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I just signed up for inkingitout on DW with a goal of 100,000 words. Ugh, I approach these with a certain level of trepidation though I can only look at myself for consistently failing these sort of things.

Moving to an attained goal for 2011, I did say I wanted to do some wrap up posts so here are my thoughts on books 45-50:

50) The Stranger by Albert Camus. This was a reread and I took it in better this time around than when I was in high school and just burning through books because they were classics, no it did not make me want to go through my existentialist phase again but I could appreciate the sparseness of the prose and how clean everything was. No drama was around really any part of it until the protagonist was shaken out of himself by his predicament.

49) Ariel by Sylvia Plath. Another reread but, wow, did I actually feel everything more this time when I'm in my midtwenties and am dealing with depression and just life. I'm just thinking about how I read so much Plath when I was younger because the darkness of it attracted me and her life story was like some sort of magnet for my teenage self but now with some years between my first reading, this second one made me feel so different. She'll cut her throat at ten if she's mad at two.

48) Indian Ink by Tom Stoppard. Just fine. Quick play to read. I already own it and this reading didn't make me want to give it away but it didn't make me want to keep it either.

47) Mule: a novel of moving weight by Tony D'Souza. Very enjoyable fast read about a dude falling into drug trafficking (marijuana) when the recession hits. Varied characters, the protagonist was one of the weaker characters but his situation was intriguing enough for me to speed through the novel. I could definitely see this being a film

46) Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan. I saw this twist coming early on but that's not much to brag about considering this book's intended audience; but while this was a quick read and the idea was interesting, I am not continuing with the series because I really didn't care about the main character at all. Now I just need to see the film.

45) The Invention of Love by Tom Stoppard. Lovely. Hurtful. Makes a point without beating me over the face with it. I've owned this book for years (bought it during a phase I wasn't exactly proud of but did end up with me owning some great books so it wasn't all that bad). Unrequited love blows. I couldn't even work up a righteous fury because Mo wasn't even that horrible, just obtuse, and considering the time period very good about it all. Housman restricting himself and his views of Wilde made me sad too. It was this book that made me pick up Indian Ink because I figured if I loved TIOL I'd love his other play, not so much. I really have to stop picking up an author's work I loved because it has most often led to disappointment.


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