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 So I fell off the Things That Make Me Happy Meme yesterday and there was no picspam or anything, so now I definitely need to post something that makes me happy today. And that honor goes to a common feature on this journal, Popnography covering FOB. Every time they cover them (and especially The Wentz) with the right amount of snark and warmth that I love. (and by extension the rest of the DD/FBR crew--because I do adore these people but they are quite ridiculous ;) 

Speaking of ridiculousness: Gabe and Blair--OMG. (That track needs to leak like yesterday!)

Things that Make Me Happy #5--Popnography covering FOB/linking to things

*I read somewhere that LJ usage is lowest over the weekend so maybe I can take this time to be extra lame on this journal without notice? o__O

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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[livejournal.com profile] misermob gave me Pete, Ryan, and Jon Walker. This was not a hard decision.

Hard decisions, guys. Hard decisions. )

Okay that is all :)

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I don't know if my curiosity to see Pete and Ashlee on CSI:NY can override my distaste for the show and Pete's acting abilities. Like if it was just Ashlee, I'd so be on it, but I have an embarrassment issue and I can't stand seeing bad acting.

Is anyone else watching?

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LJ says it has been close to a week since I've posted. There is no solid reason for that beyond SGA sucking me in (Guys, I was glued to my laptop for days! I read a 96,000 word fic and kept on going! I must be stopped!) Except, don't stop me because I love it.

Some weirdness has been going on. To understand this, you have to know that I'm a private person and, while I adore my parents, I try to keep a distance. So, my father coming up to me and grinning because 'I have his taste in music' and asking to borrow my Elton John CD makes me pause; but you know what makes me freak out?

Mom: Your dad loved that music in your car.
Me: huh?
Mom: Flyboy or whatever noise that was.
Me: Fall Out Boy. (insert crazy grin because every time I think of them my face is happy) pause. What do you mean noise? ( I will not disown mother because of FOB. I will not.)
Mom: Whatever it's called. How did you find them?
Me: (ducks head) A movie.... (if only you knew, MUAHAHAHA)

Yeah so my dad likes Fall Out Boy. He's turning 50 this year. If he asks me to burn him that too, my brain may freeze over in shock. At least I lived :)

How have you guys been?

There will be some memes soon, awkwardlurker tagged me and you guys know how I'm weak for memes.
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ETA: OMG LJ CUTS will be the end of me one of these days!

I saw this meme like around last November and I knew I wanted to do it, but then technical difficulties arose and I had to put it on hold. If you haven't done it yet, then go do the meme :) 

And now....How I got into bandom (the short edition)

1. Bandom fangirl since: Though this journal was created on March 27th, 2008, I'm going to say that I've been reading/lurking in bandom since November of '07. So not too long, but I guess I'm not a n00b anymore ;)

2. First band in the fandom: Believe it or not, I came in through the Wentz.

Pics or it didn't happen--FOB )

3. How, why, and when did you get into bandom?

That is a long answer that I will definitely answer in a post filled with fic recs and pics and music clips and rambling (sort of like this) but for now, the short answer: [livejournal.com profile] polyfandomrecs , mixed in with some boredom, a really cool snippet, and a strong feeling of 'I want another kind of story to read, maybe this is it', so it was completely random :) It's actually been over a year ago, and I still love it. Sure the furor has died down a bit, because if I ran on that level of adoration constantly, I'd be mentally dead. Still here and having a good time.

4 is some patd grp shots )

5. What was your first impression of each of them? So this is weird because I encountered PATD two different times: through music/MTV and through fic, but fic was what got me into the fandom, so I'll mention that here.

I should also mention here that these impressions were drawn off of fic so they might be a little skewered and are mostly different from how I view them now. We can all laugh at my ignorance in the comments.

Brendon-- very hyper dude with some hidden depth, also ex-Mormon, I was okay with reading him in fic. Had a good ass.

Ryan--who? I knew he was skinny and was often written as depressed and angry and sort of manipulative. Was often a side character in the fic I was reading. Maybe it was what I was reading. Probably was also the time period, because now he is a happy stoner who looks up gangster in youtube.

Jon -- had a beard and was mostly perpetually pleasant.  He didn't wear real shoes. Also loved coffee, cats, and cameras. Also adored Spencer Smith according to all the fic. AKA the Real Boy of Panic.

Spencer -- Sarcastic, slightly bitchy, loved shoes, lovely eyes, and became slightly adorable around Jon Walker; and sometimes Brendon Urie. Also was Ryan Ross's best friend.

If I was going only by the first time I saw Panic, I have to admit that I thought the act was Brendon with some backup band, kind of like a guy version of Avril Lavigne. 

6. What was the first bandom fic you ever read?

This is the second fic I saved onto delicious. (Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner--go read it now if you haven't. It's a classic.) But the first bandom fic I remember reading was a FOB one (Pete/Patrick).

7. When was your first bandom concert experience? What was it like?

So HCT 2008, here is my first unfiltered reaction. Here is the longer one after I took some time to calm down. I should warn for CAPS and rambling, but you guys should know me well enough now to just expect that :)
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LJ Question: Many people believe that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for your entire year. How did you spend the first day of 2009? Do you think it will influence the rest of the year?

God, I hope how I spent the first day is not an indication of my theme of the year, considering I spent it mostly dazed due to sleep deprivation and a slight migraine from not eating correctly; to add to my exciting life, I only went out to run an errand at Wal-mart---so no, It better not be an indication of they year to come :)

Don't worry, I know you guys were much cooler than me on the first day. I hope you guys had a great time on that. dumspiro is my twitter username and I'm active on it, so add me or something :)

Jossip posted of Movies 'We' Can't Wait to See. I would like to recall it Movies They Can't Wait to See for some of them. One that did pique my interest; it was The Picture of Dorian Gray. As hot as I find Prince Caspian and Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton gets me all frenzied in that pleasant matter, I have to ask, wasn't Dorian blonde in the novel? I'm not one of those canon-police, but there weren't any actors with the hair color? Will Caspian be blonde in this one? (Wasn't Caspian supposed to be blonde in the Narnia movie? Is this some sort of conspiracy by Ben Barnes (ha! I do know his name \o/) to increase dark hair visibility?)

What movies are you guys excited for in '09?

How about music? I sort of want to hear the new Lily Allen; and, despite Panic making rumblings about new music, I wouldn't hold my breath for it until 2010---don't worry, I won't be upset if you guys mock my cynicism when the boys actually release new music in '09. I think I heard something about new Yeah Yeah Yeahs---umm, yes please!

In a random note--how creepy do you guys find the new FOB video? It made me think of the drug trip that I don't want to take. Some Hunter S. Thompson mixed with Dali. Hey Monday's Lead Singer reminds me of a younger female version of Pete for some reason. The whole circus theme makes me think of Panic's cousin; like in some AU, FOB is some creepy circus. Yes, I've read some bandom circus AUs out there but I'm talking bizarro!demented!Circus.

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I should accept the fact that I make up lyrics for FOB songs; and I can't really understand some of the words. I thought I'd share some of my mishaps:

lyrics? what lyrics? )

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Of course today is wonderful because I had the actual copy of FAD in my hands! I completely grinned in BestBuy and probably freaked some people out; and then I started humming some of the songs and I kept it in my hands until I got to the register. i almost walked past it and I was like 'oh hell no!' and then I calmed down and spotted it all obvious like. I did buy the bonus version because I wanted it and I'm okay with being broke for FOB.

Know why else I was grinning in Best Buy? I spotted a laptop and a PC for less than 400. My parents may get it for me, and even if they don't I have come to a conclusion that I'm buying myself one next year anyways. I'm seriously considering buying a cheaper one since Windows is probably coming out with a new Operating System within two years and I will want that one too.

Last night I was watching Chelsea Lately and she was hilarious. She was sort of mean towards Pete, but in the other episode she schooled Michael Yao (I think that's his name) when she told him 'he thought all those stars were really his friends!'.

I love Popnography covering FOB, they always make me laugh. I love that post mainly for the last line: There are certainly easier ways to enjoy the company of rough-and-tough men, Pete, but we understand the urge.

And Pete referencing N.W.A. is always gold.

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so I was weak and downloaded the FOB leak two minutes ago.......OMG THIS BAND!!!
I also snagged that remix of America's Suitehearts too.

*I am crazy jealous of anyone going to House Of Blues for FOB in Orlando. I am so close; yet so far :( That's okay when they do their big tour I will commit incredible acts to get some tickets. '09!!!!


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needs to up my sock game

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