a rush. I feel sort of weird like I want to scrap it and retool the idea to be a Jon/Spencer, but then I would have to change so much so I just hold the insanity at bay by ignoring that urge. I'm in some weird mental space with alot of the writing stuff now. Though I did start sketching out this cute AU which I will probably never finish, anyways. 

Am I being weird by already getting excited for bandombigbang again? I know it's not for some months now; but I have so much more music and I can't wait to make another mix! (I know. I'm more excited about making a mix, but that maybe all I can do.) I think about actually writing something for bandombigbang but I don't want to sign up and then not produce anything. So yay to definitely mixing!

I did not forget about the music post. I truly plan to do that by Friday night :)

If I changed my name from 'that girl is trouble in her sleep' to something like 'detox just to retox' or 'i don't feel bad for suicidal cats' would you guys use it against me?                   
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so I was weak and downloaded the FOB leak two minutes ago.......OMG THIS BAND!!!
I also snagged that remix of America's Suitehearts too.

*I am crazy jealous of anyone going to House Of Blues for FOB in Orlando. I am so close; yet so far :( That's okay when they do their big tour I will commit incredible acts to get some tickets. '09!!!!

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Usually I exist in a state of ambivalence towards people, so I generally didn't think of Amanda Palmer that much besides liking what I heard of/about her (and can anyone not like that pic with her shirt saying 'lick my legs'?). But I have to say that this issue with her video and her record company is so ridiculously horrible and now I want to go buy her album. Have any of you guys heard her new album? I know Neil Gaiman wrote an intro for it and he always talks about her on his journal.

Speaking of buying albums: I managed to obtain funds to buy music! I'm super happy about it but of course FOB doesn't come out until the 16th! Can I be frank and say that I possess the full ability to buy music and vote on the same day? Because I can. Honest. While I understand the reasoning when I tilt my head to the left and spin, I still wish I had the full album now and not a collection of singles.

Question: On What A Catch Donnie, what exactly is Brendon singing? What lyrics? I can match every other part except for his, and I looked it up online and it said something about love... and what song is that from?

So a recent post on patd gave rise to some comments about pretty.odd. being a flop and I just have to say that I disagree. I heard they sold 600 000 worldwide and while I know that is not close to what was sold domestically for AFYCSO, I have to throw out there that I don't think they were going to sell as well regardless. They might as well have done what they wanted to do. (Since I want to try and keep this post short, I will save my patd postulizing for another post.) But my point is, thinking that patd has lost popularity so their new Live in Chicago CD/DVD should be easy to find was a misstep on my part. Neither Target or Walmart had it so now I just have to lurk and find it whenever I stumble on it. Maybe I will just catch the exclusive one on sale online at some later date because I want those pictures :)

Did you guys read that snippet with PATD discussing possible new music for '09? I have to say that I am really excited for it. I am curious to where they take their music now. I do have some hopes though *more drumming!* *more Jon singing!* *more exciting music!* *stronger songs!*--what are you guys hoping for with the new album?

We just bought a new keyboard for this desktop and it feels amazing. The old one was sticking and deleting mass amounts of words, which made me want to throw out a window after it ate two sentences of my nano.

Another Meme!!! )
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This is another meme, but I really love it so I think everyone should do it too. I did it for PATD, FOB, and MCR (PATD need to make more songs, I'm just saying). Here it is :

- Choose a singer/band/group
- Answer the following using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group

Memes!meme!Meme! )
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Title: Melodies for the Deaf
Pairing: Gabe/Patrick
Rating: PG--though I'm never quite sure about ratings
Summary: Gabe has a plan.
Word Count: ~630
A/N: This is the other thing I wrote for super_bandom week 4. I figured since I mentioned it in another post, I may as well post it for those who aren't a member of super_bandom could look at it if they wanted. [livejournal.com profile] do_come_in  was awesome and looked over this for me :)
Disclaimer: So much fiction.

the scene is set behind the cut )

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Title: Definitive Countdown
Pairing: Nate/Patrick, background Pete/Spencer
Rating: PG
Word Count: just a bit over 1000
Bands: Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, PATD
Summary: Patrick has five days to find out what a fling means and if the definition applies to his situation.
A/N: This was written for a prompt for super_bandom, Week 4. It is an Alternate Universe where FOB never formed but Patrick is a popular music producer. Cobra Starship is popular though and Nate is still their drummer. PATD never formed either. P.S. The Gabe/Patrick and this story were written for The Multitasker.
Disclaimer: This is so much fiction.
Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] awkwardlurker  for being excellent and looking over this for me.

Apparently, Patrick failed at any relationship unless it was solely based on music. )

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So can we all just acknowledge the general fabulousity ( I totally stole that word from Mia Michaels) of [personal profile] arsenicjade ?
Because she just posted a fic featuring Mikey/Frank/Pete and I am reading and enjoying it. I swear, I think I just fangirl over her writing because normally you couldn't catch me reading threesome fic not featuring Spencer Smith in it, and now I am deeply engrossed in this epic piece of greatness.

So in short---go read!

(I know she is responsible for Wednesday Night Boys-another excellent fic that you need to read)
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Is this another meme?
[personal profile] emma_took  picked these 5 icons for me to post about. I had been seeing this meme for a while and I resisted for a bit because I thought I was doing too many memes (yeah laugh at my ridiculousness) but then after I saw it for the third time, I was like 'oh good things come in threes'. So here is my explanation for the following 5 icons.


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needs to up my sock game

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