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These Best Buy Ads that are dominating the screen on LJ are really pissing me off. Ads that take over your screen are the most annoying for me; and I can't say how effective they are. Well, wait they are effective in getting me to remember most of them, like I remember being really peeved at The Dead Weather for a while because every time I went on the Daily Swarm, their faces would pop up and I'd have to press the X before I could read the rest of the article.

The same thing with Best Buy: these ads aren't making me want to shop at Best Buy any more than I already do; and if this were another company (like radio shack or circuit city), it still wouldn't make me want to shop there anymore.

This isn't an attack on all internet advertising, because I understand that someone has to pay for it and I like being able to be on the web; but I don't believe that obstructive as possible is always good. I like Google's ads the best: a subtle link that is usually related to what I'm currently reading/searching. I've clicked on some google links from my e-mail before.

I don't mind suggestions. If I'm looking up a musician, I kind of like those 'If You Buy This, You may Like That' links. I check them out rather often on Amazon.

Maybe the aim is to bother me enough to get me to purchase a paid account. It's almost working, except I can barely afford a month now of paid time and if I had the bliss of no ads on LJ for a month and then went back, well, it may end up being the winter of my discontent.
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Pete Wentz keeps on pulling games today; I don't even know how he's captivating my interest, but between my chores today, I've been all over icecreamheadaches.

So there have been some rumblings about LJ. I don't really think it'll be gone from good; but I do enjoy preparation when I'm alert to life. Here is some info, so we can keep in touch, just in case:

This is my IJ account.  I'm wishfulclicking on there too. Add me or something :) I know some people are backing up their LJs, but I'm still relatively new and I don't have a ton of material yet; so I'm just going to copy some of the important posts from this journal (you know the waving dick post has to be around for propserity! and the first panic experience!) The plan is for me to go through and see the posts I want to save and then copy the HTML for them there. I will probably leave the picspam of hotness though.

This is me on twitter. I've referenced this before but yeah, there it is again.

I'm wishfulclicking on AIM also; so add me or something. I'm on often enough and I'm always willing to chat :)

In more fun news....so I may have read a Merlin AU with Merlin/Arthur today. (college AU that is so good, I recommend it to you even if you are not into the fandom!) It was beyond spectacular and I fear I may be sucked into another fandom. Merlin has the potential to be my SGA, a show I barely watch but a fandom I adore. Really, I need another fandom like I need another tit--sure it'll be fun, but a complete time waster. This is where I kick myself off the internet for insane similes!

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Approximately 2 hours ago, my laptop staged a coup and waved the flag of blue screen of death in my face ;( I don't talk about it here, but I have been playing Russian roulette with my crappy HP for about a year now.

What this means--I can keep up with the f-list, just probably not as prompt as I would like. The posts will keep on coming, except they may not be as media heavy as I like or there will be less daily spamming on this journal.

*I have snagged a day to rec on  [community profile] polyfandomrecs (5/29)! Of course the top ten will feature bandom--*
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You know what someone with a new journal should do? They should totally start a another journal to talk about other things. Yes, they should completely create another list featuring more posts they need to make. That is what a wise person would do.

Also, I am always hesitant to comment on other people's journals and fic because I fear I sound slightly manic.  So I need to get on those other posts (how I got into bandom, my OTP let me show you it, the recap from my best night ever --well so far, one day I will get M&G). After I finish the recap, I think I will start friending people. The friending thing does not have to be reciprocal.
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Okay I keep on reading fic and then tagging it with fictotag on my delicious. This is an entirely passive aggressive way to force me to start commenting on all the great stories I have been reading. This has only resulted in me having a growing list (30+---ouch!) of fic that will still need to be retagged and organized and commented on. From here on out, I have cut myself off of fic.

For every five fic I comment on and retag, I will read a new fic that I desperately want to read. (thanks [community profile] bandslashmania for being so awesome)

Moral of this post-- Fighting yourself is a guaranteed loss for you.....unless you're Lady Une.
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Hello (non existent f-list),

As previously mentioned this is my first journal; and though I initially believed everything would be up and running (and being awesome) in a week, I now realize that LJ takes more time than I imagined. I am still getting stronger in my LJ-technique and I have to find time to make the posts I dream up in my head.

The short of it: I love music. I really love bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, My Chemical Romance etc. All these bands can pretty much be summarized up as BANDOM. I love the music, and I especially like talking about the music. I also really enjoy fics---that is what pulled me into these great bands.

If you clicked to see who just commented on your  fic and continued to comment on your journal--well this is the short of it. The long of it is coming later. I have a desire to comment on every fic that I bookmarked on delicious.

If I friended you, I think you are pretty cool (end of story). You don't have to friend me back. (though I would not mind if you did---friends are nifty, everyone should have some)

*Edited for tense issues*


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