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Fringe continued its strong streak so far. Fringe Spoilers )

NYRB Classics and Oxford World Classics. I love lists and growing to-be-read piles so I'm going to tackle these two over an extended period of time.

Piece discussing the need for female music critics. Slowly I've been reading on criticism and fleshing out my thoughts on it. Someday I'll make a post on it all, but for now I'll share the link.

So excited for the code push on Sunday! Definitely changing the layout and playing with the new features.

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(Allow me to catch a breath)

Obviously I did not die on the road today (I-275 you fail again!) but I did end up getting on the wrong exit and having to go on a bridge :(

The summaries for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang posted today and there are not enough words to express my glee! Close to 170 stories!!! A good number of bands are represented too so tons of variety. So go look and get excited with me! I'm not sure if I'm going to read them all but I do want to try out some different kinds of stories than I usually read. Normally I get scared away because of the length but there are some super cool premises with band-people that I'm not used to reading that I definitely want to have  go at.

Yes my standard comfort fic (Jon/Spencer with a touch of schmoop, angst, and AWWW is present..and I did sign up to mix for it because I am so predictable!) but I am planning to double up because I have so much music and I love making mixes!!! Also I don't want any story not to have a mix...

I did end up submitting by BBB so hopefully that comes out okay; I'm taking a breather from it until Monday or maybe Sunday night to give my mind a rest and then I'm back on it to do the final edit, add some scenes and get it beta'd.

I am wishfulclicking on dreamwidth too, so yeah, if you have one add me ;)


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