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Perhaps I should just type up posts that start as if I've been already writing them and just go with it from there. It's not that I haven't consumed anything worth posting about (Captain America:TWS, YA series by Rae Jordan(?) that was excellent for some surprising reason, Saga) but I just haven't gotten to the place to make something coherent. A run through and some links--

Mad Men is back and I'm liking it. There is a lot I want to say about the past two episodes but for now, I'd like to link to a post on NPR about the latest episode that deals with new interoffice conflicts and how things are dealt with as the 60s are here and Civil Rights are becoming more of an issue.

Game of Thrones has been back for three weeks now and I am behind because I am usually doing work until ten; and also because my preferred method of watching the show is in three hour chunks; plus, having read the books, my excitement is more in seeing the changes and decisions and less about the wonder about what will happen next. I do read some reviews and right now I feel like Andy Greenwald's are one of the best even if you are familiar with the happenings in the books; Greenwald really likes the show and has en eye for some of the nuance going on with the characters and picks up on the themes the show is doing. His latest one is rather good.

Still behind on Vikings, Veep, Community, a whole season behind on Elementary and Justified. Will watch latest Orphan Black today/tomorrow.

Picked up Silicon Valley and like it after one episode.


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