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Here is my card for trope-bingo, the second challenge I've signed up for in 2013.

kidfic in vino veritas / drunkfic truth or dare au: cop / detective wingfic
forced to marry au: band telepathy / mindmeld au: coffee shop au: daemons
kiss to save the day mind control FREE

soul bonding / soulmates day at the beach
accidental baby acquisition secret relationship amnesia time travel snowed in
virginfic / secretly a virgin animal transformation au: all-human poker/strip poker au: college / highschool
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Currently thinking about titles and summaries. I have just finished the story and now I am at the point where the title, summary, ratings are needed. The ratings part was actually simple enough (this time), the title and summary though.

As much fanfiction I've read through the years, I don't remember many titles, I'm more likely to describe the story as the events happening within. That's not to say that titles don't matter because good ones do intrigue me, and get me to click, but what I check out first is pairing, genre, rating, word count, summary, title--in that order. The title I do remember is 'In Our Bedroom (After the War)' which is actually from a song, but more than that, actually caught the entire premise of the story--a bandom group sex fic AU with the characters learning what they wanted and figuring out the web and how to live and have this nontraditional thing--it really worked. I don't remember the summary.

Pulling this out to pro fic, Titles enhance but don't override flaws of the work. Titles are important, as are summaries.
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I have plans to skim through others Yuletide recs and I applaud everyone who diligently compiled their recs and posted them to the comm. I know I am not going to get around to linking up all the stories I liked probably until months, so here is a link to my recs on AO3 which mostly do the same thing.

Awkward Sex Meme! This is something that interests me.

I received my prompt for poetry_fiction and the story is due in the first week of Feb.
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So I just finished reading all the yuletide stories I wanted and in the upcoming week I'll check out some rec posts for any works that I skipped that look good. I'm always amazed at how fast others get through it and start posting recs when I don't think I finished last year's collection.

I'm still massively behind on going through the Reading in 2011 Posts and I do want to post about movies and television this year as well, but some of that will probably bleed into 2012.

Someone besides me posted in [community profile] itstartswith the community I created but never promoted or mentioned. Yeah. I am going to do something about that: like start posting and promote it on some comms. I even made an icon for it that still doesn't look too shabby.

Besides [community profile] inkingitout I signed up for [community profile] poetry_fiction for 2012; it doesn't look like much but if I do this on time it will be a first for me in writing something in a timely manner for a challenge.

I need to find it within to subscribe to some other people, especially new journals. I remember what that was like.
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While I wait for the new Gaga/Beyonce video to load (vevo!!!) and fervently wish to find some fic set in the universe they've created, I thought I'd pose a question:

Have any of you guys went back to a story that you, at one time, thought only needed some filling out and a little bit of editing and went back to realize it needed to be completely rewritten?

This may be part of a function of taking forever to actually finish something. I'm always starting up things and then not returning to them for sometimes months (and one extreme example a year); earlier this week I returned to an idea that I thought I had mostly finished except for some missing scenes and some editing but then I read it again and went BUH and I couldn't drown out the voice in my head crying for a rewrite.
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This will regularly be a monthly thing but I didn't do one for Jan, so Jan and Feb will be combined.

So far I've completed 4 fics, which is good, but only one of them was a new idea, so I'm off by one for the other part of my challenge (one WIP a month). I'm not too concerned about that because I still have time and I have two projects that are going to require a good amount of new stories so even if I only finish half of them each year, I'll have more than fulfilled the requirements.

Two of the fics featured women, so that's a third of my goal done. Even if I surpass it, which I will, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop having stories feature women or poc.

Two of the fics haven't been posted anywhere yet because they are for challenges that I have to complete other things for, but they are done so they totally count.

Question: To those who have multiple accounts on LJ, DW, and A03, do you guys post to all of your journals or only LJ and one other?


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