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This new beta create entries page is huge. I do like the replying on Reading page function. I haven't encountered any new code stuff yet.

A few days ago the Fox executives went to the TCA and discussed their shows; and their main comment on Sleepy Hollow was that they were seeking to correct the creative mistakes and make it less serial. For me, the main issue was the shift of focus from Ichabod and Abbie and their chemistry (platonic or not), ill formed villain (I don't know why these shows don't realize having a defined villain is crucial), Henry and Katrina (and the sloppy writing around them). I don't understand what it is about a show that makes a team change what was already working. With the latest show and its shuffling of Abbie to the side has just made me realize I am done with Sleepy Hollow. I may check in on the third season, but there is so much pulling my attention that I don't stick around for shows I don't actually like anymore.

Speaking of tons of tv: 1715 shows on U.S. primetime hours (8-11pm)! That is so much. Naturally, I thought on fandom and niche seems to be the standard. Megafandoms are not the most common, and I see them becoming more rare. With the glut of new shows, availability of older shows via internet through various means, other media like books, video games, movies. Fandom is a many splintered thing. An interesting note was the suggestion that shows do some fandom engagement year round like Orphan Black and other genre shows to keep fan interest high to ensure their return during hiatus.

Post on the devaluing of stories that don't feature men in the film industry. It isn't anything new but with the recent Oscar noms, a flurry of pieces have come out about Selma and Wild's lack of major accolades.
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The trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 dropped and it looks fine. I know I'll watch it because I did enjoy the first; but it seems like it just expanded the scope on the most shallow level and is redoing jokes from the first. I would like to be surprised, but I feel like I've caught the sum of it. Catching the surprise of the first is impossible--the past is a land one can't return to blah blah blah--but I do wish the trailer conveyed the same scale of the first. Crossing fingers that they expand some of the supporting characters and focus on the terror of moving on into the unknown.

Steve McQueen has been one of my favorites director since Hunger so I very much excited for his upcoming projects; but I think out of all of them the Widows movie sounds most interesting.

TV Stuff

Sleepy Hollow: I like none of what they have done with Katrina. I just want to stop the magical forced pregnancy trope being dropped on female characters who are already trapped in passive purgatory thanks to writers' choices. Then they add the ~power of maternal love that makes Katrina not want to stop the demon baby forced into her body by her evil son. Enough. The Mills sisters were great: I love how they responded so differently to the same trauma and are still reaching across to strengthen each other. I would prefer if instead of the mother being dead that she was in prison for a false crime. I am watching the midseason finale but I am hoping the show gets better in its second half.

The Flash: I have not seen last week's so I don't know the reason for the Iris and Barry split, but I do love how it affected both of them. I do not agree with the notion of Iris being worthless in the narrative; there is value in seeing the shaping of the perception of a superhero. The show has gotten better with the character. I'm still unsure about Eddie; if I didn't know about canon events I could like him completely, but if certain things are true. I am still so suspicious of Wells.
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A Defense of Likable Characters which comes after I saw a Defense of Unlikable Characters, which really displays the cycle of response and provocation when it comes to these sort of things; but I could just sum these up in that good characters can come from both situations (considering what constitutes likability varies according to the person) and what all characters need is good writing. From my view of what is touted as Quality American Drama (from Cable) there is a lot of shady male characters doing morally suspicious things, usually from positions of authority, and because so many shows start with that the idea of that character type being automatically tied to Quality has sprung up, even if that falls apart when things like Low Winter Sun happens.

I have more thoughts on this but I did want to link to this because I liked reading the piece.

So Sleepy Hollow is getting the 'What's Wrong With X' treatment from multiple venues, and as much it still hurts a bit because I loved this show so much, I have to agree with most of the complaints.

This piece from EW is mostly in sync with my issues with this second season. Mo Ryan, who is very much a fan of the show and touted the first two episodes as good, also presented her view on what ails Sleepy Hollow. Tim Goodman had a podcast that was actually two weeks earlier than the recent wave, and he even noted that the producer commented that he was surprised at the response to the new season.

my thoughts on the show up to this point )
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Have you guys locked in your nominations yet? Perhaps like my general ways, I am making this harder than it needs to be but the plan is to go ahead and lock it in today just in case AO3 gets weird on the last day (23rd). Right now I have two definite spots filled with Tenderness and Jennifer's Body but I'm still dawdling on the last two, probably TASM and maybe either The Bridge or perhaps The Boondocks but I am so hesitant to foist that canon on someone because the tone would most likely be the hardest thing to get right.

I saw Sleepy Hollow and liked it; the show is bizarre but it's not overly serious and they are not dragging out getting people to believe the insanity; I loved it when the other cops saw the headless horseman.


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