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Reveals should happen any moment today, but I already started this post without the author names so I'm posting it now and finishing my Yuletide read through this week.

Once Upon A Dream (7866 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Aurora (Twisted Disney Princesses - Jeftoon01), Snow White (Twisted Disney Princesses - Jeftoon01), Belle (Disney's Beauty and the Beast), Maleficent, The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Maurice (Disney's Beauty and the Beast)

Belle hears a story about two sleeping princesses.

Excellent retelling and blending of tales, adding a measure of darkness, but also allowing the story to be about survival.

Spoonbridge and Cherry (4993 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Young Adult (2011)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Matt Freehauf/Mavis Gary
Characters: Matt Freehauf, Mavis Gary, Sandra Freehauf

In which Matt tries to get used to being Mavis Gary's rock bottom.

Nails the tone of the film perfectly.

there will be killing ('til the score is paid) (1390 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Fa Mulan (Twisted Disney Princesses - Jeftoon01)

Mulan doesn't ever regret it. AU of Jeftoon's backstory: something helps Mulan, but it isn't exactly Mushu. Warnings: a fair bit of violence, kind of dark. (But not exactly unhappy? IDEK.)

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Ten in this set. I have some fandoms saved to go through but I have at least glanced at all known fandoms in this yuletide; the goal is to finish commenting before reveals (1st) and have the rec posts done, but there is a lot of other things hovering.

Haywire, Cracks, The Hour/1984, Mulan (Twisted Princesses), Literary RPF, Mean Girls, Misfits, Mad Men, Tennis RPF, Whip It )
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Before I continued on with my reccing posts for yuletide as I (slowly) go through all my known fandoms, I wanted to pull out and focus on the gift for me written in Pitch Perfect. It is such a great story, centering on a strong female friendship, giving it layers that are shown in the actual film (I rec this film), and with a plausible hint of maybe prefemslash if you want to see that.

I left a gushing comment on the story, but really, the writer carried off the comedic tone of the film so well.

The Whole World Stops and Stares (3030 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Pitch Perfect (2012)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Aubrey (Pitch Perfect), Chloe (Pitch Perfect)

Chloe and Aubrey in the minutes and months after Pukegate.

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The Switch

Ugh, I really need to refresh my barely existent html skills if I'm going to stay on the beta update page.
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I've finally made some headway on the mixes. One has all the music (including lyrics, and order) picked out and I made a mock cover to send in as the rough draft. Eleven songs total, and two artists being repeated but the songs really fit so I don't feel bad about that at all. The 'cover' isn't too much but if it does end up being the cover I won't feel like I did it halfway. I'm just hoping to have some time to play with the cover some more.

To reward myself, I read a bit of fic just for my leisure: A Golden Silence Rings Clear by [personal profile] doctor_jasley It has space, zombies, and amnesia which are just a few of my favorite things. It's gen and a fun read. Oh and it was written for me b/c I am that lucky sometimes.

I've fallen behind on my reading but I'm going to catch up this week. It's not like I haven't been reading but I haven't been writing them up which is something I've wanted to get used to. Oh, and I bought a new journal for book reading.

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(I do think I could benefit from that thing google does to prevent drunken/ill-thought of e-mails on my dw/lj, but for now, just be glad I passed out in exhaustion before I could post sleepy ramblings with attempt at rhyme about how much I love the following fic. Seriously--I only think I'm more profound when I'm sleep deprived and excited)

You know how sometimes your floating on the edges of a pairing or fandom--sure, you read fic because it's a thing you do but nothing has really grabbed you yet to make you viscerally feel the pairing or fic part of fandom. It's no part of wrongdoing with the fic you've read because it's all generally been good but none have hit you yet in that spot that make going through the rest of the fandom feel worth it. The fics that are essential in setting your standard?

Last night I found some.


In Want of a Wife by syllic, pg-13, merlin/arthur, arthur/ofc, wip

Summary: Merlin finds out about Arthur's upcoming nuptials.
So I've been lurking around Merlin fandom for a while and I've read some fic here or there, and it has all been good. Filtering through delicious networks can do that for you. I haven't read that much fic for it yet, but so far this is my favorite. The author has strong showing for both Merlin and Arthur--both come across as themselves, faults and all. The story is told in Merlin's pov and the author really has skill in conveying Merlin's train of thought and pulling me along with his emotions. Seriously, I was flipping out right along with him at one point and when he was disappointed, I was disappointed. The story had me fully engaged.  Arthur comes across as not so much as mysterious here but as possessing hidden parts and everything works.

This story is a wip but it's supposed to be completely posted later this weekend, so you could wait and read it in one go and not be like me, flopping down on the bed in exhaustion but still wanting to read more.


Merlin has always resented this side of Arthur, which speaks about court dealings in such a detached and lofty way, with a tone that suggests that Merlin will never be able to understand. The worst part of it is—Merlin doesn’t. He’s not really sure he ever wishes to, either; then again, over time Arthur has indicated that he might not ever want Merlin to. Sometimes Merlin thinks that’s what makes Arthur so inscrutable at times like this, what makes him say, I’m ever so sure Merlin has no idea what you mean, Lady Sebille, his voice dismissive but his body turned imperceptibly into a shield between Merlin and the worst of court savagery.

Star Trek:AOS

Like the Stars, Like Your Destiny by anodyna, R, spock/uhura
Summary: Nyota Uhura has always been drawn to things that resist her understanding. Finding out she's lived her entire life in an alternate reality is a mystery she's not sure she can solve. Sleeplessness and self-examination ensue.

I think we already know how much I adored Star Trek; and I've been reading some of the fandom since the beginning, mostly Kirk/Spock and some other interesting AUs. And I did go 'Get it!' when I realized Spock and Uhura were a couple, even if I was slow on picking up the context clues. (Really guys, I totally thought the first kiss was a friendly intense moment; obviously I have read too much fanfic!).

This is the first fic I've read that featured Uhura as the main character and really fleshed out the Spock/Uhura relationship. Uhura is so awesome in this. I love they dynamic between her and her family and her and Gaila and her and Spock. I love seeing Spock through her eyes and how he maintains an otherness while they are still building intimacy.  Reading this fic, I went 'of course Spock and Uhura get together, how else can it be in this story?'


In Anouk Ashmai: Her Journey Begins, when Anouk left her parents to go join Starfleet, her father hugged her tearfully. "Anouk," he said, "I could not have parted with you for anything less than the whole universe."

When Nyota Uhura boards the transport that will take her to Starfleet Academy, her mother says, "Nyota, I hope you know what you're doing. Remember you can always work in your aunt's clinic if you change your mind."

Nyota watches out the window as the transport pulls away and her mother and aunt grow smaller and smaller on the platform. "I could not have parted with you for anything less than the whole universe," she whispers to their tiny figures. She turns around in her seat and draws a deep, calming breath. Then she says it again, in Kiswahili this time. Then in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Urdu, two dialects of Romulan (one much better than the other but she'll practice), and Andorian so terrible that an Andorian sitting on the other side of the transport looks over and crinkles his antenna in disapproval.

She already knows she'll never change her mind.

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There are moments when I find myself cackling at my computer reading fanfiction* where the actors in a television show join fandom for an imaginary movie with homosexual incestuous subtext (might as well make the hypothetical fandom SRS), twisted in a knot of crack and meta and awesome and I have to go-- MY LIFE IS AWESOME. FANDOM IS JOY.

*Fandom is SRS Bznz by elizah-jane //CWRPS, SPN//Misha/Jensen with appearances by others (Quinto!!!)//NC-17

Jensen does not know who the fuck this preeveht-minion bitch thinks she is, but he hates her immediately. She waltzes into his fandom with a fucking entourage and thinks she can lay down a claim of BNFdom because she's been in other fandoms before? The fact that she has apparently written at least a dozen Jared/Jensen fics is really just icing on the cake. Even if Jensen is at least somewhat badass and hilarious in her stories.

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Title: Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix)
Author: unknown for now
Fandoms: Star Trek XI/SGA
Rating: R
Spoilers and or Warnings: None
Word Count: ~3,000
Summary: Jim Kirk has issues with the new guy.

wishfulclicking says: I found this via f-list/google shenanigans and wow! Kirk's pov is so refreshingly funny and every time Bones pops up, the story gets even more hilarious. John Sheppard is hilarious in this and how he and Kirk interact made me grin so hard. The writer has a gift for comedy and banter. I still need to go through the rest of remixredux09 but this has made me so excited for the rest of the stories.


The guy's name is Sheppard, and he was transferred here from Arizona. He'd gotten his flight wings a few years prior -- wings, by the way, that he did not hesitate to boastfully pin on his lapels every morning, polished till they shined, utterly distasteful, Jim noted -- and now he's stationed at the Academy to undergo extra command training because they're planning on promoting the guy or something, Bones was a little skimpy on the details. Point is, new guy's stealing all of Jim's thunder, and that is just not on. At the end of the year, there's gonna be one cadet at the top of the line for starship command, and that is going to be be Jim Kirk.

*I haven't recced anything in so long I almost forgot to put in the author /o\

*ETA-- reading comp fail...I have it

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Today has been kind of a waste in the I-did-nothing-outwardly-productive way, but what can you do?

Okay, I feel conflicted. Suarez posted on twitter about being voted as sexiest male vegetarian for PETA, so I go check it out, fully prepared to vote for the dapper bassist but then I look at the list and I see Frank Iero, Gabe Saporta, ,and Nick Zinner! Last year I voted for Frank because it's Frank and I find him unbelievably hot; him looking like the live action version of Mario didn't hurt eiter (what! it was my favorite game). Also there is Nick Zinner, moody guitarist of my heart. How much attitude would you have to put out for Drowned In Sound to say 'X, said moodily? So I still have the window open, waiting to vote.

Greta is up for female vegetarian, and I didn't even know she was, so hooray to more information!

In other news:

And yes, it rattles you down to your bones, but that's something you're just going to have to work out. One man is not enough to throw your entire world out of its steady orbit, though he might just bring the nation to its knees.

Isn't that line just gorgeous? What, another sample? ok.

He says, I don't want to hurt you but I need for this to hurt, and you shiver, because yes, that's it, that's precisely it. You remember best the things that hurt you, above and beyond that which makes you happy and makes you smile; it's easy to tarnish perfect happy memories, but indestructible are the ones that are hard and clear and so painfully vivid as to be completely incapable of distortion.

You know those stories that make you just want to pause and absorb it? Make you have to create a new tag to convey how much you enjoyed it? This is one of those for me.

We won't talk about how I got sucked into American Idol RPF, ok. I had to join a comm!

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Hatefucked by the sickness fist...yep, that can summarize my situation pretty well. Of course, out of my family I'm the one to get the most sick. What is this? Day three. I look like crap too: red nose from all the tissue, dazed fever glance, can't taste anything. It really sucks.

Enough of my complaining....

The more I watch Burn Notice, the more I want a Bandom AU of it. Ideally I would see it as MCR and Gerard could be the ex-spy and Mikey, his fuckup younger brother.  Frank could be Gerard's crazy ex who loves explosives; and either Ray or Bob could be Sam. I wouldn't even care, just make a Burn Notice AU :)

and if I can't woo you with MCR, let me think of PATD.

Spencer could be the ex-spy and Ryan is his best friend who is kind of a fuckup but is trying to help him now. Brendon could be his crazy ex, because Brendon loving expolosives would be a spectacular thing. (You know you want it!). Jon could be Sam, Spencer's friend from his spy time and is informing on Spencer. Jon would be an excellent Sam :) That is the main cast....

I guess one benefit of me being sick is that I can think of AUs in bandom.

Here is a crossover fic with Burn Notice and FOB. In this, Patrick gets kidnapped and Pete gets some help. Great fic and you should go read it.

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Pete Wentz keeps on pulling games today; I don't even know how he's captivating my interest, but between my chores today, I've been all over icecreamheadaches.

So there have been some rumblings about LJ. I don't really think it'll be gone from good; but I do enjoy preparation when I'm alert to life. Here is some info, so we can keep in touch, just in case:

This is my IJ account.  I'm wishfulclicking on there too. Add me or something :) I know some people are backing up their LJs, but I'm still relatively new and I don't have a ton of material yet; so I'm just going to copy some of the important posts from this journal (you know the waving dick post has to be around for propserity! and the first panic experience!) The plan is for me to go through and see the posts I want to save and then copy the HTML for them there. I will probably leave the picspam of hotness though.

This is me on twitter. I've referenced this before but yeah, there it is again.

I'm wishfulclicking on AIM also; so add me or something. I'm on often enough and I'm always willing to chat :)

In more fun news....so I may have read a Merlin AU with Merlin/Arthur today. (college AU that is so good, I recommend it to you even if you are not into the fandom!) It was beyond spectacular and I fear I may be sucked into another fandom. Merlin has the potential to be my SGA, a show I barely watch but a fandom I adore. Really, I need another fandom like I need another tit--sure it'll be fun, but a complete time waster. This is where I kick myself off the internet for insane similes!

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of high school fics? or pretend boyfriend stories with hidden crushes? Umm, never. There will never be enough, especially when they are as good as the story I'm reccing here. Sure, you may have doubts, but just know that I had to wait about half a day to calm down enough so this rec post wasn't full of babbling, capslock, !!!!, and *gifs of frank licking things. (still, I don't know if that would convey the level of adoration I have for this one)

where I ramble how great it is (including late night AIM message with made up words) )

Title: A Wave You Glide in On by [livejournal.com profile] scoradh 
Rating: NC-17
Ryan/Brendon (main), other background pairings
Band(s): PATD focus with excellent cameos by FOB and others
Summary: Brendon and Ryan pretend to date each other.
Length: 14,200
Notes: contains douche!Brendon with a heart of Gold, one of my favorite things! AU

preview it if you must )

I Don't know what else I have to type to convince you.

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Know what I realized this morning? I haven't recced any MCR fics in a long time...that is wrong of me, so here I am to rectify my ways. On this glorious Monday, it only deserves that description because I am still in my pajamas and it doesn't matter, I got to read a spectacular fic. So here is the rec:

bones by [livejournal.com profile] anywhat 
Rating: R for swearing
Band(s)- MCR, hilariously perfect cameo by PATD
Pairing- Bob/Brian

Why You Should Read-- If Brian as a werewolf doesn't entice you, then what will? This story is very funny and it's paced so well. Great cameos by patd (specifically Jon and Spencer) and the relationship between the MCR guys is perfect.


It's better now, with the organic pills that he takes daily, and the silver jewelry he never leaves home without. At least he only becomes an actual wolf on the night of full moon, rather than the whole week. And even then, as long as he's wearing the cuffs and collar - what he calls the necklace-bracelet combo he's had since he was three - the animal tendencies are subdued, so he can curl up, perfectly docile, and sleep through it. The only time he'd ever forgotten the cuffs and collar he'd trashed the hotel room he was staying in, but luckily he hadn't been able to open the door. He passed the destruction off as a wild party, the rest of the guys patted him on the back and assumed the exhaustion and slight nausea were caused by too much alcohol, and everyone forgot about it.

Sometimes, though, it'd be nice not to have to lie and have the tour techs think he's an antisocial asshole when he begs off early on a party night.

Pulled back

Dec. 9th, 2008 03:57 pm
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It is seriously like every time I'm ready to chill out a little on Panic (realizing that my quest to own ...Live in Chicago will not happen before '09 can do that to me) and then I get pulled back in.

*Spencer Smith actually shaved and I didn't believe it for a second, but there are pics on patd. Though seeing Spencer's face in all it's androgynous hotness is a plus, does anyone else feel that Brendon looks really hyped up for some reason? And how it seems Brendon is now trying the facial hair thing?

*[livejournal.com profile] rossetti wrote fic based on new FOB music. I love it when people write stories based on the music, so here is a link for your pleasure.  (oh yeah, it's a brendon/ryan one and it's based off 20 Dollar Nosebleed if you guys need more info.) I'll probably make an 'official' rec post for it but for now, just go read.

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So today is someone's birthday. It's [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub 's birthday and she is entirely made of great things (like if you haven't read her stories and journal then you are missing out on excellence and sweetness!) but she is also great because she inspires great things, like the following story. So here is a rec, which everyone will eventually read, but just in case, here is some good peer pressure.

Title: If You're Not There To Sing Along
Author [livejournal.com profile] adellyna 
Pairing: Jon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5700
Summary: It's not that Jon isn't hot. It's that Spencer absolutely, positively cannot fuck up Ryan's band. It's an AU.

I don't know what else I have to say to sell it; but this is such a great AU. It's funny and slightly romantic. Excellent cameos. So here is an excerpt, if you need more reasons:

The second round of auditions is even more of a disaster, if such a thing is possible. Spencer puts a carefully worded ad up on Craigslist and receives a slew of dick pictures for his efforts.

"This is disgusting," he tells Ryan, jabbing his finger at his screen. "And irrelevant. Unless this guy is planning to play his guitar with his dick, in which case..."

"I don't think so," Ryan says thoughtfully. "He's uncircumcised."

It's a fallacy that a decade and a half of friendship enables you to understand every word out of someone's mouth. For this, Spencer is sometimes very grateful.

Go read!

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According to LJ, I've been away for over a week now! Jeez, it is so like me to announce a hiatus and then post, but then fail to actually post when I am supposedly 'back'.

*nano--I can proudly say that I have crossed the 10 000 word barrier! I know that I am massively behind, but I am really just fine with getting to 25 000 by the end of November. I do believe that if this year had not been an election year then I would have been more focused on finishing Nano and not on the election and stuff like prop 8 and the thing in Florida. I've been reading a ton of articles about Prop 8 especially (Yay Pete for planning to go on Larry King Live, though I am so much more of a Rachel Maddow girl myself; but he didn't make it due to scheduling stuff---is Liberal Studies getting ready to make an appearance?). So yeah, past 10 000 words, and the plot is in my head just waiting to be typed; plus, I have some pages handwritten that I need to type, so I'm not as far behind as it seems.

* Since I passed my word limit, now I can read foxxcub's excellent new fic based on Pretty Woman. I forced myself to abstain from foxxcub's awesomeness, so no one can ever say I lack will ever again. I definitely plan to read it tomorrow before I jump into nano tomorrow morning.  (I just added a link to it just in case some of you haven't read it yet, but seriously, what took you so long?)

* I love my google blog reader because the SNL sketch with Justin Timberlake in drag danced along to Beyonce's latest cymbal :) If you haven't seen it yet, then you are missing so much hilarity. Just know that Timberlake can work heels so well and you can tell he's a dancer. Plus, can a girl ever have too much Paul Rudd? That answer will always be no :)

* I was going to have to post a rant about Grey's Anatomy and how it is being ridiculous in the bad way. Believe me, it was full of anger and actual profanity. Here is my actual note I left to myself on Google--So pissed right now. I'm calling bullshit on the Denny stuff and Callie and no amount of recollections of vases and kittens will make me feel otherwise!” But to add to my WTF reaction: Grey's Anatomy is not, nor has it ever been, a supernatural themed show. Either way Izzie is crazy with this Denny stuff, and maybe they are leading to Izzie having a brain tumor and then dying off the show. I'm still upset with Dr. Hahn being sent off for frustrating reasons; but I am feeling too positive today to adequately convey my distaste.

* I find the bassist for Gym Class Heroes so attractive. What, I can be shallow sometimes.

*Maybe this is a sensible reason for the mustache of a certain drummer? I don't really think that, but I did find it interesting.

*Top Chef--
is anyone else watching the new season? I am loving it a ton, and I find Richard adorable :) He reminds me of Cliff, Marck's boyfriend on Ugly Betty. I don't have an early favorite yet.

*Every time I hang on Jezebel and someone mentions how slash is being written featuring Obama and Rahm Emanuel or Rahm Emanuel and Stephen Colbert (guys the roast video for Colbert is hilarious, even if you don't  like politics, it is still funny) my head starts to explode a little bit. I know fannish behavior is 'out in the open' and all, but I still feel weird seeing fandom mentions beyond LJ and fanfiction.net.

*Oh I have a new challenge for super_bandom due this Wednesday, so if I post something on the f-list don't be surprised. Yes, I can do this while working on the nano. Speaking of other ideas, the Jon/Spencer 'not stalking' story fleshed out a little more and some more of that Pete/Spencer companion to the Nate/Patrick from months ago had some progress.

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So I'm watching the new PATD self-made video and I came to some powerful conclusions:

** This band is insane in all the good ways and my love for them apparently has no bounds!

** Ryan Ross as a mummy and sort of pop-locking will never not bring a smile to my face.

**Spencer Smith was appropriately dressed as a wolf-monster to me :) I still adore him.

** Speaking of Wolf-Monsters, does anyone else feel like Video Spencer looks like half-demon Spencer in sekkritbandomlj's demons at the disco fic ? Is it just me? (Yes this is a subtle rec to a fun AU series; give me some allowances, I've been away from the 'net for a while :)

** I completely want in on their magical stash.


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