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There was something special about the emotional whiplash I went through from hearing Community would have one more season (yay!), but only 13 episodes (okay...), to now Harmon being fired (NOOO!!!). I understand that decisions have to be made that take more into account than the artistic side, but I would rather the show be canceled than go on with a show that will be different in tone from Community. Faults and all, Community S1-3 had something I enjoyed. Yes, there were times it frustrated but it was a special show, and stood out, and was unlike any other. I'm going to miss that.

Am I going to continue on? For thirteen more episodes, yes. I enjoy Happy Endings and I am interested to see how the show develops. I enjoy the cast and unless things get horrible, I can go through thirteen episodes.

This post is pretty much my feelings more laid out.
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Parks and Rec, Community, and Being Human US were renewed! Rejoice!

Being Human US was such an unexpected treat and I'm still following the show. And of course I love my Thursday night comedies.

Community was average for me. I really missed my Troy and Abed moment at the end and I wish they had used the guest star better. I'm so excited for the season finale with Josh Holloway.

Parks and Rec was awesome. Adam Scott needs to be on the show forever; April and Andy are so sweet together. I don't know how I can take it.
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I still want to talk about television but not right now.

Fringe came back and I realized how much I've missed it. Excellent way to start the series though I can't wait for the actual team to reunite.

Community was funny. Not one of the best episodes but I really enjoyed it.

My Generation was okay. I feel like they could have cut the cast in half and stop having so many 'coincidences' and the show would be better for me. Though this is a premise that I'm ready to see played out in multiple fandoms b/c it combines two of my favorite things: high school stories and distance with time with some pining.

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TV stuff

May. 20th, 2010 09:49 am
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The new potential new show lineups do have me feelings tons of emotions.

Monday This day is not too crowded for me. I sporadically watch Chuck but I'm okay with missing episodes and I stopped watching HIMYM a while ago. I will check out Hawaii Five-O because of that guy from Lost but I don't know how long I'd stick with the show.

I'm conflicted with Lonestar because it looks like a gorgeous show but the premise is really turning me off. No matter how suave and sweet the lead looks and acts and all the moving music they played during the trailer, the guy is still conman. Him being with the daughter was part of the con, so even if he has developed 'real' feelings for her, the foundation is built on a lie; plus he has the other girlfriend, and I hope at least she knows the truth, otherwise I'm not huge on the sympathy of him. But all of this is conjecture. I will watch at least the first three episodes and then probably talk about it later; though I'm getting the feeling that this series would be better as a movie.

GLEE. The rest is whatever. & Justified but that's not coming back for a bit, I think.

First Undercovers because I can't resist spies! Then Criminal Minds because I don't see myself dropping the show anytime soon. I've forgotten what The Whole Truth is about on ABC, but I may give it a go.

Community has my allegiance but I stopped watching BBT a while ago, and I know BBT is going to win the ratings but I still hope NBC doesn't do anything ridiculous and drop Community after the next season.

I'm staying with Fringe but I think I'm going to Hulu it more than watch it live, depending on the other comedies on NBC.

Oh and, why did CW have to move SPN? Okay, I'm excited for Nikita but now I'm going to have to dl the SPN eps to keep up because I did want to finish up the next season because I like to finish things that take minimal effort.

This is just the network tv, my cable shows are: Mad Men, Burn Notice, Southland, In Plain Sight, Justified, others

Glee is the only show I'm completely wrapped up in the fandom (reading fic, discussions, picspams, etc) but I do follow discussion on Mad Men and I have read the occasional fic from Yuletide.

What are you guys watching in the upcoming season? Dropping any shows? Excited for any of the new ones?
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No one told me Cinnamon Swirl Bread was so delicious. I honestly feel like I've been lacking in life, a void that a slightly toasted slice of brown sugar cinnamon bread with a light spreading of butter filled.

I consumed half a thing of strawberries rather fast and I don't regret it at all.

I hadn't made a rec list in so long that I forgot how much time it actually took. But go me for covering 30,000 words in less than three hours with family and internet distractions, and typing up the post, finding and linking to two fanvids and not screwing up the html once. I'm getting better at this internet journaling stuff. Now next week to just do it earlier.

Of course, once I'm done with a rec list I find a fic that I really want to add to it, but oh well, next week will happen.

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Thursday is one of my favorite nights for comedy.

Community, Office, Parks and Rec and Sunny )

What did you guys watch?


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