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you see a headline that says MCR Fails To Agree A Buyer For Any Borders U.K. Stores and you go damn, I didn't know they were into books! I knew The Black Parade was big but that much money and then you click the article and realize that My Chemical Romance don't own letters M, C, or R.
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Know what I realized this morning? I haven't recced any MCR fics in a long time...that is wrong of me, so here I am to rectify my ways. On this glorious Monday, it only deserves that description because I am still in my pajamas and it doesn't matter, I got to read a spectacular fic. So here is the rec:

bones by [livejournal.com profile] anywhat 
Rating: R for swearing
Band(s)- MCR, hilariously perfect cameo by PATD
Pairing- Bob/Brian

Why You Should Read-- If Brian as a werewolf doesn't entice you, then what will? This story is very funny and it's paced so well. Great cameos by patd (specifically Jon and Spencer) and the relationship between the MCR guys is perfect.


It's better now, with the organic pills that he takes daily, and the silver jewelry he never leaves home without. At least he only becomes an actual wolf on the night of full moon, rather than the whole week. And even then, as long as he's wearing the cuffs and collar - what he calls the necklace-bracelet combo he's had since he was three - the animal tendencies are subdued, so he can curl up, perfectly docile, and sleep through it. The only time he'd ever forgotten the cuffs and collar he'd trashed the hotel room he was staying in, but luckily he hadn't been able to open the door. He passed the destruction off as a wild party, the rest of the guys patted him on the back and assumed the exhaustion and slight nausea were caused by too much alcohol, and everyone forgot about it.

Sometimes, though, it'd be nice not to have to lie and have the tour techs think he's an antisocial asshole when he begs off early on a party night.

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Guys! The world is going to welcome another spectacular person soon!

*This link takes you to the ONTD post saying that Gerard and Lyn-z are expecting their first child! I'm stupidly pleased for them, and I hope everything comes out okay for them.

*I actually thought Frank would win MCR's baby pool; but he has new Leathermouth coming out soon.

I'm almost ready to write a post about why I adore Gerard so much...and by extension MCR; but I can't now because I'm cooking and pressed for time.

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This is another meme, but I really love it so I think everyone should do it too. I did it for PATD, FOB, and MCR (PATD need to make more songs, I'm just saying). Here it is :

- Choose a singer/band/group
- Answer the following using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group

Memes!meme!Meme! )
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So someday I will actually post those lists I always refer to yet never actually create :{

But until then, I had to link to this awesome fic I came across recently.

How Did I get Here? -- (PG-13) by
[personal profile] rufus
This features MCR and PATD and Bob Bryar and Spencer Smith switch bodies! The author showed the relationships within the bands so well; and they nailed that outsiders' pov that both of the drummers' experience while in the others' body.

He settled on Gerard, in the end, and tapped out trapped in Spencer Smith's body, pls send help – Bob p.s. Im not me, don't know who's in there – bware of bdysntchrs. Pps. G yr nt drunk. He pressed send and watched the screen until he was sure it had gone through, then sent a similar message to Mikey, Frank, and Ray. Brian, he decided, could wait until later. Or possibly never.

P.S. [profile] bandomgen is a really great community. I think you guys should join it. Someone wrote Matches fic with Dr. Who tendencies....I need to read it ASAP!
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So can we all just acknowledge the general fabulousity ( I totally stole that word from Mia Michaels) of [personal profile] arsenicjade ?
Because she just posted a fic featuring Mikey/Frank/Pete and I am reading and enjoying it. I swear, I think I just fangirl over her writing because normally you couldn't catch me reading threesome fic not featuring Spencer Smith in it, and now I am deeply engrossed in this epic piece of greatness.

So in short---go read!

(I know she is responsible for Wednesday Night Boys-another excellent fic that you need to read)
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Is this another meme?
[personal profile] emma_took  picked these 5 icons for me to post about. I had been seeing this meme for a while and I resisted for a bit because I thought I was doing too many memes (yeah laugh at my ridiculousness) but then after I saw it for the third time, I was like 'oh good things come in threes'. So here is my explanation for the following 5 icons.

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Before I do this meme....look at my new icon thanks to the wonderful
[profile] geneli4  and this post full of Spencer looking psychedelically hot!  SPENCER SMITH IS DRUMMING HOTNESS...now to the regularly scheduled program :)

So these are 5 questions [personal profile] iamtheenemy  asked me.
1. Which member of bandom would you most want to have a conversation with? Alright. This one took some thought because my first thought went to SPENCER! But, I realize that there is not much I actually want to  talk about with Spencer Smith. I want to see him in his drumming glory, and I love him in interviews---but I wouldn't mind a conversation...but I would love to talk to Gerard Way. I am a sci-fi geek and I love books. I really enjoy Gerard in interviews and I think I could love picking his mind and discussing stuff like Buffy, American Gods, and fantasy novels.  Though I wouldn't mind talking to Gabe Saporta too because I know he reads and he intrigues me.  ( I know Ryan Ross reads, but I don't know if I could catch him 'not high' and 'willing to talk' at the same time :)

2. What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation now would be an endless supply of money to follow my favorite bands. I would just travel from hotel to hotel and live like a well-fed vagabond and be recognized by the band members (Spencer Smith I am looking at you!). The bands I would love to follow right now: EMPIRES, Muse, Panic at the Disco, Tegan and Sara, Death Cab for Cutie, Fall Out Boy, Charlotte Sometimes, Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance, CHEVELLE, the cab--I imagine them opening for PATD

3. If you had to describe yourself using a fruit, a color and an animal, what would they be? If I was a fruit I would be a kiwi because I have an awkward skin but I am tasty and tart---wow I feel like I am posting in some weird personal add now--Besides kiwi is totally awesome! Using a color, I would describe myself as periwinkle: kind of uncommon yet sparkly. The animal that describes me is cat because they are a little moody but are also crafty. ( I am a cat person...)

4. Do you have any pets? No but I want a cat again.

5. If you had to get [another] tattoo, where would it be and what would it look like? If I ever get a tattoo I would probably get 'dum spiro spero' which roughly means 'while I am breathing I am hoping'. That may be one of my favorite Latin phrases. I think part of its charm is how one letter creates such meaning in a phrase. The script would not be too big and I would want it wrapped around my wrist in sort of fancy script. If it was not wrapped around my wrist I would  written down my left forearm. I would definitely want to be able to see it during the day.

Alright so how this works is if you comment in this post I will ask you 5 questions that you can answer in your journal. ( I know I have been on some kind of meme marathon lately :)


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