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Spring Breakers has slyly caught me in its grip. (International Trailer)
It looks like a trashy yet entertaining film, but it is seriously hitting my girls doing violent crimes together button. IDK, blame Set It Off.

This piece, "The Only Black Guy at the Indie Show", has floated around my tumblr and twitter feed all week; after finally reading it, I, too, can link it to perhaps broaden its audience. MTV Geek/Hive has some pretty decent writing going on. It's good reading just if you can relate to not what's considered the norm in any 'scene'; it touches on rejecting the music you grew up with, finding your owned identity among something that you're kind of not supposed to, and dealing with others' reaction to it.

It made me think on my experience with music and entertainment: the opposite happened to me, once when I pulled out a Sisqo CD the popular black girl in my freshman class (there were four of them who had gone to the same middle school and knew people, and I had gone to a small private school and was shy and withdrawn and obviously not one of them), she stopped and said 'I never thought you listened to music like that', and told me she figured I listened to white people music; I actually listened to both but have always had a love for ballads and love songs.

When I went to a Kanye West concert, the crowd was obviously mixed; this was his Late Registration era. The Gaslight Anthem, I was one of two girls that weren't obviously white but had no problems. If anyone said anything I wouldn't have known b/c the music was so loud and I was so into everything, and I was trying not to choke on the smoke. P!atd was predominantly white but other races were there as well; my row (kind of far up but not completely nosebleed) had an older dude with his daughter and it was a lot of fun.

TV Stuff:

The Golden Globes were rather charming and light. I don't care about who wins awards because on that path leads madness; or, I should say I am not intense about it but I do like it when what I like is acknowledged but I don't see awards as the definition of best or quality. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were great hosts and the three hours just flowed.

Justified is good so far; but it feels somewhat lighter at the moment, I should go back and see if I felt the same way about earlier seasons, but part of it is how at sea Raylan is: he's a father but Winona is gone, he's not really active in a case just yet, and he's not really with the woman (TRUTH TIME: I don't care about Raylan's current fling nor her backyard fighting giant ex). Boyd is not too active yet, though I am looking forward to the match with the preacher's sister (did anyone else get kind of incesty vibes from them...).

I miss Mad Men. I miss The Walking Dead. I miss Teen Wolf.

New Girl I still like; Nick and Jess are going to be so great together when they get there and settle into it all.

Some day I will post on how overlooked comedy is when it comes to positive representation; it feels further along than the lauded, serious dramas.

Writing: ha ha! NOTHING.

Date: 2013-01-21 01:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] littlerhymes
What a fascinating article! Thanks for the link. Really interesting to think about how we construct our identities with/against what we consume.

Date: 2013-01-21 03:00 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] enamoured
I bookmarked that article to read on Twitter; I should finally get to it!

I have long gone to concerts where I was one of the few non-white people in the audience--that's what I got for being super-into boy bands, and later singer-songwriters and such. I can count on one hand the number of times when I found myself noticing (and feeling oddly relieved) that I I wasn't the only black person in an audience: both times when I saw Mariah Carey live, when Rihanna did a concert at my college, and when Maroon 5 was at my college. That last one was really interesting to me--it was a general admission show, and I had waited in line for as long as I could, and once I got to my seat in the third row, I looked around and was amused (and surprised) to see that about 80% of the first five rows were filled with black and Latina women!


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