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Thoughts on the state of the role of one or more underprivileged category/-ies of people in pop culture/fandom: is there any progress to be seen as compared to, say, 10 years ago?

Note: this is going to be focused on mostly American pop culture, with an extreme focus on television and film, with perhaps some nods to books. I can only speak on which I'm familiar.

Also: fandom means different things to many people, so I can only speak to my experience. Ditto on pop culture.

so I'm trying for a metaphor here that was born late at night on progress and perception + attempt to tackle a heavy question in less than 500 words )
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What are the limits to characterise a character with a "foreign" background. esp. interested in how to use different languages (e.g. Erik in XMFC fic talking German)

When characterizing a character from a different background--be it location, culture, etc--it's important not to fall to stereotypical portrayals, especially if those stereotypical traits are not present in the character. It's fine if the character displays some traits that are usually associated with a stereotype, but when using that character in the fandom work, it's best to keep an eye on what traits you're playing up and whether or not there's balance.

Foreign is a matter of perspective. What may seem unfamiliar or exotic to one is commonplace and the norm to another, especially in fandom where there's an international audience for most, if not all. Don't rely on external things like a foreign language to do all the heavy lifting for characterization, doing so leads to weak stories and creates a laundry list effect: listing all the things the character does or owns to present traits, but ultimately not delving into anything to make things go beyond shallow. With anything it's really about how you use it: to use your example, does Erik only use German when he's stressed, or when he's comfortable? Does he switch to other languages in a playful manner or is it mostly to shut people out?

Concerning languages, different languages are not strong characterization tools, and should be used in moderation. Writing in another language, especially if you're unfamiliar with it, can be tricky and tools like google translate can lead to comedic errors.
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aliens in canon vs when they aren't )

(---a point that could apply to both scenarios)

+ There's a real opportunity to explore breaking conventions and having that be the norm when writing alien characters; most aliens in canon are not the main pov so in writing fic from their pov, one can delve into how they would view things coming from another place/galaxy/species. There are so many assumptions woven into the routine of living that can be disrupted without someone rebelling if the person/being is not from this planet. I'd love to see more fic dealing with a truly alien being, and not a being that feels like a human with an extra limb or another shade of skin.
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Ok guys. Gabe Saporta just shot up into one of my favorites in this crazy fandom of ours. Honestly, I would love him without the fandom because he is insane in that awesome way and he loves the 80s. So often Gabe is around for the funny, but man, he has an awesome mind. I just want to live inside his head for a while. Gabe, I will subscribe to your newsletter.

So what has me all gleeful about Gabe?

This article, Everyone is (Still) Gay, featured on out.com. He talks about sexual politics in the scene and he is all elaborate and coherent and just so smart. He discusses homophobia and sexual ambiguity and go read it. Go read it right now. (Why am I not being spammed with this on my f-list like I was with Pete's interview with Out? I love being spammed with articles about this stuff!) It's from July! I was on LJ in July! So, why wasn't I spammed? Did I miss the awesome discussion about this article? I love the meta.

Popnography is once again being my soul mate and had a spot with Gabe in July. It has some great pics of him rocking his 80s gear.

Have you guys seen the new 'Guilty Pleasure' video? I still prefer the older one, but this one has Patrick Stump being ridiculous and cute in it, so maybe I feel less bereft.

(I have this constant headache, and it's been there for the last hour; but this article has totally pushed it to the background :)
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    It has been a week since I have posted here. Obviously, I have been around commenting on journals and being ridiculous but this week gap has been my longest break to date. Anyways, I have wanted to do  a Pretty.Odd. post now ever since I bought the album; but I am a horrible procrastinator.

This got especially long. As a side note, typing out Pretty.Odd. screws with my punctuation. I swear that I am coming with the music post...it actually might be later tonight. I promise that I am not a spammer.


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