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And so the meme continues. This one was harder than I thought because I have a ton of pictures on my hard drive and I wasn't sure how to go about picking just one.

day 01 | a song
Help I'm Alive - Metric I downloaded this album a while ago but never got around to listening to it and then I was going through a playlist of songs I hadn't heard yet and fell upon this one. Love the simplicity of the lyrics and Emily Haines' delivery.

day 02 | a picture
choosing this one was kind of difficult )

day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy
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ETA: OMG LJ CUTS will be the end of me one of these days!

I saw this meme like around last November and I knew I wanted to do it, but then technical difficulties arose and I had to put it on hold. If you haven't done it yet, then go do the meme :) 

And now....How I got into bandom (the short edition)

1. Bandom fangirl since: Though this journal was created on March 27th, 2008, I'm going to say that I've been reading/lurking in bandom since November of '07. So not too long, but I guess I'm not a n00b anymore ;)

2. First band in the fandom: Believe it or not, I came in through the Wentz.

Pics or it didn't happen--FOB )

3. How, why, and when did you get into bandom?

That is a long answer that I will definitely answer in a post filled with fic recs and pics and music clips and rambling (sort of like this) but for now, the short answer: [livejournal.com profile] polyfandomrecs , mixed in with some boredom, a really cool snippet, and a strong feeling of 'I want another kind of story to read, maybe this is it', so it was completely random :) It's actually been over a year ago, and I still love it. Sure the furor has died down a bit, because if I ran on that level of adoration constantly, I'd be mentally dead. Still here and having a good time.

4 is some patd grp shots )

5. What was your first impression of each of them? So this is weird because I encountered PATD two different times: through music/MTV and through fic, but fic was what got me into the fandom, so I'll mention that here.

I should also mention here that these impressions were drawn off of fic so they might be a little skewered and are mostly different from how I view them now. We can all laugh at my ignorance in the comments.

Brendon-- very hyper dude with some hidden depth, also ex-Mormon, I was okay with reading him in fic. Had a good ass.

Ryan--who? I knew he was skinny and was often written as depressed and angry and sort of manipulative. Was often a side character in the fic I was reading. Maybe it was what I was reading. Probably was also the time period, because now he is a happy stoner who looks up gangster in youtube.

Jon -- had a beard and was mostly perpetually pleasant.  He didn't wear real shoes. Also loved coffee, cats, and cameras. Also adored Spencer Smith according to all the fic. AKA the Real Boy of Panic.

Spencer -- Sarcastic, slightly bitchy, loved shoes, lovely eyes, and became slightly adorable around Jon Walker; and sometimes Brendon Urie. Also was Ryan Ross's best friend.

If I was going only by the first time I saw Panic, I have to admit that I thought the act was Brendon with some backup band, kind of like a guy version of Avril Lavigne. 

6. What was the first bandom fic you ever read?

This is the second fic I saved onto delicious. (Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner--go read it now if you haven't. It's a classic.) But the first bandom fic I remember reading was a FOB one (Pete/Patrick).

7. When was your first bandom concert experience? What was it like?

So HCT 2008, here is my first unfiltered reaction. Here is the longer one after I took some time to calm down. I should warn for CAPS and rambling, but you guys should know me well enough now to just expect that :)
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So [profile] awkwardlurker            tagged me to do my 5 Celebrity Lust-Crushes and rank them in order of my lust for them. And one thing I will never do is reject an opportunity to post about hot guys:) So now I invite you to take a peek at the the gallery of HOT MEN DOING IT RIGHT!!!

So now that is it. I am supposed to tag 5 other people, but since I was already tagged by the person I would tag, if you want to do this---POST SOME PICS ON YOUR JOURNAL BECAUSE 'I WOULD RATHER HAVE PICS OF HOT PEOPLE INSTEAD OF NOT HAVING SOME'
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So I was having an awesome bandom chat last night ( and if you weren't there you missed some great times) and the question came up what was your OTP/favorite person/OTF--one true fic for your OTP. So anyone who knows me, should know that my adoration of Spencer Smith is not exactly secret :)

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This may be the longest time I have been away from LJ so far--but I have to see how I handle school rearing its hideous head my direction :(

Why I Love these Bands...

  • They are a family. Unless you manage to hide under a rock ( or are like me and happen to be forcibly removed from LJ for days), you probably know about the Wentz-Simpson marriage. Despite what you may think about it, can you deny the sweetness that was Ryan Ross dedicating NORTHERN DOWNPOUR to the newly married couple? <Northern Downpour is MY SONG ok, I am this close to calling it THE SONG. I use it to convert people to Panic.> These bands---they love each other. I love that. I adore the fact the Brendon and Patrick hopped on the Cab's album and laid down vocals. Spencer Smith A&R--ALWAYS YES!!!! Pete designed a cowboy shirt so Brendon could rock out in Clandestine clothes! ( I will find pictorial proof if requested, but I fail at saving awesome pics with Pete Wentz featuring a pornstache while wearing hipster cowboy gear) They support each other and I admire that. I love that these people make music together, but actually seem to enjoy each other.


I had to bring up a silly pic to reinforce my one bulleted list. Because that entire video for 'Clothes Off' was one big fest of Decaydance---plus I can never say no to pics of Panic!

I know I said some stuff about music posts---that will come later. I have to get off the internet before I start being more insane...
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So it is 12:54 am (my time) and I have a disturbing desire to share!


The above picture comes courtesy of [personal profile] audrey1nd and has nothing to do with this post except it is an awesome picture of Spencer! It's like he knows he is good and is like 'cover me with your praise!' or 'Here have a better look, I know I am a stealth ninja when it comes to photography...'.
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So I swear I am not a spammer of the livejournal! If, for some strange reason, you have not seen this post from Pete Wentz's blog---then you are missing out. Pete took pictures of Ryan's closet full of crazy printed shirts! There is a picture or Ryan with a shirtless Brendon in the background--this leads to Pete referencing slash. Then Pete asks 'why do i know about slash?' Like he doesn't write it....

Pete Wentz runs with the gays! There are pictures circling around with Pete and Panic at Angels & Kings. Yes, I am finding it a little funny that the article quotes Pete as saying that he likes running with gays--and there are group shots with Panic!

Mini Picspam of the night....of course!
Pimp &amp; his ladies
Doesn't Spencer look like a pimp in between his ladies?

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So I watch [community profile] patd and if you have not seen the TRL interview--I highly recommend it because it is filled with greatness (and the lolz). --Brendon does a Snoop Dogg dance--that is all! Jon says sweaty ball sacks! Ryan mopes about how hard it is to find bearded kids! Spencer mentions his muscular physique! (I love Spencer because he has this dry sense of humor that people don't know how to react to--plus he is awesomely hot;)
I love this band because they are dorks.

INFANITY!--Can we please look at the mirrored poses? On TRL, Ryan and Brendon completely wore their shades inside. Jon and Spencer sat above them. Everything was wonderful. The other bands were there too! It was like a FBR dream come true!


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