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It's been forever since I've posted. Still not dead. Just been lurking on tumblr and dealing with other issues.

Posts that exist in my head but not actually online (yet):

+ Bridesmaids is a fantastic movie; not without flaws but I haven't enjoyed a movie so fully in a very long time. Don't let the advertised grossout humor detour you, this movie hits the emotional beats hard and rises above what lesser movies would probably have done.

+ X-men: First Class. There's a lot I love about this movie and a lot that I didn't. There's been so much written that I could probably compose a post fully of others' words but I'm too tired right now. But there will be posts on the film because I've grown up on X-men and I've seen every movie from the franchise.

Glee hired six writers, two of which are women. Rejoice? This news inspires me with cautious optimism.

How have you guys been?
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Ladies' Big Bang is back for round two! This is one of my favorite fests and maybe this time I'll submit something or maybe at least do a complement mix or something.

I have so many bingos to post for amnesty it's ridiculous.

Yesterday I saw Bridesmaids and I really enjoyed it. More on that later.

For reasons that are difficult to understand, I have a soft spot for NBC as a network (in brief: I really loved Friends and Season one Heroes a lot and the lesser known American Dreams and so many other NBC shows. They actually hit the perfect mix for me when they get it right. Of course they own my Thursday comedy night) so I checked out their new season offerings.

Up All Night stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, two funny people that just don't really make shows starring themselves that I'm interested in; even with Maya Rudolph the preview didn't make me want to watch it.

Free Agents looked funnier than I thought it would after reading others' descriptions of it. I've liked the lead actress since she was on Crossing Jordan and Hank Azaria crying after sex actually made me chuckle a bit. I don't see myself dropping any of my current shows for it but I do want to see it.

Blame my Fables fixation for being open to all of these fairy tale themed shows coming up in the Fall. Grimm has me intrigued but its timeslot tells me not to get attached; also, I like a touch of whimsy things like this, even with the more gritty approach.

The Playboy Club. I will check it out but it's going to get compared to Mad Men and it's going to fall short. Eddie Cibrian (?) just seems like attractive cardboard that smirks in a slightly douche manner and the leading blonde seemed stiff as well. This could just be pilot jitters and they could settle into a better flow as the show progresses--I sure hope so; and maybe the focus isn't solely on those two and the other women could get a chance to tell their stories as well.

Prime Suspect looks like a rather good detective show and if I weren't so tired of the genre I'd be more excited about it; but I've had my fill of detective shows so I'll probably give this one a chance but I don't see myself being devoted to it.

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Tomorrow is the season finale of Justified and I'm crazy excited and, though I didn't post my thoughts on last week's episode, I did watch it and I'll hopefully make a longer one after tomorrow night.

brief predictions/thoughts on Justified )

Finally have some time and I'm planning out getting some of my TBR pile decreased. Right now I have The Great Train Robbery on my bed; should be a quick, satisfying read.

I mostly enjoyed Glee tonight. More on that probably later.
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The ratings for The Killing on AMC were good, but I am interested to see how many viewers return. I did watch the second viewing (11pm-1am) last night and found the show to be well made but I didn't really come out all that invested in the overarching mystery. Apparently this is an adaptation of another show, but I don't really care. The show has a really good cast and I'm sure some people liked it but I won't be making this show a must watch.

Hunger Games casting announced. I'm not familiar with Hunter Parrish, but I do think Josh Hutcherson has the acting ability to carry the role of Peeta and with a dye job, he should be convincing enough. I would have to see him up against Jennifer Lawrence to really get a defined opinion. Gale doesn't really get much to do in the first book, but even so, Liam is so not how I imagined him looking. Perhaps he'll shrink a bit? I'm mostly still ambivalent towards the film, even if when I first read the novels I said they could make good films.

LJ was being wonky again. Here is a possible explanation. The closeness of the two recent downtimes do make me a wee bit concerned, but I don't really know what to do. I need to remember to save fic I really like, and I do go to different fic archives (ao3 and ff.net) and I follow some tumblr tags but lj is still a source of community for some of the fandoms I follow. I'm sure there are message boards but Lj is the communication I am most familiar with.

Why is Jenna so good looking? I miss Glee.
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Perfect episode.

expanded thoughts )

Someone else's thoughts I completely agree with:

Save My Love” is an episode where nothing stops moving, where momentum is created through circumstance more than any particular plot event. It transforms the mundane into the truly suspenseful, delivering the kind of episode that is most effective when it is actually transforming something: no show could be this every week, but the idea that a show can become this at will is infinitely more exciting.
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Parks and Rec, Community, and Being Human US were renewed! Rejoice!

Being Human US was such an unexpected treat and I'm still following the show. And of course I love my Thursday night comedies.

Community was average for me. I really missed my Troy and Abed moment at the end and I wish they had used the guest star better. I'm so excited for the season finale with Josh Holloway.

Parks and Rec was awesome. Adam Scott needs to be on the show forever; April and Andy are so sweet together. I don't know how I can take it.
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Glee was so good tonight. I don't know how to deal. More on that tomorrow.

Germany v Italy! I'm not really into friendlies so I'm not stressed about it.

Raising Hope is an effortlessly funny show, and I should talk about it more. Tonight's episode made me laugh.
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So tonight I braved two different remakes back to back and I survived. The best thing about this was that I didn't have to go through the whole downloading hassle.

BH USA and Skins talk )

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First day of nano and I did more than the bare minimum (~1900) so I'm pleased and I recognize the key is a steady pace. Tomorrow should be lighter because I'm off but I seriously need to plot. Right now I definitely have a favorite to write and I need to expand more but I'm liking it so far.

The Walking Dead: I liked the episode but I did feel it started off slowly. I'm not that fond of the friend but the main guy grew on me though he does have some too stupid to live moments but I think he'll grow out of those as the series progresses. One thing that catches me is how the zombie mythology doesn't exist in a lot of zombie movies, like not even someone saying 'oh I've read about this and I've been ready for years' and even if that person ended up not actually surviving, because the imagination doesn't compare to actually facing a zombie horde.

So yes, I am checking in next week for it.

Champions League tomorrow!
Time for some predictions...

The only match I care about completely is Inter v Tottenham and I think that will be a great match to watch, even if you are neutral (like me). Spurs have something to prove and they will be at home so I do see them scoring, maybe Bale will be anointed again by the scoring deities, but I still think Inter are most likely to come away with a win if there is a draw.

The other matches don't really interest me as much but I'm hoping for Schalke and Lyon wins.

Tomorrow Scott Westerfeld (Uglies, Leviathan, Behemoth is hosting a live chat on ustream at 6pm ET. I just finished Behemoth and enjoyed it more than the first book actually so I'm going to be hanging around there to see what he says.
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So I watched it and it's very close to the pilot but that doesn't exactly put me off for now. I'll probably give it a shot but if I miss it I won't be sad. I still miss the original Maxxie and the Cassie character isn't translating as well.

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Favorite Episode this season, probably eclipses most of the B9 and will continue to be one of my favorite episodes. I've always felt that Glee is at its strongest when it has a mix of quirky music and has more of an ensemble vibe. Focusing on one or two characters too much and too often can grate, especially if other characters are getting sidelined.

spoilers for the latest episode like whoa )

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Fringe continued its strong streak so far. Fringe Spoilers )

NYRB Classics and Oxford World Classics. I love lists and growing to-be-read piles so I'm going to tackle these two over an extended period of time.

Piece discussing the need for female music critics. Slowly I've been reading on criticism and fleshing out my thoughts on it. Someday I'll make a post on it all, but for now I'll share the link.

So excited for the code push on Sunday! Definitely changing the layout and playing with the new features.

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Criminal Minds was quite meta when it came to JJ's exit. It was sad and I don't want her to go but it's happened. Still, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue on with this show, at least, I won't be as committed to it as I used to be. Next week looks okay. I'll probably watch it if I'm not busy doing something else.

Hellcats is better than I imagined. I'm liking it so far.

Undercovers is okay; I can easily just watch the first ten minutes, skip the middle, and then return for the last five and not feel like I'm missing anything.

Right now I'm flipping between Terriers and the new L&O.
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I did enjoy tonight's Glee, although I recognize there was no basic plot and the show felt more like a string of music videos than an actual episode, but they don't do this often so I can let the lack of plot slide. Because of my age, I'm more familiar with Britney Spears than I realized.

spoilers for tonight's Glee )
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Mad Men stuff )

The Event is not a bad show but I'm not that invested in the characters or the mystery.

Hawaii Five-0 is not trying to break out of any boxes but that's okay. It's enjoyable and it has DDK all on my tv screen so I'm not upset. It's not a show I'm going to go out my way to catch but if I'm awake I'll watch it.

Just finished World War Z and I completely loved it. There were some things that I didn't love but overall, a very successful book. Now I'm on my way to see what others had to say about it.

Yes I did keep up with soccer/football happenings this weekend: on Saturday after I looked up the scores because I couldn't watch the games and then I took deep breaths and wondered if it was possible to experience WTF blackouts. Ties, losses, omg I'm so glad I didn't skip out on plans to watch those games. But this week provides new chances and the only thing I can do is move on and look forward.

Shall I try predictions again? Will they also go horribly wrong?

I've got nothing! Seriously, the only thing I'm mostly certain of is a Chelsea win.

No plans for nano but they last time I had a plan and didn't finish so perhaps now the opposite will be true.
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I still want to talk about television but not right now.

Fringe came back and I realized how much I've missed it. Excellent way to start the series though I can't wait for the actual team to reunite.

Community was funny. Not one of the best episodes but I really enjoyed it.

My Generation was okay. I feel like they could have cut the cast in half and stop having so many 'coincidences' and the show would be better for me. Though this is a premise that I'm ready to see played out in multiple fandoms b/c it combines two of my favorite things: high school stories and distance with time with some pining.

predictions for this weekend's matches )


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