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What is the logic of moving the post button WAY down?

(I do have that pairing meme to do which will be forthcoming)

So my phone is pushing this update but I am always wary of recent updates, especially for things I uses often, like a phone. I'm still scarred by my laptop losing all sound thanks to a Win8 update.

Planning to see A Most Violent Year and Jupiter Ascending this weekend. I thought about Seventh Son but it looks so dull and generic and needlessly dark visually.

So Sleepy Hollow: I checked in on the most recent episode and it wasn't bad, but I still think I'm done with it. There was a comment on the AV review talking about the increased 'hero/damsel' dynamic tone and that's all I could think of when Ichabod goes hard on that warlock dude and makes a point about him hurting his wife, who is no regular witch. I still think this show was hurt by changing showrunners and the increased episode count. I will probably watch the season finale but I'm in a situation where there's so much television that it's hard to keep on with shows that I just don't like that much.

Planning to watch: The 100 (season 1), Jane the Virgin, Fresh off the Boat (maybe), catch up with Agent Carter, Broad City
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