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The Books They Gave Me - a tumblr dedicated to books given to people by loved ones. I've just read the first page, and can vouch that the entries aren't full of bitterness and feel bittersweet more than often and enjoyable; and they aren't just all ex romantic relationships.

The Film Experience is one of my favorite sites, not just film sites, but favorite; when I'm not scrolling through dreamwidth, I'm often there. I check the site daily, Nathaniel is absolutely charming and presents his pov well and he applauds different kinds of film. Recently, the site has posted an Oscar Symposium with a roundtable of film bloggers and the discussion has been great to read. Part one focuses on elevating a film beyond itself, critical wars, The Artist, and Moneyball. Part two discusses what makes a good supporting actor and movies that are self-congratulatory (ex, Drive, TGWTDT). I'm missing some topics but each entry has been so worthwhile.

The New Inquiry - a literary/culture tumblr I need to peruse but does look interesting

The Millions made a post compiling a host of literary tumblrs and I'm still going through them.


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