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Here is my card for trope-bingo, the second challenge I've signed up for in 2013.

kidfic in vino veritas / drunkfic truth or dare au: cop / detective wingfic
forced to marry au: band telepathy / mindmeld au: coffee shop au: daemons
kiss to save the day mind control FREE

soul bonding / soulmates day at the beach
accidental baby acquisition secret relationship amnesia time travel snowed in
virginfic / secretly a virgin animal transformation au: all-human poker/strip poker au: college / highschool
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after issues with the coding, I went back to my tinypic roots

here's a card )
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The theme for this round of the icon challenge was posted. I'm excited though I think I should have picked a different source but I'm not sure. I still have to finish rewatching the series.

Though I didn't officially sign up for ladiesbigbang I am tossing around an idea for it; I just didn't want to sign up and fail at another challenge.

I've got a mix due for glee_fans and I'm getting some new music soon that may actually get included.
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When I first saw this article I thought 'oh, twenty-four hours without media, no problem' and then I realized that included my ipod and then it became a lot more challenging. Even so, I think I could do it and I'm probably going to give it a shot; my productivity would maybe increase if all I could access was a blank piece of paper and books.

Three Weeks for DW is off to a fantastic start. Refreshing my sub-list actually produces stuff, and I had to skip 60 just to keep up at one point. So far I've been mostly commenting to stuff and I added my name to a meme; but I do plan to post.

Keeping up to date with book posts, especially any books that would fit with [community profile] feminist50. There's going to be one mega one because while I have been reading, I have not been posting about them.

At least one fic for [community profile] chromatic_fanfic

Maybe something for [community profile] stayintheroom also, though as weird as I am about posting fanfic, I'm even weirder about original stuff.

I'm thinking about joining an icon challenge but maybe I'll just stick to making small batches. You know, ease into something before I flake on another challenge.

Oh, I finished The Book Thief today and I cried during the last twenty pages it felt like, yeah. I'll post fully about it later.
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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth is gearing up and these ideas have caught my interest:

Mini Meta Fest focusing on women/and or femslash, there's a good number of prompts on this post that I hope to see filled. I may post short thoughts on some. This one isn't actually for the three weeks thing

[community profile] feminist50 is hosting some stuff. My goal is to pick up some recs for books to read and maybe contribute some if the ones I have read aren't already listed. Also, during that time period, I'm planning to read books and make mini reviews. That sounds feasible.

I just posted some prompts for [community profile] stayintheroom though I'm not sure if I'm going to post any of the stuff I actually finish.


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