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Sons of Anarchy came back and it kind of surprised me because I actually had no idea of its return date; also, where did the year go?

This piece came out about the Mastermind problem among recent dramas and brought up SOA and I have to say I slightly disagree. SOA's doesn't seem to me to have so much as a mastermind problem as it does have an issue where the stakes seem very high to the characters but the audience know certain things will be okay (for now). Season 2 worked so well because the main characters went through actual hardship, and the relationships between them shifted a bit. I still remember Gemma going to Tara and that scene at the table when she tells Jax and Clay. The other seasons while entertaining (a blight on that Ireland trip) lacked that; or dragged things out. It has felt like Juice has been a rat forever. I do think these last two seasons will be satisfying, but the conflict between Jax/Clay/Gemma----Tara has been stuck in a holding pattern for so long. That seems to be changing. Honestly, I've watched way too much SOA to quite the show.

I am still behind on the Bridge. On Demand is not being consistent :(

Legend of Korra premiered last night. I need to watch it again but overall I liked it.
What I liked:

spoilers for LOK premiere )
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Anything major is going beneath the cut but some generalities before I go into details:

If you are unfamiliar with Avatar: the last airbender, I believe you can still enjoy this show without being knowledgeable about its full origins. The opening episode does a good enough job of introducing the basics and you may miss some of the nods to the previous season but it shouldn't hamper your enjoyment. If you're into female protagonists getting up to adventures, going through coming of age stories, assuming leadership, enjoying being physical, being good at fighting, a diverse cast when it comes to gender, comedy, and fantasies based on different cultures instead of the dominant one employed in most, if not all, popular fantasy works in Western media culture, then give this show a chance. Based on the previous show's track record this show will consider the weight of violence and present multiple view points and doesn't actually deal in complete black and white morality.

Did I mention the show is fun?

detailed thoughts on the first two episodes )

Icons for the show

Streaming now (maybe only to US residents and I do not have a link to a dl but I know one exists)


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