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Two works by Mark Harris discussing recent US box office trends: Fantastic Four and superheroes in the box office and Four trends from this season. Both are pretty good pieces, though I like the second one more because it's based on actual data--movies that appealed to audiences beyond the coveted young, white male demographic, and had good, targeted marketing (a feature I don't think gets enough attention) worked super well for Universal.

Looking at Bring It On as a very feminist film 15 years (omg my youth!). I miss that era when teen movies were being made of that quality from studios. The Duff maybe has a similar spirit.
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Excellent piece on the state of the USWNT. Currently watching the Women's World Cup when I can and it's been fun. There are expectations that make the US a favorite, and maybe I'm caught up in the moment, but Germany looked like they were existing on another level against Sweden.
In American sports, as in American life, winning changes your character without changing your character. It can’t alter who you are, but it can upgrade all of your adjectives. A flamboyant showman hits the shot that a selfish ballhog misses. A relentlessly competitive leader is a bully plus a touchdown drive. Some of this is the nature of sports, which is a business of what works; some of it is human nature, which always wants to see success as a vindication of inner qualities.1 The real link between character and accomplishment is often dim and hard to articulate, but we find little parables everywhere. To inspire, all you have to do is score.

Piece questioning Netflix's later comedy announcement. I, too, paused at the Kutcher/Masterson announcement but as long as Netflix is making shows like OITNB, Daredevil, and Sense8 and bringing over stuff like Scrotal Recall and Peaky Blinders, I'll just ignore the stuff I don't care for. I do wonder if a subscription hike is coming my way.

Mark Harris discussing the prominence of trans narratives in American pop culture with reference to a moment earlier in history that shows how much has changed in some decades.

A sports figure comes out as transgender, and the general public is riveted by her story, which is met with everything from bigotry to curiosity to empathy. All at once, the subject seems to be everywhere from op-ed pages to dinner-table conversations. Transgender stories – this time fictional – start to gain a toehold in popular culture. The highest-rated sitcom on network TV takes some tentative steps toward exploring the fluidity of gender identity by having a gay cross-dressing performer as a recurring character. A popular medical drama wins an Emmy nomination for a two-part episode about a doctor who undergoes gender-reassignment surgery.

The year is 1976.
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This Choose Your Own Adventure game on twitter is taking me back. I want more of this format. I've died three times now, but I persist.

Pretty good piece pulling back on the rhetoric about the new age of television with Netflix and Amazon playing. This is centered on American model of television distribution, but since these shows are exported, I thought it is interesting beyond that.

Good examination on what the major networks (ABC, FOX, NBC, CW) did to rejuvenate themselves this season. I've left NBC behind because their latest shows just aren't to my taste; CW surprisingly was my favorite this year with The Flash, Jane the Virgin, The 100 (still need to check out), Arrow; Fox, the positive was Gotham in a sense, and Sleepy Hollow was a disappointment for me. I still need to check out Empire.
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Post on the splitting in parts of recent franchises and its 'harm' on the movie industry. IDK how much harm it exactly creates since these movies make bank (something that the article does acknolwedge); but I do know that I am not seeing Mockingjay Part 1 because I want to just finish it and I don't feel the pull for the first week experience. If I were into the fandom, I would have more of a desire to go to stay with the conversation.

State of Emergency for the U.S. Comedy. This brings up some good points on the state of comedy--very niche for the most part, not strong enough writing, no sense of urgency--I'd also add that some of them like Manhattan Love Story weren't good, Selfie had a poor title and a premise that took a bit to get going, A to Z is okay but not amazing. Blackish is doing well, even if I'm not ultra dedicated to it.

Tonight is the Sleepy Hollow Midseason finale? I hope it sets some things right.

The Walking Dead was good last night. I would not be upset at Abraham leaving and Tara and Rosita hooking up. I'm scared for Sasha until she makes it out of this season.
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A Defense of Likable Characters which comes after I saw a Defense of Unlikable Characters, which really displays the cycle of response and provocation when it comes to these sort of things; but I could just sum these up in that good characters can come from both situations (considering what constitutes likability varies according to the person) and what all characters need is good writing. From my view of what is touted as Quality American Drama (from Cable) there is a lot of shady male characters doing morally suspicious things, usually from positions of authority, and because so many shows start with that the idea of that character type being automatically tied to Quality has sprung up, even if that falls apart when things like Low Winter Sun happens.

I have more thoughts on this but I did want to link to this because I liked reading the piece.

So Sleepy Hollow is getting the 'What's Wrong With X' treatment from multiple venues, and as much it still hurts a bit because I loved this show so much, I have to agree with most of the complaints.

This piece from EW is mostly in sync with my issues with this second season. Mo Ryan, who is very much a fan of the show and touted the first two episodes as good, also presented her view on what ails Sleepy Hollow. Tim Goodman had a podcast that was actually two weeks earlier than the recent wave, and he even noted that the producer commented that he was surprised at the response to the new season.

my thoughts on the show up to this point )
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Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the idea around tipping? I hate it. I much prefer just to have a flat rate instead of the dance of pulling out my phone, figuring out the percentage where I don't look rude, feeling slightly judged, and then trying to weigh how good my service was, when I am not a hard customer and most service is just fine. I generally tend towards overtipping because my father works in the industry and I have done it part time, and even on a hourly wage, a tip is appreciated. So it was nice to go through this piece on dropping tipping in favor of a flat rate and the reactions from customers.

Meanwhile, restaurant workers know what’s up. People who worked in the restaurant industry wouldn’t ask us this question — what will motivate servers to do a good job? Because, inside the restaurant, we know that while the customers think their tips allow them to control the server, in fact the control is illusory. The story of the server being motivated by the customer’s power to tip, is instead a fiction created to make the customer feel important.

As someone who was of age just when Napster came out and downloading and the piracy conversation blew up, this piece focusing on crunchyroll and anime streaming profitability and phantasm non-customers was a great read. I don't know how much I agree with the bolded part.

This is something where there is often substantial confusion in discussions of copyright piracy, where they are treated as lost sales. But they are not lost sales. They are never-were-going-to-be sales. To be sure, the hypothetical perfect digital rights enforcement mechanism for that media would prevent them from getting the content without paying ... but it wouldn't generate any additional income to the creators of the original work. They would just move on to some other media.

So as far the royalties-paying operation is concerned, they are phantasms. They just don't matter, no matter how much noise they may make on some discussion forum. In this particular case, they do not offer any potential benefit to the creators of anime, and so whatever reasons they may offer as to why they bootleg instead of using legit content are of no particular relevance to the market.
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Great writing can make me interested in something I normally don't and this piece on Diplomacy did just that.
I still don’t know whom I should have trusted, if anyone. All I know is that I felt stupid, stressed out, humiliated, and sad. I had several shouting matches with a few of these guys. Some of them got personal. And all I had to show for my loyalty to Brian Ecton and my righteous indignation toward the other players was nothing at all. I was physically exhausted and emotionally abused. I hated Brian, the other players all hated me, and I hated myself most of all. I had to purse my lips extra hard to fight the urge to cry.

It also made me want to read more table top gaming AUs in fandom.

This piece on the big picture of Amazon's new Fire Phone was a good read; it's not divulging any new information, and I'm I have seen these ideas elsewhere, but it was nice to read a piece that looked beyond the specs and addressed the current state of the tech giants.
The goal for all of these companies, with all of these products and services, is not to relinquish an inch of market share to anyone else. As much as they can, they want to own the entire supply chain, from the time a product is advertised, to where and how it’s purchased, to the delivery of that product. And if they can own the device that’s to do all of those other things, so much the better. On Wednesday, for instance, Bezos told the audience how “tens of millions” of Kindle Fire and Kindle owners have driven the explosive grown of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s membership service. No doubt Bezos hopes the Fire Phone will do the same.

I watched 22 Jump Street: nothing really plot explicit but just in case )
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I don't actually play standalone games that much on a console; truly the only game I have regularly played is The Sims (Sims 4 in October!)and I have dabbled with Little Big Planet on PS3. So this news of Nintendo's lessening is not something I salivate over because of console wars, but I live in hope that someday I will be able to play a version of Mario Kart and Supermario and Donkey Kong on my tablet the way I play Sonic.

Here is a post about the repetitive action scenes in the big superhero films; and the comments are worth reading as well for well thought out rebuttals. I'd say one thing though is that Kick-Ass, while involving heroes, is not of the same lane as the Marvel/X-men/MOS/TASM; and I'd say the same for Hellboy. I have a fair amount of thoughts about this idea of superhero fatigue (which I do think is a real thing) but for now here is the post.
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Post with some useful add-ons/scripts for Dreamwidth and AO3.

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Spring Breakers has slyly caught me in its grip. (International Trailer)
It looks like a trashy yet entertaining film, but it is seriously hitting my girls doing violent crimes together button. IDK, blame Set It Off.

This piece, "The Only Black Guy at the Indie Show", has floated around my tumblr and twitter feed all week; after finally reading it, I, too, can link it to perhaps broaden its audience. MTV Geek/Hive has some pretty decent writing going on. It's good reading just if you can relate to not what's considered the norm in any 'scene'; it touches on rejecting the music you grew up with, finding your owned identity among something that you're kind of not supposed to, and dealing with others' reaction to it.

where I reminisce on concerts )

TV Stuff:

The Golden Globes were rather charming and light. I don't care about who wins awards because on that path leads madness; or, I should say I am not intense about it but I do like it when what I like is acknowledged but I don't see awards as the definition of best or quality. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were great hosts and the three hours just flowed.

Justified is good so far; but it feels somewhat lighter at the moment, I should go back and see if I felt the same way about earlier seasons, but part of it is how at sea Raylan is: he's a father but Winona is gone, he's not really active in a case just yet, and he's not really with the woman (TRUTH TIME: I don't care about Raylan's current fling nor her backyard fighting giant ex). Boyd is not too active yet, though I am looking forward to the match with the preacher's sister (did anyone else get kind of incesty vibes from them...).

I miss Mad Men. I miss The Walking Dead. I miss Teen Wolf.

New Girl I still like; Nick and Jess are going to be so great together when they get there and settle into it all.

Some day I will post on how overlooked comedy is when it comes to positive representation; it feels further along than the lauded, serious dramas.

Writing: ha ha! NOTHING.
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Before I drop these links, I have to say I am having a hard time thinking of 100 things to blog about. Perhaps I should forget about the challenge. I looked at my poetry ficathon prompt and kind of stalled out. Why is January so rough?

Extended Review of An Education: It's this role and Blink that most makes me consider Carey for Great Gatsby.

As long as Jenny is in the school's good graces, she's given every chance to reform; once she's gone she might as well be a stranger. Her disillusioned attack on the system's one-sided model of education now seems silly; it doesn't need to provide a reason for educating its students, because it has a monopoly. The students are the ones who have to justify themselves.

Why 2012 was the Year of the E-single: I have yet to fully get in on the ebook wave, though I am a big reader, I have yet to purchase an e-reader, and probably won't for a while, if ever; at most I will someday have a tablet and then read through that app. The article focuses on the nonfiction popularity, questioning how fiction will break through; I could easily see shorter fiction stories getting a hold. If you know of any authors I should check out, link me to them.

Alyssa Rosenberg discussing one problem with colorblind casting in NBC's Deception.
I'm linking this less for Deception ( a show that looks rather generic in a way that I wish it didn't because I like Laz Alonso and Meagan Good) and more about an unwillingness in most network television to deal with race and other issues. Addressing it doesn't have to be a Very Special Episode, but ignoring it--especially in this case--is kind of ridiculous.

Not all stories are only about race. But none of our lives are untouched by our racial identities. Colorblindness is a form of privilege, of refusing to connect with people by hearing about their experiences, and of refusing to benefit by understanding the role race plays in your own. And in terms of enriching the stories you tell, it’s also a tactic that may keep you safe from causing offense, but at the cost of embracing a drab and narrow spectrum for your characters to live in
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One thing that is both pleasant and annoying is seeing conversations usually read in fandom circles be repeated and discussed in other venues. The Romance community is close to fandom, so it's not so different (but, seriously, really getting into sports and encountering shades of the same attitudes is hilarious). Here is a discussion on how fiction deals with rape and the audience on Dear Author.

Perhaps if I hold out longer I can get one of those free e-readers? Truthfully, the market for devices solely for reading is limited. I would only consider getting a tablet and then reading on that. I need the ability to browse and stream.

Three Weeks for Dreamwidth is up! I am massively behind so no way I can post each day, but I do want to take part in perhaps the Women Trope Fest and Small Batch Icons.
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The Books They Gave Me - a tumblr dedicated to books given to people by loved ones. I've just read the first page, and can vouch that the entries aren't full of bitterness and feel bittersweet more than often and enjoyable; and they aren't just all ex romantic relationships.

The Film Experience is one of my favorite sites, not just film sites, but favorite; when I'm not scrolling through dreamwidth, I'm often there. I check the site daily, Nathaniel is absolutely charming and presents his pov well and he applauds different kinds of film. Recently, the site has posted an Oscar Symposium with a roundtable of film bloggers and the discussion has been great to read. Part one focuses on elevating a film beyond itself, critical wars, The Artist, and Moneyball. Part two discusses what makes a good supporting actor and movies that are self-congratulatory (ex, Drive, TGWTDT). I'm missing some topics but each entry has been so worthwhile.

The New Inquiry - a literary/culture tumblr I need to peruse but does look interesting

The Millions made a post compiling a host of literary tumblrs and I'm still going through them.
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I have plans to skim through others Yuletide recs and I applaud everyone who diligently compiled their recs and posted them to the comm. I know I am not going to get around to linking up all the stories I liked probably until months, so here is a link to my recs on AO3 which mostly do the same thing.

Awkward Sex Meme! This is something that interests me.

I received my prompt for poetry_fiction and the story is due in the first week of Feb.
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The Switch

Ugh, I really need to refresh my barely existent html skills if I'm going to stay on the beta update page.
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I have this entire post discussing the new Fall TV schedule but then suddenly new shows just started airing and now I'm massively behind. So let's clean up my Reading List:

Cinema Links
Sometime last year I started following some entertainment blogs, narrowing it down to a few film blogs that managed to discuss film with layers and actually managed the elusive trick of having pretty worthy comment sections.

The Red Carpet Campaign: Inside the singular hysteria of the Academy Awards race.
One of the best writings on the nature of the Oscar Race. I've always said that good writing can make me interested in things I don't even really care about and illuminate a process that seems shrouded in mystery. The only way this could have been better is if it had broken down last year's race where The King's Speech came up to claim nearly all the awards and cause rage in most of the corners of the internet I followed.

It would be fun to report that the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards, which were announced February 2, were the result of brilliant maneuvering or diabolically clever stratagems, of masterstrokes and counterthrusts carefully planned in studio war rooms. But despite often justifiable skepticism about the process, Oscar nominations—one of which, of course, went to Bridges—can’t be bought. Not exactly, anyway.

Current Guessing of The Best Actor Race from Awards Daily
I like reading these even though I usually respond best to movies going in with a blank slate--hype tends to turn me off and if something is proclaimed as awful I spend a lot of time trying to see if I agree or not. Out of the movies listed I'm only interested in The Descendants, The Artist, The Ides of March (but not in theaters, no matter how much I love Gosling), Moneyball, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Shame. The last is rated nc-17 so I'm not sure I will be able to see that besides in my room.

Not Oscar Stuff
Here Are The Top Grossing Lesbian Films I'm not sure if this is worldwide or just North American box office...

The Day Rap Grew Up: Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint,' 10 Years Later
Ever since reading The History of the Business of Hip Hop I've been on the lookout for extended pieces on the genre.

By 2001 this paradox was collapsing on Jay-Z: How does a burgeoning mogul and darling of the mainstream—one who would turn 32 years old that year—maintain a persona dependent on poverty and youthful transgression? Or, to put it more simply: how do you grow up when all anyone wants you to do is keep talking about when you were a kid?

Good piece on the the latest version of Amanda Waller. Okay, I'm not that familiar with the character inside of comics but I have seen the character in cartoons.

Super good icons of female drummers

YULETIDE is coming! I'm still too afraid to actually write but I do like seeing what nominations are popping up. Someone suggest Sucker Punch, Bridesmaids, Up All Night, Warehouse 13, Alphas, Awkward, Teen Wolf, Blue Exorcist, Oglaf, Gaga music videos especially if they cross over with Beyonce

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11. What features do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?

I crave post scheduling with a madness. Just think: if I had post scheduling then I could maintain glee_fans so much better and I could contribute more to other comms for tv shows I follow. And anyone else remember that new update page that had the mock up and everything, I want that too. Some people seem to want a like button and that's cool with me too.

Humorous discussion about the Best Kiss category on the MTV Movie Awards that flirts with the awards show history and nature on one of my favorite blogs, Low Resolution

Pics of Ryan Gosling just existing that made me swoon in my own room
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5. How about when you're not on the computer?

Read books; watch tv & movies; sleep when I can; walk around my neighborhood; school; visit the library; go to used book stores and charity shops to find cheap books

So I've fallen behind on things planned for three weeks of dreamwidth but hopefully next week will be better.

The idea of this site excites me because:

“As we planned it over the last 18 months, my No. 1 goal was to figure out how to capture the spirit and creativity of 30 for 30 and transfer it to a website. We wanted original voices, and we found a bunch of them already. We’re going to take chances, come up with a few premises and ideas that you haven’t seen before, and be consistently entertaining day after day. You will never know what to expect when you come to the site – in a good way. That’s our ultimate goal.”

I adored 30 for 30 even if some of the documentaries fell flat, I just loved that there was a variety of stories being told in different ways. Even if you're not into sports I would say give some of the better ones a try because they stand up as films on their own.

Another thing that pleases me right now is that the contributors are not all guys and even among the guys there is some diversity. That's something easy to fall into, but having a variety of people ensures a range of voices, which increases my chance of finding someone whose words I love. Plus, I like Simmons, he's one of my favorites on ESPN to read and listen to.

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Within a day my computer had to reboot itself twice thanks to automatic updates. It's annoying when I lose tabs but it does make me realize that sometimes I leave a tab open because I don't actually want to read it but I feel like I should.

Interesting post on the beginning and ending shots and how they do or don't go with our natural perceptions. It makes me want to really watch some film again and pay attention.

Trailer for The Devil's Double starring Dominic Cooper that only excites me because I have a thing for twins, or in this case doubles, especially if one is extreme and violent, it's like bizarro Prince and the Pauper. But I'm not banking on historical accuracy.

I'm still following the casting for World War Z and I'm confused a bit because they cast the role of the wife of the guy collecting the stories, so I guess they're writing in a part for her. I'm really interested to see how they tell this story. For once I want to read a script.

Via The Film Experience (one of my favorite movie blogs) I found this piece comparing Thelma & Louise vs Pretty Woman. It's a short piece and definitely comes from a certain viewpoint the author is clear about but I'm not sure if I fully agree with the final point but I am glad I read it.

The piece is at the NYT and I believe they have a paywall now after twenty clicks but I haven't hit the block yet.

But what I'm really thinking on is how a role reversal would work for the film Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts' character, Vivian, is a successful CEO who inherited her father's company after his sudden death and had to fight off the board and her friend would be in Jason Alexander's role but perhaps less smarmy. Vivian doesn't have time for relationships, most guys she encounter can't actually handle her career even if they say they can, but she can't continue showing up for things without someone on her arm because people are talking and it makes her look desperate so she runs in to Richard Gere's character, a gigolo, and the movie sets out from there. The Wedding Date played with a similar idea but there were substantial differences.

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So I did this last year--fell off somewhere in the middle and picked back up again but I did start and finish it so it counts--and I'm going to do it again. There's already a ton of stuff being posted and my sub list is very busy.

The Female Character Trope Fest is a thing I'm following and participating in. Right now I'm working on some fic for it and it's going well even though I'm stuck on a paragraph, but I have time. I'm thinking perhaps three fills for that fest.

There's also the Femslash Mini Meta Fest. Interesting topics I hope to see filled.

Besides that I plan to comment on journals and probably post to some comms I follow and this Dreamwidth meme.

Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?

I like new things and I'm easily swayed? Ha, well half of that is true. I'm actually the kind of person to order the same thing off the menu from a restaurant for years just because I know what I like and I hate change sometimes. But back when I was following metafandom this post about Dreamwidth popped up and it was vague and sounded interesting but it wasn't open yet so the idea of the site dropped to the back of my mind; then months later talk came up again and there was talk about beta and features and there had already been this push to copy my livejournal over on insanejournal because of something going on with LJ (if only I knew how good I had it then) and it was in May and I was bored and there was this idea of fandom moving over here, which I never really believed, but I did want to stake claim on my user name.

When I first made my journal I didn't really post that often but then I decided to push to get to know people and comment more and then the fandom I made my lj for kind of broke apart and I don't believe in leaving things adrift so I just started using my DW.


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