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BoJack Horseman is back on Netflix for a second season. This one carried on the tone the first developed and I really liked it. Some of the Todd stuff felt like it was a retread but it still worked, just not as well as the other plot lines for the other characters. Here is a post describing its blend of ludicrousness and sadness to great effect.

Linda Holmes on the latest FX show Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll and some of the dominant tropes of this 'Golden Age of Television' and the exhaustion she at with them. Most of this I agree with; it's not so much that the tropes shouldn't exist, but why is it such a battle to see other tropes with a shot or applied beyond the standard character type that they have been?

Why I'm Done Defending Women's Sports works to move beyond the notion of having to defend the existence of women's sports whenever moments like the World Cup happen.

This writer also equated Serena Williams to Muhammad Ali and makes a decent case for it.


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