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Perhaps I should just type up posts that start as if I've been already writing them and just go with it from there. It's not that I haven't consumed anything worth posting about (Captain America:TWS, YA series by Rae Jordan(?) that was excellent for some surprising reason, Saga) but I just haven't gotten to the place to make something coherent. A run through and some links--

Mad Men is back and I'm liking it. There is a lot I want to say about the past two episodes but for now, I'd like to link to a post on NPR about the latest episode that deals with new interoffice conflicts and how things are dealt with as the 60s are here and Civil Rights are becoming more of an issue.

Game of Thrones has been back for three weeks now and I am behind because I am usually doing work until ten; and also because my preferred method of watching the show is in three hour chunks; plus, having read the books, my excitement is more in seeing the changes and decisions and less about the wonder about what will happen next. I do read some reviews and right now I feel like Andy Greenwald's are one of the best even if you are familiar with the happenings in the books; Greenwald really likes the show and has en eye for some of the nuance going on with the characters and picks up on the themes the show is doing. His latest one is rather good.

Still behind on Vikings, Veep, Community, a whole season behind on Elementary and Justified. Will watch latest Orphan Black today/tomorrow.

Picked up Silicon Valley and like it after one episode.
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Mad Men stuff )

The Event is not a bad show but I'm not that invested in the characters or the mystery.

Hawaii Five-0 is not trying to break out of any boxes but that's okay. It's enjoyable and it has DDK all on my tv screen so I'm not upset. It's not a show I'm going to go out my way to catch but if I'm awake I'll watch it.

Just finished World War Z and I completely loved it. There were some things that I didn't love but overall, a very successful book. Now I'm on my way to see what others had to say about it.

Yes I did keep up with soccer/football happenings this weekend: on Saturday after I looked up the scores because I couldn't watch the games and then I took deep breaths and wondered if it was possible to experience WTF blackouts. Ties, losses, omg I'm so glad I didn't skip out on plans to watch those games. But this week provides new chances and the only thing I can do is move on and look forward.

Shall I try predictions again? Will they also go horribly wrong?

I've got nothing! Seriously, the only thing I'm mostly certain of is a Chelsea win.

No plans for nano but they last time I had a plan and didn't finish so perhaps now the opposite will be true.
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I'm going to spare the rambling because I need to sleep after an early day thanks to fanaticism, but tomorrow I'll post my thoughts on tonight's episode.

hilarious spoiler line )
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If this guest star casting for Mad Men is true then it should be a good thing.

I do hope she gets a bigger role, maybe with Peggy testing out the bohemian waters, they could meet. I don't really want her dating any of the guys (please keep her away from Don!).

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From tonight's Mad Men, I really want to talk about what I mean when I talk about how I ship certain characters.

mad men spoilers maybe )
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this paragraph mentions a possible spoiler for Mad Men )

Mad Men is an excellent show, deserving of being nominated of the awards, and makes me think of HBO programming. It's one of my favorites and it's a pleasure to watch when I want drama with thought. I like watching historical pieces that take off some of the veneer of the period, and this show really works on an ensemble level because it highlights pieces of different experiences. Don, Betty, Pete, Peggy, and Carla and Sal to different extents, showed various sections of the period and social realities.

Back to that 'consequences' line, maybe the new season will the new agency crashing and burning, leaving Don to actually lose something that he values of consequence and not something Jon Hamm can look hot while emoting about for one episode. Because as of now, the punishments have not been distributed so evenly, yeah Don 'lost' his family but he's never been that invested in it. If he were, he most likely wouldn't have lost it. Don, and the show, thrives at the agency and every 'loss' for Don in the workplace has, so far, turned into a win. And I've enjoyed watching it: that scene where Duck thinks he has Don trapped and Don just continues doing his 'can't nobody hold me down' dance, was one of my favorites.

Don and Sal both cheat while on a business trip but Sal is gay so now Don has something over on him; and sure Don doesn't go and fire him right away but when Sal is sexually harassed by one of the biggest accounts (and the new agency's ONLY big account), then Don acts like having sex for a job is something that 'people like Sal' just automatically do and not something that Don, himself, does.

Joan, fulfilling a goal and thinkingly marrying up, ends up chained to a rapist who is now going to Vietnam. (I have never wished more fervently for a fictional death before, but please let that dose of reality happen from Weiner's pen). And Peggy, who is moving up in the ad business, of course had an unwanted pregnancy after having a relationship with Pete.

But the show is realistic and those kind of things happen all the time, right? Especially back then. Mad Men is a show with the main objective, besides telling Weiner's vision, is also really big on entertaining and keeping it's supremely wealthy audience. Maybe more of a hyper stylized reality full of attractive people. The realism angle has legs, it's what I use to be okay with the little amount of screen time characters of color get and when they are shown, most often they have magic dust on their trail; in that time period, from those characters viewpoint, there wouldn't be much interaction with minorities. There goes realism.

Truth can be stranger in fiction. What often happens in 'real life' would be called implausible if put to screen or paper. Why is it so often the realism angle is only brought up to cushion the bad things?

What is reality is that a group of people, headed by Weiner put together stories and fashion events to create this show. There are a group of people, one person if my suspicions of Weiner are correct, who decide what consequences are doled out. Not the fickleness of fate churning out realism.

Now, I still hold out hope that this is misdirection because I remember Weiner playing a similar line about Joan's return. I still think highly of this show and I will definitely be tuning in when it returns.

I've had this post open up for hours, so the rambling is kind of apparent. A more pensive icon would probably be more appropriate but I love my tiny angry GINJA man
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  • Currently watching 'My Overkill' on Scrubs and remembering how much I really enjoyed this show. When it did everything right, it was so excellent. That being said, I'm still going to give the reboot a chance because I do usually enjoy what Bill Lawrence does, and I did understand his reasoning. Though, I hope it doesn't interfere with any of my current shows.
  • Forgot to mention in my post how tv was so good to me last weeks that I got to watch Theory of Flight for the first time, and I recommend it to everyone. I have never cheered a couple so hard to get together before, and I loved how everyone felt real and they didn't soften the ending. So beautiful.
  • January Jones was not very good on SNL last night, but the show just wasn't that good either. At least before there was the question of whether or not Jones could act, well I feel like I got the answer last night. I was really hoping for her to be better, but she wasn't. I don't know if it was part of her being better with scripts and not live. Now I wish they would get Christina Hendricks, I think she would just be ace.
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Things I typed out while the show was on:

quotes I liked/random thoughts I had during Mad Men finale. Spoilers behind this cut! )

Needless to say, I was very pleased with how things shook out and I'm so excited for next season. I'll do a more in dept post tomorrow, but I have to sleep.
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Mad Men going on right now. I'm not even tweeting about it. Limited commercial interruptions FTW.

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oh Mad Men was most delicious tonight! I will not spoil but I'll just say that Matthew Weiner knows how to pace a show and I'm so excited and scared for next week's finale!


Oct. 26th, 2009 12:16 am
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I don't think this is spoilery but just in case. )

All Emmys now go to Mad Men. End.
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Since it's beginning, Mad Men has been a show that I didn't need fic for, the show was fulfilling enough and it gave enough glimpses to backstory and the right amount of characters interacted that I came away from episodes satisfied on the whole, just with the right amount of hunger for the following episode.

massive spoilers for Mad Men behind the cut! Also, if you are in that place where squee is a must and anything less will bring you down, please don't click this cut. Thoughts on where the show is now and my sudden craving for fic. )


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