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Is anyone watching Narcos, the new netflix show about Pablo Escobar and the era of cocaine Miami and the DEA? I've only seen episode one and liked it well enough. No spoilers (though how much can you spoil a historic event?)

*From season 1 it seems to be mirroring Escobar and a DEA agent; at least the DEA agent is narrating events. At times the voiceover was too much but I don't know how else they could have done it without either expanding the pov to hit on details the narration provides.

* The actor playing Escobar really looks related to Matthew Rhys from The Americans.

* The music, acting, design is all really good. It's definitely a high quality show.

* The guy from GOT, the Dornish prince in the fight, is in this sporting a mustache.

* This isn't my first time seeing a film about this era; I've watched the Cocaine Cowboys series and the one about the female Colombian druglord. So it seems that thirty years is the time in which events can get mainstream dramatization? There's enough distance where it isn't taken to be crass and a certain gloss can be provided.

I do plan to continue on with the series: not at the pace I consumed OITNB (in a day and half) but faster than I watched Daredevil (still not done!).
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