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I was supposed to do a post each day, but, like I have done with most other things this year, I fell behind and now am combining these last two.

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I fell down on reading full books this year. Not counting poetry journals and lit mags, I only finished 36 books this year which is not my lowest point, but it is not where I wanted to end up this year. I like to at least do 50 complete books a year, preferably with a range of nonfiction and fiction, across different genres. Oh, well, here’s to next year.

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I can only truly value awards season as a list of things to catch up on, because if I fall into the delusion that awards=merit I will become a very negative kind of person, so from the recent spate of awards talk, these are the movies I want to see:

Pride - I wanted to see that before it got some awards but it hasn't come in my area and when I was near it, I didn't have time for movies. :(

Wild - I fully believe this is a good movie; but I also have an aversion to films following an individual walking in the wild and learning about life. The background of her having to deal with her mother's death does push me more into seeing it because it is rare to see a mother-daughter relationship given so much weight in a feature film.

Selma - Everything I've heard has been good stuff, I would expect no less from this director. I've taken a break from watching films set in this era, but the cinematic feel, the cast, and the director will make me override that, I guess.

Interstellar - Still haven't seen it because it's long, but this week I will get a chance. Ditto for Boyhood.

TV Shows: Jane the Virgin, The Knick, the rest of Veep, Marco Polo (from this interview with two of the leading ladies even if I did hear the pace was plodding but I have to see for myself), Legend of Korra
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Post on the splitting in parts of recent franchises and its 'harm' on the movie industry. IDK how much harm it exactly creates since these movies make bank (something that the article does acknolwedge); but I do know that I am not seeing Mockingjay Part 1 because I want to just finish it and I don't feel the pull for the first week experience. If I were into the fandom, I would have more of a desire to go to stay with the conversation.

State of Emergency for the U.S. Comedy. This brings up some good points on the state of comedy--very niche for the most part, not strong enough writing, no sense of urgency--I'd also add that some of them like Manhattan Love Story weren't good, Selfie had a poor title and a premise that took a bit to get going, A to Z is okay but not amazing. Blackish is doing well, even if I'm not ultra dedicated to it.

Tonight is the Sleepy Hollow Midseason finale? I hope it sets some things right.

The Walking Dead was good last night. I would not be upset at Abraham leaving and Tara and Rosita hooking up. I'm scared for Sasha until she makes it out of this season.
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The trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 dropped and it looks fine. I know I'll watch it because I did enjoy the first; but it seems like it just expanded the scope on the most shallow level and is redoing jokes from the first. I would like to be surprised, but I feel like I've caught the sum of it. Catching the surprise of the first is impossible--the past is a land one can't return to blah blah blah--but I do wish the trailer conveyed the same scale of the first. Crossing fingers that they expand some of the supporting characters and focus on the terror of moving on into the unknown.

Steve McQueen has been one of my favorites director since Hunger so I very much excited for his upcoming projects; but I think out of all of them the Widows movie sounds most interesting.

TV Stuff

Sleepy Hollow: I like none of what they have done with Katrina. I just want to stop the magical forced pregnancy trope being dropped on female characters who are already trapped in passive purgatory thanks to writers' choices. Then they add the ~power of maternal love that makes Katrina not want to stop the demon baby forced into her body by her evil son. Enough. The Mills sisters were great: I love how they responded so differently to the same trauma and are still reaching across to strengthen each other. I would prefer if instead of the mother being dead that she was in prison for a false crime. I am watching the midseason finale but I am hoping the show gets better in its second half.

The Flash: I have not seen last week's so I don't know the reason for the Iris and Barry split, but I do love how it affected both of them. I do not agree with the notion of Iris being worthless in the narrative; there is value in seeing the shaping of the perception of a superhero. The show has gotten better with the character. I'm still unsure about Eddie; if I didn't know about canon events I could like him completely, but if certain things are true. I am still so suspicious of Wells.
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A Defense of Likable Characters which comes after I saw a Defense of Unlikable Characters, which really displays the cycle of response and provocation when it comes to these sort of things; but I could just sum these up in that good characters can come from both situations (considering what constitutes likability varies according to the person) and what all characters need is good writing. From my view of what is touted as Quality American Drama (from Cable) there is a lot of shady male characters doing morally suspicious things, usually from positions of authority, and because so many shows start with that the idea of that character type being automatically tied to Quality has sprung up, even if that falls apart when things like Low Winter Sun happens.

I have more thoughts on this but I did want to link to this because I liked reading the piece.

So Sleepy Hollow is getting the 'What's Wrong With X' treatment from multiple venues, and as much it still hurts a bit because I loved this show so much, I have to agree with most of the complaints.

This piece from EW is mostly in sync with my issues with this second season. Mo Ryan, who is very much a fan of the show and touted the first two episodes as good, also presented her view on what ails Sleepy Hollow. Tim Goodman had a podcast that was actually two weeks earlier than the recent wave, and he even noted that the producer commented that he was surprised at the response to the new season.

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that is the length of Nolan's Interstellar and I'm just left going why? I was looking forward to more space films (hey Gravity) and seeing Chastain and Hathaway in the same film and McConaughey too. But, ugh.

I'm watching Catching Fire right now and I do like it. I think it's helped that I only read the first book, and then after seeing the film, realized I was right when I said it would make a better film. I am aware of of certain spoilers for the series, but I don't care. I don't see myself going to see the third in theaters. Though laughs at the peacekeeprs looking like straight up stormtroopers.

I want to see Birdman but with my location it probably won't come near me until December :(

Yuletide: who's in? What are you nominating? I haven't checked out the nomination page, but right now Gotham has my interest.
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Just came back from How to Train Your Dragon 2, and here is a rundown:

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Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the idea around tipping? I hate it. I much prefer just to have a flat rate instead of the dance of pulling out my phone, figuring out the percentage where I don't look rude, feeling slightly judged, and then trying to weigh how good my service was, when I am not a hard customer and most service is just fine. I generally tend towards overtipping because my father works in the industry and I have done it part time, and even on a hourly wage, a tip is appreciated. So it was nice to go through this piece on dropping tipping in favor of a flat rate and the reactions from customers.

Meanwhile, restaurant workers know what’s up. People who worked in the restaurant industry wouldn’t ask us this question — what will motivate servers to do a good job? Because, inside the restaurant, we know that while the customers think their tips allow them to control the server, in fact the control is illusory. The story of the server being motivated by the customer’s power to tip, is instead a fiction created to make the customer feel important.

As someone who was of age just when Napster came out and downloading and the piracy conversation blew up, this piece focusing on crunchyroll and anime streaming profitability and phantasm non-customers was a great read. I don't know how much I agree with the bolded part.

This is something where there is often substantial confusion in discussions of copyright piracy, where they are treated as lost sales. But they are not lost sales. They are never-were-going-to-be sales. To be sure, the hypothetical perfect digital rights enforcement mechanism for that media would prevent them from getting the content without paying ... but it wouldn't generate any additional income to the creators of the original work. They would just move on to some other media.

So as far the royalties-paying operation is concerned, they are phantasms. They just don't matter, no matter how much noise they may make on some discussion forum. In this particular case, they do not offer any potential benefit to the creators of anime, and so whatever reasons they may offer as to why they bootleg instead of using legit content are of no particular relevance to the market.
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Great writing can make me interested in something I normally don't and this piece on Diplomacy did just that.
I still don’t know whom I should have trusted, if anyone. All I know is that I felt stupid, stressed out, humiliated, and sad. I had several shouting matches with a few of these guys. Some of them got personal. And all I had to show for my loyalty to Brian Ecton and my righteous indignation toward the other players was nothing at all. I was physically exhausted and emotionally abused. I hated Brian, the other players all hated me, and I hated myself most of all. I had to purse my lips extra hard to fight the urge to cry.

It also made me want to read more table top gaming AUs in fandom.

This piece on the big picture of Amazon's new Fire Phone was a good read; it's not divulging any new information, and I'm I have seen these ideas elsewhere, but it was nice to read a piece that looked beyond the specs and addressed the current state of the tech giants.
The goal for all of these companies, with all of these products and services, is not to relinquish an inch of market share to anyone else. As much as they can, they want to own the entire supply chain, from the time a product is advertised, to where and how it’s purchased, to the delivery of that product. And if they can own the device that’s to do all of those other things, so much the better. On Wednesday, for instance, Bezos told the audience how “tens of millions” of Kindle Fire and Kindle owners have driven the explosive grown of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s membership service. No doubt Bezos hopes the Fire Phone will do the same.

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I don't actually play standalone games that much on a console; truly the only game I have regularly played is The Sims (Sims 4 in October!)and I have dabbled with Little Big Planet on PS3. So this news of Nintendo's lessening is not something I salivate over because of console wars, but I live in hope that someday I will be able to play a version of Mario Kart and Supermario and Donkey Kong on my tablet the way I play Sonic.

Here is a post about the repetitive action scenes in the big superhero films; and the comments are worth reading as well for well thought out rebuttals. I'd say one thing though is that Kick-Ass, while involving heroes, is not of the same lane as the Marvel/X-men/MOS/TASM; and I'd say the same for Hellboy. I have a fair amount of thoughts about this idea of superhero fatigue (which I do think is a real thing) but for now here is the post.
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Perhaps I should just type up posts that start as if I've been already writing them and just go with it from there. It's not that I haven't consumed anything worth posting about (Captain America:TWS, YA series by Rae Jordan(?) that was excellent for some surprising reason, Saga) but I just haven't gotten to the place to make something coherent. A run through and some links--

Mad Men is back and I'm liking it. There is a lot I want to say about the past two episodes but for now, I'd like to link to a post on NPR about the latest episode that deals with new interoffice conflicts and how things are dealt with as the 60s are here and Civil Rights are becoming more of an issue.

Game of Thrones has been back for three weeks now and I am behind because I am usually doing work until ten; and also because my preferred method of watching the show is in three hour chunks; plus, having read the books, my excitement is more in seeing the changes and decisions and less about the wonder about what will happen next. I do read some reviews and right now I feel like Andy Greenwald's are one of the best even if you are familiar with the happenings in the books; Greenwald really likes the show and has en eye for some of the nuance going on with the characters and picks up on the themes the show is doing. His latest one is rather good.

Still behind on Vikings, Veep, Community, a whole season behind on Elementary and Justified. Will watch latest Orphan Black today/tomorrow.

Picked up Silicon Valley and like it after one episode.

what now?

Jan. 10th, 2014 04:55 pm
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Right now I am typing on a new laptop, giving it a go, and I am not loving it. Usually when I buy a new laptop I am super into it but I think the whole having to upgrade to windows 8.1 which is taking forever and the shaky track pad. The deal was good though and if The Sims run smoothly then I will probably keep it, even if I do not love it. Windows 8 is a learning curve though, I am not going to lie. I am actually looking at apple right now because the ultrabooks run the same price and I am not loving the windows experience.

Justified came back and it was perfect. There was a lot of plot and the main plot is not exactly set in motion, but it was a true pleasure returning to these characters. The writers of this show excel at showing character growth and the actors were fantastic.

So I watch American Horror Story. It's in its third season and I thought once I got through the second season and enjoyed it and really loved the opening episodes of this season that I'd be safe, but I feel myself getting exasperated with Coven for reasons that feel oddly familiar after going through multiple Ryan Murphy shows. Even with the rebooted plot ever season, I am just bored. There is a lighter tone this season once you get past the dark first episode but, for me, all the present stuff has lost its shine. Jessica Lange is awesome and Angela Bassett is amazing to watch but after all the vamping there is not much actually happening. It took so long to unveil the actual threat and that threat is just not big enough and I'm left going 'so'. Of course I will finish the season but the thrill is gone, but I know I will check out next season, especially if Angela is returning.
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So 2013 is way gone and I wanted to take a moment and look back and use these spreadsheets I've been half using to track my media habits.

Fanfic/fandom - I posted nothing the past year; defaulted on yuletide (boo); but I did have some ideas so it's not all for nothing. 2014 should be better.

Fandom - Still adrift. It is not that I feel unable to experience that full on fandom feeling like I did years ago with bandom and Glee; it's just that things have not shaken that way. Against the wall, I'll say ASOIAF is my main fannish experience with me subscribing to multiple authors and reading a ton of fic in it, but I only engage discussions with my best friend because we marathon the show together. Season 4 is starting again so activity should pick up; and I am very interested to see how they continue to alter plots and characters.

Reading: Did not read nearly as much as I wanted to; going on memory, This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz and The Queen's Thief were standouts for me for different reasons.

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Here is my card for trope-bingo, the second challenge I've signed up for in 2013.

kidfic in vino veritas / drunkfic truth or dare au: cop / detective wingfic
forced to marry au: band telepathy / mindmeld au: coffee shop au: daemons
kiss to save the day mind control FREE

soul bonding / soulmates day at the beach
accidental baby acquisition secret relationship amnesia time travel snowed in
virginfic / secretly a virgin animal transformation au: all-human poker/strip poker au: college / highschool
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The plan was to not do anything extra until I get some headway with the yuletide. So far I have:

Seen Frozen: good but I think I let all the talk about it made me have higher expectation, or also I was expecting more winter weaponry than I got. The sister relationship was ace but the setup made me frown a lot because there were parts I just wanted to pause and interrogate the writers.

Started watching Atlantis: cheesy show on BBCA that could easily be on Syfy. The lead is generically, charming handsome with a penchant for getting into trouble but based on good intentions. There is already a love interest but it's an easy show to have in the background--the bad CGI is even a bit charming. Also, Mark Addy (King Robert from Game of Thrones) is Hercules and there is some comedy examining the 'man' vs 'the myth' and how legends grow that is in the background. What I really wish is that actor crossovers were more popular so I could read GOT characters as pantheon gods with all the bastardized mythology.

Written ONE sentence for Yultide.

Fake sobbed at my computer at everything.
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I got my noms in yesterday; but today (around 6pm EST) is the deadline so if you're still deciding, just know the clock ticks. Some have said AO3 has timed out on them so don't wait until 5:58 I guess.

My noms were The Bridge, Jennifer's Body, Tenderness, The Amazing Spider-man (2012). I am not firm on everything I will be offering right now but at least the nominations are behind me.

Anyone doing femslashex? I don't think I am going to sign up but I will be eyeing letters for possible treats because there were so many fandoms I was interested in.

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