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I've barely posted this year, but I did want to at least make this post to look back on what I've consumed this year.

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Two works by Mark Harris discussing recent US box office trends: Fantastic Four and superheroes in the box office and Four trends from this season. Both are pretty good pieces, though I like the second one more because it's based on actual data--movies that appealed to audiences beyond the coveted young, white male demographic, and had good, targeted marketing (a feature I don't think gets enough attention) worked super well for Universal.

Looking at Bring It On as a very feminist film 15 years (omg my youth!). I miss that era when teen movies were being made of that quality from studios. The Duff maybe has a similar spirit.
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I was supposed to do a post each day, but, like I have done with most other things this year, I fell behind and now am combining these last two.

year in review for fandom and movies in 2014 )
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I can only truly value awards season as a list of things to catch up on, because if I fall into the delusion that awards=merit I will become a very negative kind of person, so from the recent spate of awards talk, these are the movies I want to see:

Pride - I wanted to see that before it got some awards but it hasn't come in my area and when I was near it, I didn't have time for movies. :(

Wild - I fully believe this is a good movie; but I also have an aversion to films following an individual walking in the wild and learning about life. The background of her having to deal with her mother's death does push me more into seeing it because it is rare to see a mother-daughter relationship given so much weight in a feature film.

Selma - Everything I've heard has been good stuff, I would expect no less from this director. I've taken a break from watching films set in this era, but the cinematic feel, the cast, and the director will make me override that, I guess.

Interstellar - Still haven't seen it because it's long, but this week I will get a chance. Ditto for Boyhood.

TV Shows: Jane the Virgin, The Knick, the rest of Veep, Marco Polo (from this interview with two of the leading ladies even if I did hear the pace was plodding but I have to see for myself), Legend of Korra
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that is the length of Nolan's Interstellar and I'm just left going why? I was looking forward to more space films (hey Gravity) and seeing Chastain and Hathaway in the same film and McConaughey too. But, ugh.

I'm watching Catching Fire right now and I do like it. I think it's helped that I only read the first book, and then after seeing the film, realized I was right when I said it would make a better film. I am aware of of certain spoilers for the series, but I don't care. I don't see myself going to see the third in theaters. Though laughs at the peacekeeprs looking like straight up stormtroopers.

I want to see Birdman but with my location it probably won't come near me until December :(

Yuletide: who's in? What are you nominating? I haven't checked out the nomination page, but right now Gotham has my interest.
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Just came back from How to Train Your Dragon 2, and here is a rundown:

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Great writing can make me interested in something I normally don't and this piece on Diplomacy did just that.
I still don’t know whom I should have trusted, if anyone. All I know is that I felt stupid, stressed out, humiliated, and sad. I had several shouting matches with a few of these guys. Some of them got personal. And all I had to show for my loyalty to Brian Ecton and my righteous indignation toward the other players was nothing at all. I was physically exhausted and emotionally abused. I hated Brian, the other players all hated me, and I hated myself most of all. I had to purse my lips extra hard to fight the urge to cry.

It also made me want to read more table top gaming AUs in fandom.

This piece on the big picture of Amazon's new Fire Phone was a good read; it's not divulging any new information, and I'm I have seen these ideas elsewhere, but it was nice to read a piece that looked beyond the specs and addressed the current state of the tech giants.
The goal for all of these companies, with all of these products and services, is not to relinquish an inch of market share to anyone else. As much as they can, they want to own the entire supply chain, from the time a product is advertised, to where and how it’s purchased, to the delivery of that product. And if they can own the device that’s to do all of those other things, so much the better. On Wednesday, for instance, Bezos told the audience how “tens of millions” of Kindle Fire and Kindle owners have driven the explosive grown of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s membership service. No doubt Bezos hopes the Fire Phone will do the same.

I watched 22 Jump Street: nothing really plot explicit but just in case )
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I don't actually play standalone games that much on a console; truly the only game I have regularly played is The Sims (Sims 4 in October!)and I have dabbled with Little Big Planet on PS3. So this news of Nintendo's lessening is not something I salivate over because of console wars, but I live in hope that someday I will be able to play a version of Mario Kart and Supermario and Donkey Kong on my tablet the way I play Sonic.

Here is a post about the repetitive action scenes in the big superhero films; and the comments are worth reading as well for well thought out rebuttals. I'd say one thing though is that Kick-Ass, while involving heroes, is not of the same lane as the Marvel/X-men/MOS/TASM; and I'd say the same for Hellboy. I have a fair amount of thoughts about this idea of superhero fatigue (which I do think is a real thing) but for now here is the post.
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So 2013 is way gone and I wanted to take a moment and look back and use these spreadsheets I've been half using to track my media habits.

Fanfic/fandom - I posted nothing the past year; defaulted on yuletide (boo); but I did have some ideas so it's not all for nothing. 2014 should be better.

Fandom - Still adrift. It is not that I feel unable to experience that full on fandom feeling like I did years ago with bandom and Glee; it's just that things have not shaken that way. Against the wall, I'll say ASOIAF is my main fannish experience with me subscribing to multiple authors and reading a ton of fic in it, but I only engage discussions with my best friend because we marathon the show together. Season 4 is starting again so activity should pick up; and I am very interested to see how they continue to alter plots and characters.

Reading: Did not read nearly as much as I wanted to; going on memory, This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz and The Queen's Thief were standouts for me for different reasons.

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The Books They Gave Me - a tumblr dedicated to books given to people by loved ones. I've just read the first page, and can vouch that the entries aren't full of bitterness and feel bittersweet more than often and enjoyable; and they aren't just all ex romantic relationships.

The Film Experience is one of my favorite sites, not just film sites, but favorite; when I'm not scrolling through dreamwidth, I'm often there. I check the site daily, Nathaniel is absolutely charming and presents his pov well and he applauds different kinds of film. Recently, the site has posted an Oscar Symposium with a roundtable of film bloggers and the discussion has been great to read. Part one focuses on elevating a film beyond itself, critical wars, The Artist, and Moneyball. Part two discusses what makes a good supporting actor and movies that are self-congratulatory (ex, Drive, TGWTDT). I'm missing some topics but each entry has been so worthwhile.

The New Inquiry - a literary/culture tumblr I need to peruse but does look interesting

The Millions made a post compiling a host of literary tumblrs and I'm still going through them.
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I had every intention of watching the Golden Globes last night but I knocked out around 7:43 pm and woke up at 1 am and had to catch up via twitter, which was a good thing because live award shows bore me unless there are performances interspersed throughout. I did catch up on all the cute moments via gif or video thanks to tumblr and I saw the list of winners and I don't feel that moved about it. I predicted most of them correctly but that's only because I follow enough film blogs now to catch the general trends, and I've invested enough years of watching the Oscars and Golden Globes to get a sense of what to expect. Usually I followed for tv awards and ignored film, this time the film had more of my attention because Comedy didn't even recognize for a nomination Parks and Rec so that pretty much invalidated the tv section for me.

TV Thoughts:

Though I have not seen Homeland yet, I have heard good things and I mostly like Claire Danes as an actress and the rest of the cast (hey Damian Lewis, not!Gideon, and Inara) so I'm glad for their wins. Modern Family is a juggernaut and I'm not even mad. So pleased for Jessica Lange (she looked so good too), no matter my thoughts on AHS, I have always loved her performance; and another yay for PBS for winning an award for a drama.

Film Thoughts:

This awards season does not interest me as much because the films I really loved aren't really being recognized, as opposed to last year where most of the films I had interest in were in the conversation (Black Swan won something! Winters Bone was around, etc) but every year can't please me and this is that year. Not that I Haven't enjoyed films this year (Young Adult, Drive, Bridesmaids, etc) but those aren't really in the conversation and I have yet to see Descendants, The Artist, My Week With Marilyn, Hugo, and I don't plan to until they come on DVD. My mom has seen The Help and she really enjoyed it and thinks Viola Davis and Spencer deserve awards, and this older woman I had an Oscar conversation with in the used bookstore said the same thing.
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I did not go to the theatre that often when compared to everything I wanted to see, but I did go more than I went in 2010--even managed to see more than ten, enabling me to make a Top Ten List. (Before I go into this: ranking stuff is hard. Past a certain point I just wanted to put multiples on the same level and add a note that on another day the order may change.)

Thor, X-men: First Class, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and 50/50 )
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And in the middle of the last month of the year, I finally completed my goal of finishing 50 books. Unfortunately I really fell off on posting here about what I was reading and adding interesting quotes like I did in 2010 for perhaps half of the books I read; but I do plan to do a rundown before this year ends (so that's in 16 days). My last book was Camus' The Stranger this was a reread for me that proved beneficial because I did feel my impression of it increased the second time around.

Tomorrow the plan is to watch Young Adult and that will be the last theatrical release I catch this year because Shame will never come too close to me and the rest I'll wait until they show up on DVD. Speaking of movies, I bought a copy of Bridesmaids today and am contemplating picking up Netflix for about two months, between that and my library account I could go through a fair amount of DVDs.

Also in these next days I'd like to do a wrapup of television for me this year.
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I have this entire post discussing the new Fall TV schedule but then suddenly new shows just started airing and now I'm massively behind. So let's clean up my Reading List:

Cinema Links
Sometime last year I started following some entertainment blogs, narrowing it down to a few film blogs that managed to discuss film with layers and actually managed the elusive trick of having pretty worthy comment sections.

The Red Carpet Campaign: Inside the singular hysteria of the Academy Awards race.
One of the best writings on the nature of the Oscar Race. I've always said that good writing can make me interested in things I don't even really care about and illuminate a process that seems shrouded in mystery. The only way this could have been better is if it had broken down last year's race where The King's Speech came up to claim nearly all the awards and cause rage in most of the corners of the internet I followed.

It would be fun to report that the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards, which were announced February 2, were the result of brilliant maneuvering or diabolically clever stratagems, of masterstrokes and counterthrusts carefully planned in studio war rooms. But despite often justifiable skepticism about the process, Oscar nominations—one of which, of course, went to Bridges—can’t be bought. Not exactly, anyway.

Current Guessing of The Best Actor Race from Awards Daily
I like reading these even though I usually respond best to movies going in with a blank slate--hype tends to turn me off and if something is proclaimed as awful I spend a lot of time trying to see if I agree or not. Out of the movies listed I'm only interested in The Descendants, The Artist, The Ides of March (but not in theaters, no matter how much I love Gosling), Moneyball, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Shame. The last is rated nc-17 so I'm not sure I will be able to see that besides in my room.

Not Oscar Stuff
Here Are The Top Grossing Lesbian Films I'm not sure if this is worldwide or just North American box office...

The Day Rap Grew Up: Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint,' 10 Years Later
Ever since reading The History of the Business of Hip Hop I've been on the lookout for extended pieces on the genre.

By 2001 this paradox was collapsing on Jay-Z: How does a burgeoning mogul and darling of the mainstream—one who would turn 32 years old that year—maintain a persona dependent on poverty and youthful transgression? Or, to put it more simply: how do you grow up when all anyone wants you to do is keep talking about when you were a kid?

Good piece on the the latest version of Amanda Waller. Okay, I'm not that familiar with the character inside of comics but I have seen the character in cartoons.

Super good icons of female drummers

YULETIDE is coming! I'm still too afraid to actually write but I do like seeing what nominations are popping up. Someone suggest Sucker Punch, Bridesmaids, Up All Night, Warehouse 13, Alphas, Awkward, Teen Wolf, Blue Exorcist, Oglaf, Gaga music videos especially if they cross over with Beyonce

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6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?

Most important: I read your entries even if I don't comment. Usually I just don't know what to say. Another thing is that if I forget to reply to a comment that's just me going through a bad moment or being absentminded.

7. What is your favorite community on Dreamwidth?

stayintheroom for a variety of good writing prompts, but I really love most of the comms I follow.

Continuing my habit of following any news about World War Z that pops up across my screen, Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) is said to have been offered a role. Excellent actor, but I still want to see that script.

Last night I believe I finally finished something for the Female Character Trope Fest. I'm just going to read over it again to see if I want to make any changes and then tomorrow maybe post and maybe link to some stuff I like.
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Within a day my computer had to reboot itself twice thanks to automatic updates. It's annoying when I lose tabs but it does make me realize that sometimes I leave a tab open because I don't actually want to read it but I feel like I should.

Interesting post on the beginning and ending shots and how they do or don't go with our natural perceptions. It makes me want to really watch some film again and pay attention.

Trailer for The Devil's Double starring Dominic Cooper that only excites me because I have a thing for twins, or in this case doubles, especially if one is extreme and violent, it's like bizarro Prince and the Pauper. But I'm not banking on historical accuracy.

I'm still following the casting for World War Z and I'm confused a bit because they cast the role of the wife of the guy collecting the stories, so I guess they're writing in a part for her. I'm really interested to see how they tell this story. For once I want to read a script.

Via The Film Experience (one of my favorite movie blogs) I found this piece comparing Thelma & Louise vs Pretty Woman. It's a short piece and definitely comes from a certain viewpoint the author is clear about but I'm not sure if I fully agree with the final point but I am glad I read it.

The piece is at the NYT and I believe they have a paywall now after twenty clicks but I haven't hit the block yet.

But what I'm really thinking on is how a role reversal would work for the film Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts' character, Vivian, is a successful CEO who inherited her father's company after his sudden death and had to fight off the board and her friend would be in Jason Alexander's role but perhaps less smarmy. Vivian doesn't have time for relationships, most guys she encounter can't actually handle her career even if they say they can, but she can't continue showing up for things without someone on her arm because people are talking and it makes her look desperate so she runs in to Richard Gere's character, a gigolo, and the movie sets out from there. The Wedding Date played with a similar idea but there were substantial differences.

of course

Mar. 25th, 2010 11:36 pm
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The Hunger Games is being made into a movie. Ever since I first read the book, I started thinking about how this book would work visually.

ONTD brought up:

Sara Bolger
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Emily Browning
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anna Popplewell
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The article suggested the girl from Kick-Ass because development would take a while so she could grow into looking more age appropriate.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope they don't try and make it into more of a romance than it actually is and stay true to the book. Also, could it be PG-13? The book is YA and the violence doesn't have to be graphically shown and if The Dark Knight was PG-13, I don't see why this movie couldn't be.
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Thanks to a marathon on Scifi, I've caught up with Caprica and overall I like it. The cylon dancing scene was hilarious and endearing: the AI-human interaction seems so real and now I wonder if there are any stories out there dealing with Robot-Zoe and the computer tech.

My favorite character is Sam Adama. Talk about rejecting stereotypes. Sam is an assassin (a very hot assassin) and very well versed in machismo; and he's a loving husband to his yuppie looking Larry. I do adore how all different kinds of relationships are the standard on this show--poly, homosexual, there is no narrative OMG WE ARE SO EDGY going on.

I've seen nothing of BSG so I can't comment on how well everything is tied together; but I like the futuristic noir vibe of the show even if the opening is unbearably cheesy for my tastes.

This weekend I watched Waitress with Felicity aka Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion and it was a good movie. It did make me hungry for pie and renewed my adoration for Matlock. It's not very often I see a pregnant woman treated as a sexual being in a movie, or as her own separate person from her eventual baby; but in this movie Keri's character was mostly ambivalent to somewhat hostile to the thought of having a child, and while most of those negative feelings were aimed at her horrible husband, I do like how the movie didn't shy away from how she felt about the pregnancy. In the end, I loved that she saved herself. It was kind of awesome.

The other movie I watched was Sins of the Mother with Jill Scott and Nicole Beharie (I think that's how it goes) and that was okay. Jill Scott isn't so much a great actress, she pretty much plays the same roles in different movies; and Nicole seemed stilted against the others but I don't know if that was more on her or them. The main thing I liked about the movie was that it was almost an Anti-Tyler Perry narrative, at least there was a surprise pregnancy and the career oriented woman wasn't pushed to forsake her prior goals, turn to Jesus, and marry the baby daddy just because that's how things are done. So I did appreciate that.

Anyone else seen those movies?
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And to think I just finished watching this


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