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Zoo - a summer show on CBS about animals somehow deciding it's time to take it to the humans all at once is odd to watch. Because it's on CBS no gore can be shown so there's a lot of bloodied mouths, menacing groups of cats, and stalking sounds and people screaming at their impending deaths. Some of the dialogue choices are poor and there are definitely stock characters in this. Seeing other actors who were in excellent shows in this really drives home the importance of writing.

Catastrophe - is a hilarious comedy on Amazon and only 6 episodes. The main characters feel like actual adults and it holds its tone so well. There is vomit (ugh why) but the show has been a pleasure to watch. If you've watched enough shows you can play 'spot that actor', which adds another level of fun.

Humans - really good. The robot thing could feel sort of played out but they are coming at it from multiple angles and there are good performances in this. The main robot (the nanny for the family) did this super creepy laugh in the first episode that I just want to hear again. It's only been one episode, but so far so good.


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