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I can only truly value awards season as a list of things to catch up on, because if I fall into the delusion that awards=merit I will become a very negative kind of person, so from the recent spate of awards talk, these are the movies I want to see:

Pride - I wanted to see that before it got some awards but it hasn't come in my area and when I was near it, I didn't have time for movies. :(

Wild - I fully believe this is a good movie; but I also have an aversion to films following an individual walking in the wild and learning about life. The background of her having to deal with her mother's death does push me more into seeing it because it is rare to see a mother-daughter relationship given so much weight in a feature film.

Selma - Everything I've heard has been good stuff, I would expect no less from this director. I've taken a break from watching films set in this era, but the cinematic feel, the cast, and the director will make me override that, I guess.

Interstellar - Still haven't seen it because it's long, but this week I will get a chance. Ditto for Boyhood.

TV Shows: Jane the Virgin, The Knick, the rest of Veep, Marco Polo (from this interview with two of the leading ladies even if I did hear the pace was plodding but I have to see for myself), Legend of Korra

Date: 2014-12-13 12:24 pm (UTC)
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I wanna see Selma SO MUCH.


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