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This new beta create entries page is huge. I do like the replying on Reading page function. I haven't encountered any new code stuff yet.

A few days ago the Fox executives went to the TCA and discussed their shows; and their main comment on Sleepy Hollow was that they were seeking to correct the creative mistakes and make it less serial. For me, the main issue was the shift of focus from Ichabod and Abbie and their chemistry (platonic or not), ill formed villain (I don't know why these shows don't realize having a defined villain is crucial), Henry and Katrina (and the sloppy writing around them). I don't understand what it is about a show that makes a team change what was already working. With the latest show and its shuffling of Abbie to the side has just made me realize I am done with Sleepy Hollow. I may check in on the third season, but there is so much pulling my attention that I don't stick around for shows I don't actually like anymore.

Speaking of tons of tv: 1715 shows on U.S. primetime hours (8-11pm)! That is so much. Naturally, I thought on fandom and niche seems to be the standard. Megafandoms are not the most common, and I see them becoming more rare. With the glut of new shows, availability of older shows via internet through various means, other media like books, video games, movies. Fandom is a many splintered thing. An interesting note was the suggestion that shows do some fandom engagement year round like Orphan Black and other genre shows to keep fan interest high to ensure their return during hiatus.

Post on the devaluing of stories that don't feature men in the film industry. It isn't anything new but with the recent Oscar noms, a flurry of pieces have come out about Selma and Wild's lack of major accolades.
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Spring Breakers has slyly caught me in its grip. (International Trailer)
It looks like a trashy yet entertaining film, but it is seriously hitting my girls doing violent crimes together button. IDK, blame Set It Off.

This piece, "The Only Black Guy at the Indie Show", has floated around my tumblr and twitter feed all week; after finally reading it, I, too, can link it to perhaps broaden its audience. MTV Geek/Hive has some pretty decent writing going on. It's good reading just if you can relate to not what's considered the norm in any 'scene'; it touches on rejecting the music you grew up with, finding your owned identity among something that you're kind of not supposed to, and dealing with others' reaction to it.

where I reminisce on concerts )

TV Stuff:

The Golden Globes were rather charming and light. I don't care about who wins awards because on that path leads madness; or, I should say I am not intense about it but I do like it when what I like is acknowledged but I don't see awards as the definition of best or quality. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were great hosts and the three hours just flowed.

Justified is good so far; but it feels somewhat lighter at the moment, I should go back and see if I felt the same way about earlier seasons, but part of it is how at sea Raylan is: he's a father but Winona is gone, he's not really active in a case just yet, and he's not really with the woman (TRUTH TIME: I don't care about Raylan's current fling nor her backyard fighting giant ex). Boyd is not too active yet, though I am looking forward to the match with the preacher's sister (did anyone else get kind of incesty vibes from them...).

I miss Mad Men. I miss The Walking Dead. I miss Teen Wolf.

New Girl I still like; Nick and Jess are going to be so great together when they get there and settle into it all.

Some day I will post on how overlooked comedy is when it comes to positive representation; it feels further along than the lauded, serious dramas.

Writing: ha ha! NOTHING.
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Currently thinking about titles and summaries. I have just finished the story and now I am at the point where the title, summary, ratings are needed. The ratings part was actually simple enough (this time), the title and summary though.

As much fanfiction I've read through the years, I don't remember many titles, I'm more likely to describe the story as the events happening within. That's not to say that titles don't matter because good ones do intrigue me, and get me to click, but what I check out first is pairing, genre, rating, word count, summary, title--in that order. The title I do remember is 'In Our Bedroom (After the War)' which is actually from a song, but more than that, actually caught the entire premise of the story--a bandom group sex fic AU with the characters learning what they wanted and figuring out the web and how to live and have this nontraditional thing--it really worked. I don't remember the summary.

Pulling this out to pro fic, Titles enhance but don't override flaws of the work. Titles are important, as are summaries.
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Thoughts on the state of the role of one or more underprivileged category/-ies of people in pop culture/fandom: is there any progress to be seen as compared to, say, 10 years ago?

Note: this is going to be focused on mostly American pop culture, with an extreme focus on television and film, with perhaps some nods to books. I can only speak on which I'm familiar.

Also: fandom means different things to many people, so I can only speak to my experience. Ditto on pop culture.

so I'm trying for a metaphor here that was born late at night on progress and perception + attempt to tackle a heavy question in less than 500 words )
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It's been almost two months since I posted. Wow. Let's get back into it with a meme I've seen around:

|Fandom as relationships:|

ramblings on different fandoms )

Apparently this meme is longer but I'm now tired. Any questions or ones I left off that you want me to answer, leave them in the comments.

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The downside to being off all day and not doing anything extensive is that past midnight I won't feel tired at all. So thoughts on Glee while it's fresh on my mind.

long insomnia fueled thoughts on recent Glee with a focus on Quinn and the Kurt/Blaine pairing and the music. )

Four week hiatus up next. Usually I use the time skimming for fic and playing at productivity.The ideas I've had haven't been ruined by recent episodes (oh the pained pleasure in focusing on Tina, Mercedes, Quinn); some AUs I've thought about still can work. So maybe something will get done this time. No, definitely something will be produced because I'm going to do it.

I'm not following American Idol this year so I'm going to have a ton of free media time on my hands. Maybe I'll catch up on some shows/books I've been wanting to view.

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Favorite Episode this season, probably eclipses most of the B9 and will continue to be one of my favorite episodes. I've always felt that Glee is at its strongest when it has a mix of quirky music and has more of an ensemble vibe. Focusing on one or two characters too much and too often can grate, especially if other characters are getting sidelined.

spoilers for the latest episode like whoa )

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From tonight's Mad Men, I really want to talk about what I mean when I talk about how I ship certain characters.

mad men spoilers maybe )
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I hold all stories to the same standard so whether or not a writer's first language is English or not isn't important. Sure, I am impressed when I find out some of my favorite writers are multilingual but I don't start thinking their stories are inherently better, nor do I think their stories should automatically get a pass with unacknowledged errors either.

If an author says English isn't their first language, acknowledges there will be some errors like awkward wording, and posts their stories, I can choose not to read but if I do decide to read the story, I'm not going to spend a ton of time mentioning errors in the comments. I had my warning. This actually happened to me. There was an author in the Digimon fandom that posted a story that intrigued me but it had some really awkward parts, but the author stated from the beginning that they were typing the story as it came and they were aware of the errors. They were currently learning English and the story was in them and they wanted to tell it.

It was an interesting premise and I read through it, errors and all.
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So Thursdays are horrible for posting and I haven't thought of an alliterative name for a different weekly post on books yet.

There are at least three different thoughts on books I have floating around, and at least one of them could be a complete post if I weren't too lazy to pull it together. I'm having a good conversation about author responsibility with FFM (Favorite Family Member for those who didn't know) over email; it's really enjoyable for me to have a discussion with someone whom I can disagree with on certain points and we can go back and forth without it feeling extremely intense in a negative way.

Now that I think about it, each one would be a separate post and I've yawned too often in the past five minutes to be coherent.

Things Floating in my head related to books:

*How much would I be willing to pay for an ebook? Owning something physically is different from licensing it digitally and I don't see that brought up always in these discussions, but I am coming more towards $9.99 being low for a new release if the hard cover is being pushed for $25 at the same time. The whole agency idea ($15 to start, falling to $5 for certain titles) seems reasonable to me. When I bought The Sims when it first came out I ended up spending over $100 on what soon came to be priced at $40 at a much later date. Things usually are their most expensive when they first come out, and if I don't want to spend that much then I wait.

Eventually I'll revisit this in whole. But in the future (there will be flying cars like the Jetson promised us!) I think a digital version would be offered first, probably at different price points for the super deluxe version with author commentary and interactive graphics to the bare bones pure text version, and then there would also be a print on demand option of buying a paper back or hard cover. I know I'd be more willing to buy a text only version of a story for cheap and then later buy the hard cover if I really liked the book and wanted something more tangible.

Minor Epiphanies:or this is what it feels like I was reading some reviews of a certain book and some comments brought up something I glossed over--a stereotype used that barely registered with me because I was viewing the book through a different lens--this one really will be a complete post but I'm too tired to make things as clear as I possibly can (seriously, even at my most awake things can get hazy, I want to at least start on the right foot)

Dear Author asked the question Straight off the top of your head, do you think that authors have any ethical or moral responsibilities beyond the book? which guaranteed the post and comments would be interesting. I've got thoughts on this one too but I'm definitely not awake enough for that one either.
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So I was looking through my google reader and came across this post arguing for content warnings on children/YA lit, providing more info for the parents. My initial reaction was 'HELL NO' and then I thought more and my position grew firmer. I posted this link to tumblr but then I had to cut myself short because I haven't figured out cut tags on the site yet.

I'm tired and I hate leaving posts half finished. So in brief, I'm really against this, I thought I could get around the idea of it but I kept coming back to if a parent wants more warning and information about the content of a book, they are free to read it, or even utilize the internet and seek out what they want to know. I can think of sites that sort movies according to their content, I'm sure there is something similar for books.

The OP is quick to say how he's not homophobic, he's just against that sort of language being in a novel marketed to 14 year olds; and I'm not going to accuse him of homophobia because I don't know him or anything like that. But I will say that to propose extending the ratings system of the MPAA, which already discriminates against same sex content, and then not acknowledge those problems when they're raised in comments, is something someone who isn't affected by those practices can do. I've seen This Film is Not Yet Rated, but even being unaware of that movie, the whole notion of even the appearance of a homosexual character is somehow more sexually charged than a heterosexual character, and the thing is the characters aren't even mentioned as heterosexual because it is so often assumed to be the default.

Side rant: I'm so tired of so many people acting like being gay is something that just switches on at adulthood or only if you engage in sex. Every time I see an uproar about a younger queer character I get upset because everyone deserves representation and when people get all 'righteous' about corrupting children with that kind of stuff, I have to say 'well what about the children that are like that?' What if you never saw yourself in a book or media? And then when you did, people were angry that you even existed?//

Still tired so:
I'll most likely post about this tomorrow or later this week. But I'm so against this for so many reasons and all of them are flitting around my head.

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this paragraph mentions a possible spoiler for Mad Men )

Mad Men is an excellent show, deserving of being nominated of the awards, and makes me think of HBO programming. It's one of my favorites and it's a pleasure to watch when I want drama with thought. I like watching historical pieces that take off some of the veneer of the period, and this show really works on an ensemble level because it highlights pieces of different experiences. Don, Betty, Pete, Peggy, and Carla and Sal to different extents, showed various sections of the period and social realities.

Back to that 'consequences' line, maybe the new season will the new agency crashing and burning, leaving Don to actually lose something that he values of consequence and not something Jon Hamm can look hot while emoting about for one episode. Because as of now, the punishments have not been distributed so evenly, yeah Don 'lost' his family but he's never been that invested in it. If he were, he most likely wouldn't have lost it. Don, and the show, thrives at the agency and every 'loss' for Don in the workplace has, so far, turned into a win. And I've enjoyed watching it: that scene where Duck thinks he has Don trapped and Don just continues doing his 'can't nobody hold me down' dance, was one of my favorites.

Don and Sal both cheat while on a business trip but Sal is gay so now Don has something over on him; and sure Don doesn't go and fire him right away but when Sal is sexually harassed by one of the biggest accounts (and the new agency's ONLY big account), then Don acts like having sex for a job is something that 'people like Sal' just automatically do and not something that Don, himself, does.

Joan, fulfilling a goal and thinkingly marrying up, ends up chained to a rapist who is now going to Vietnam. (I have never wished more fervently for a fictional death before, but please let that dose of reality happen from Weiner's pen). And Peggy, who is moving up in the ad business, of course had an unwanted pregnancy after having a relationship with Pete.

But the show is realistic and those kind of things happen all the time, right? Especially back then. Mad Men is a show with the main objective, besides telling Weiner's vision, is also really big on entertaining and keeping it's supremely wealthy audience. Maybe more of a hyper stylized reality full of attractive people. The realism angle has legs, it's what I use to be okay with the little amount of screen time characters of color get and when they are shown, most often they have magic dust on their trail; in that time period, from those characters viewpoint, there wouldn't be much interaction with minorities. There goes realism.

Truth can be stranger in fiction. What often happens in 'real life' would be called implausible if put to screen or paper. Why is it so often the realism angle is only brought up to cushion the bad things?

What is reality is that a group of people, headed by Weiner put together stories and fashion events to create this show. There are a group of people, one person if my suspicions of Weiner are correct, who decide what consequences are doled out. Not the fickleness of fate churning out realism.

Now, I still hold out hope that this is misdirection because I remember Weiner playing a similar line about Joan's return. I still think highly of this show and I will definitely be tuning in when it returns.

I've had this post open up for hours, so the rambling is kind of apparent. A more pensive icon would probably be more appropriate but I love my tiny angry GINJA man
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My internet is acting wonky, so I'm keeping an eye on the router before I do things like download mixes (yay!).

While Watching Make it Or Break It, I caught the preview for the upcoming season of Greek, one of my favorite shows. I've seen every episode since I first stumbled on it while I was bored one day and I've even looked around ff.net for fic. But Greek is more of a show I watch often but not one I'm actually fannish about.

The preview has made me revisit my opinion on love triangles in media--

The initial play of will they/won't they/who will x choose is cool for me in the beginning but after a couple of rounds, I start itching for a choice to be made. Seeing someone flit between two people repeatedly makes me wonder if the option of not being exclusive isn't allowed or is the tension more attractive than an actual relationship with one person. (Sure the option of an open relationship or a form of a poly lifestyle is possible--but this is ABC Family and I wouldn't hold my breath on that because I don't want to die).

Also on that note: if someone does not choose you, then back off. (Evan!) Granted all parties are aware of each other, then it's a decision to be involved. If someone doesn't choose X then X should accept that and move on. I don't see continuing to pursue someone who rejected you as a good trait. Being single is an option, isn't it?

Now in the case of Greek, I'm hoping that preview was a bit of misdirection and the part where Evan tells Casey 'you're making a mistake' is in relation to an event that happened regarding a fire. There can be drama beyond triangles.

How much of a trip would it be if all three of them graduated being single with minimal angst?

This is not about one pairing, I'm not attached to either version. (I will admit to liking the energy between Evan and Rebecca)
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It's not so much I'm a slow reader but I have been fighting back a migraine and I was so exhausted last night. I got through some stories; right now I'm in the G fandoms and I've saved 7 fics that I've really liked and I still have 4 other tabs open to read other stories.

But wow does seeing the number of hits a story gets versus the number of comments make me o_O I'm aware of the whole at most a fourth of people who read the story actually comment, and I've even seen it expressed as a tenth and some optimistic part of me thought that was too low, but I'm ready to accept the truth.

Of course 'Hits' is just the number of people clicked on the story, not truly indicative of how many actually finished. There have been some stories I clicked out of. Though I have only saved 7 stories so far, I have read more.

Part of that reason is I don't leave comments that would generally amount to 'meh'. For me 'meh' is what happens when a story is just ok and does something that turns me off. Reading fic, I've become more aware of when a story does something I'm just not fond of and how that puts the story down a notch for me, making it work even harder to be something I really liked. I've had it happen; if a story does something I don't really like but the story is handled so well that I still love the story--that's an automatic delicious tagged HFW*.

Sometimes 'meh' has come just from 'no matter how well you do X, I don't like it and I am not getting beyond it' and I'm not going to finish this. This has gotten longer than I expected.

From my dealings with yuletide I've went ahead and signed up for the beta AO3 list. The server holdup was kind of expected and for a new site they handled it really well and I haven't had any major problems since I've started reading yuletide. (Though having Yuletide Madness open up is not a major problem except I'm still going through the original challenge, but having too much fic to read is a problem I like having :) ) #47!!!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!

* HFW being Holy Fucking Wow, the highest level of tags I have so far after my guh!!! tag felt overused to the point of losing its meaning
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books I've read recently, mini reviews in a sense and maybe a bit spoilery so if you want to go into Written on the Body, The Magicians, and The Hunger Games with a blank slate, then skip around this post. )

So those are the books I'e read most recently. I most likely will make separate posts about Magicians and Hunger Games. There are some things I want to post about but I don't want to spoil them just in case anyone hasn't read them yet, plus they're topics not solely about these books.
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Since it's beginning, Mad Men has been a show that I didn't need fic for, the show was fulfilling enough and it gave enough glimpses to backstory and the right amount of characters interacted that I came away from episodes satisfied on the whole, just with the right amount of hunger for the following episode.

massive spoilers for Mad Men behind the cut! Also, if you are in that place where squee is a must and anything less will bring you down, please don't click this cut. Thoughts on where the show is now and my sudden craving for fic. )
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(I do think I could benefit from that thing google does to prevent drunken/ill-thought of e-mails on my dw/lj, but for now, just be glad I passed out in exhaustion before I could post sleepy ramblings with attempt at rhyme about how much I love the following fic. Seriously--I only think I'm more profound when I'm sleep deprived and excited)

You know how sometimes your floating on the edges of a pairing or fandom--sure, you read fic because it's a thing you do but nothing has really grabbed you yet to make you viscerally feel the pairing or fic part of fandom. It's no part of wrongdoing with the fic you've read because it's all generally been good but none have hit you yet in that spot that make going through the rest of the fandom feel worth it. The fics that are essential in setting your standard?

Last night I found some.


In Want of a Wife by syllic, pg-13, merlin/arthur, arthur/ofc, wip

Summary: Merlin finds out about Arthur's upcoming nuptials.
So I've been lurking around Merlin fandom for a while and I've read some fic here or there, and it has all been good. Filtering through delicious networks can do that for you. I haven't read that much fic for it yet, but so far this is my favorite. The author has strong showing for both Merlin and Arthur--both come across as themselves, faults and all. The story is told in Merlin's pov and the author really has skill in conveying Merlin's train of thought and pulling me along with his emotions. Seriously, I was flipping out right along with him at one point and when he was disappointed, I was disappointed. The story had me fully engaged.  Arthur comes across as not so much as mysterious here but as possessing hidden parts and everything works.

This story is a wip but it's supposed to be completely posted later this weekend, so you could wait and read it in one go and not be like me, flopping down on the bed in exhaustion but still wanting to read more.


Merlin has always resented this side of Arthur, which speaks about court dealings in such a detached and lofty way, with a tone that suggests that Merlin will never be able to understand. The worst part of it is—Merlin doesn’t. He’s not really sure he ever wishes to, either; then again, over time Arthur has indicated that he might not ever want Merlin to. Sometimes Merlin thinks that’s what makes Arthur so inscrutable at times like this, what makes him say, I’m ever so sure Merlin has no idea what you mean, Lady Sebille, his voice dismissive but his body turned imperceptibly into a shield between Merlin and the worst of court savagery.

Star Trek:AOS

Like the Stars, Like Your Destiny by anodyna, R, spock/uhura
Summary: Nyota Uhura has always been drawn to things that resist her understanding. Finding out she's lived her entire life in an alternate reality is a mystery she's not sure she can solve. Sleeplessness and self-examination ensue.

I think we already know how much I adored Star Trek; and I've been reading some of the fandom since the beginning, mostly Kirk/Spock and some other interesting AUs. And I did go 'Get it!' when I realized Spock and Uhura were a couple, even if I was slow on picking up the context clues. (Really guys, I totally thought the first kiss was a friendly intense moment; obviously I have read too much fanfic!).

This is the first fic I've read that featured Uhura as the main character and really fleshed out the Spock/Uhura relationship. Uhura is so awesome in this. I love they dynamic between her and her family and her and Gaila and her and Spock. I love seeing Spock through her eyes and how he maintains an otherness while they are still building intimacy.  Reading this fic, I went 'of course Spock and Uhura get together, how else can it be in this story?'


In Anouk Ashmai: Her Journey Begins, when Anouk left her parents to go join Starfleet, her father hugged her tearfully. "Anouk," he said, "I could not have parted with you for anything less than the whole universe."

When Nyota Uhura boards the transport that will take her to Starfleet Academy, her mother says, "Nyota, I hope you know what you're doing. Remember you can always work in your aunt's clinic if you change your mind."

Nyota watches out the window as the transport pulls away and her mother and aunt grow smaller and smaller on the platform. "I could not have parted with you for anything less than the whole universe," she whispers to their tiny figures. She turns around in her seat and draws a deep, calming breath. Then she says it again, in Kiswahili this time. Then in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Urdu, two dialects of Romulan (one much better than the other but she'll practice), and Andorian so terrible that an Andorian sitting on the other side of the transport looks over and crinkles his antenna in disapproval.

She already knows she'll never change her mind.

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Insurrection (1x05 or 1x04?)

broken down mostly by character )

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So this is a new icon...featuring a new show I'm crazy about and a character I'm about to talk about in a vacuum because no one probably cares, but hey, what else is a journal for if not empty preaching?

Kings is the modern adaptation of the King David story from the Old Testament and it's a very pretty show with generally awesome acting (Dude from Deadwood!) and so much potential. (Do not worry if you are not familiar/not into the Bible story: you don't really need it).

Anyways, if you have ever scrolled through fanfiction.net's Bible section (it's okay, I won't judge) or maybe happened upon a Bible fiction in Yuletide (those are generally better), then you may have seen a David/Jonathan story. David, the chosen king, and Jonathan, the current king's son, are even thought by some scholars to have been lovers. But you know what, validation is not needed; subtext is a major source of inspiration for any fandom; especially the slash one. But what is true is that whole 'friend that sticks closer than a brother thing'--totally about David and Jonathan.

After watching the premiere of Kings, I have to say that the actor (and the writers, just a little) will have to put in some work to get to that wonderful friendship. But I'm not upset about it because I kind of like David and Jonathan not getting off to BFFhood from the beginning. Really, I think the negativity Jack shows toward David is understandable but more like a product of anger towards his father/situation that he can't show.  While the setting of Kings does not have a right by blood to rule, I'm sure Jack was raised to believe the throne would be his--especially with his kind of mother (stage mom level INFINITY). So with David coming around and now getting everything Jack wants, but can't get, mostly due to his own nature; I would expect some jealousy. Sebastian Stan?, the actor playing Jack, was kind of flat for me throughout the show except for that awesome scene on the stairs with King Silas. Really, if you only watch one scene: watch that one. Granted he gets some good material and the actor steps up his game; I could see Jack being an awesome character. (But knowing how the David-Jonathan thing plays out makes this story ultimately sad)

But Jack wasn't the only one to not shine: Everyone except for Reverend Samuels, King Silas, and David kind of faded out at different points of the show.

If you only watch two scenes (because the Stairs is a MUST SEE): also watch the scene with David and his brother, leading up to David pleading for peace between Gilboa and Gatha. If David doesn't use Be Brave Now in a speech later, I'll be a little disappointed.

Did I mention the women: okay they have not been the strongest yet but there is potential. I don't think they've been given great material yet and I hope them to have a stronger showing in later episodes, especially Queen Rose.

Why you should watch the show: Potentially epic story telling; Multi-layered relationships, Complex characters, tragedy, canon gay that doesn't seem stereotypical, gorgeous sets (for now).

Main Comm: [livejournal.com profile] kings_tv 

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The Grammy Awards announced their nominations last night during some ridiculous concert and I had the following to say about them:

* Best New Artist felt a little like a joke but I'm not going to get all righteous here because I lack the energy. Though I think it's between Duffy or Adele.

*I'm pretty ambivalent towards Coldplay. But I want Radiohead to win most of their awards.

* I hope Flo Rida wins nothing and goes back to roast in The Sunshine State.

* Lupe Fiasco should win something because I honestly believes he deserves it with his album. I'm afraid he might get overshadowed by Jay-z, Lil Wayne, etc; but still, I can hope.

*Katy Perry got nominated for I think Pop Song, but I really can't bring myself to care. I'm pretty much past indignation (well the very little I had); and if Out could put her on their cover for Out 100 (which deserves one big dose of WTF!), then why shouldn't the grammy people nominate her? 'I Kissed A Girl', despite what you think about it, was a severely  popular Pop song, and Pop songs are supposed to be popular, so yeah there is the nomination.

Musical Memories and other )


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