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Nano is nano and I've hit that spot where consistency is key. I haven't fell back so far that it's not possible but I'm really going to push this week to get some headway.

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Predictions for today's matches:

Chelsea v Arsenal (ugh!) A draw would make me very pleased, a win would near kill me, but a loss wouldn't shock me either. If Arsenal does lose, I hope it's not a sever beating, something like 1-0 where pride can still be held. I will be watching but not following a comm b/c I can only do so much.

Liverpool v Blackpool: I care for both of them but I truly want Liverpool to win this one.

Inter v Juventus: Should be a close match but I'd expect Inter to come with a close win. Though a draw wouldn't surprise me.

Bayern v BD: I think BD could win this one.

I have been up since 3am! Today is going to be irregular when it comes to sleeping. Maybe I'll collapse in my bed after Inter v Juventus
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I still want to talk about television but not right now.

Fringe came back and I realized how much I've missed it. Excellent way to start the series though I can't wait for the actual team to reunite.

Community was funny. Not one of the best episodes but I really enjoyed it.

My Generation was okay. I feel like they could have cut the cast in half and stop having so many 'coincidences' and the show would be better for me. Though this is a premise that I'm ready to see played out in multiple fandoms b/c it combines two of my favorite things: high school stories and distance with time with some pining.

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I still haven't settled into this Fall's TV schedule. Right now Glee, Mad Men, It's Always Sunny, Community are definite. Criminal Minds is on my maybe list because of the cast shakeups and how poor the spinoff episode was; also there's the issue that I think the show has given me everything it can now and I'm not feeling as attached. I'm definitely giving Undercovers a chance too but I'd be very surprised if I became fic fannish about it.

What are some thoughts on the new Fox show 'Lone Star'? When I first saw the clip, I was impressed but I mentioned how it felt more like a movie than a show that would have seasons behind it. So the show looks good but I wonder how many people are going to stay committed to a show about a con man. I'm going to give it a shot though unless it interferes with the other shows.

I just wrapped up Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and I enjoyed it. Nice YA steampunk with strong male and female characters. I'll talk more about it later but Alek did seem younger than his age. But later, I have a host of books to mention and I'm too tired to go into detail.

Have I mentioned that I've been keeping up with soccer (more on those exploits later) but I've fallen for Arsenal with a soft spot for Liverpool. This happened after watching a number of last season's matches and just reading different blogs and watching the current season. It was not a quick decision. After some time watching games, I'm ready to make predictions--

Arsenal v Sunderland - I think they can pull out a win here, hopefully they can keep a clean sheet too but I won't exactly bank on it. //crossing fingers// (Yes, I'm still riding a 6-0 high. Let me swim in that for a bit)

Liverpool v Manchester United - Hmmm, last week I was distressed about this b/c I didn't want to see a massacre on the field but after the Europa match (4-1 !) now I have hope for more of a fight. Still, I think United may win this one but I hope Liverpool prove me wrong.

Those are the ones I've thought about but I do like Blackpool--every time they play they make me smile, maybe it's the tangerine.

Hopefully I can catch some Serie A and La Liga this weekend.
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Today I got my first does of the EPL. It was nice. Well, my first current does, thanks to FSC, I've been watching matches from the previous season to get a feel for the teams, but today was my first time seeing them in their current forms. I managed to catch the Man City vs Spurs and half of the Chelsea match before I fell asleep. Joe Hart: amazing that match or completely amazing that match? There's something hilarious about watching great goal keeping--I think it's the despair when the shot is blocked and the growing anticipation that surely the keeper has to let at least one get through. By the fifth attempt, I was laughing in this sort of exasperated way.

Sunday's match is the one I'm most looking forward to. Though I haven't chosen a team in this league yet to root for (I'm going with the advice to let the team choose me), these two are the onces I'm circling around. I predict a Liverpool win this time.

It's difficult catching the matches live because my Saturdays are busy so I foresee downloading a fair amount of matches in the future.

I went ahead and made a tag for this because I'm definitely going to be talking about it and I at least like to pretend organization


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