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The Bridge

I caught up with The Bridge last night and I am still liking it, even if I don't have a burning desire for fic. There is one graphic I'd like to see that has Officer Friendly and Officer Frosty attached to the two leads. When watching the show I have to be in a certain mindset because the show switches between English and Spanish, which I don't mind, but I can't just not look at the screen when I need important info. I'm not even trying to figure out who it is yet because I'm not sure if we've seen the killer, but I am certain it has to be someone within the system or formerly within it like a retired professional.

Orphan Black

I started the first two episodes and now I am hooked. I love it. Thank you On Demand for having this show up. Of course now I am slightly salty about Tatiana not being nominated but I do feel that she has a chance next year if the critics and audience stay behind the show for its next season.

Music: I uploaded The Beatles' tracks I had for a friend, this is the #1 album and like 3 extra tracks so if anyone wants then feel free to snag.


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