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The good thing is that I have actually been reading, the bad thing is that I have been consistently failing to post about the books here. So I am going to try and do better but here are some standouts I've read recently.

The Lady Matador's Hotel by Cristina Garcia was a short book I picked mostly based off its cover. Sensuous is how I would describe this book, and not just because of one very hot sex scene involving the titular character; but just in how everything is described, the pictures were vivid and the story felt like something living behind my eyes as I read. After some reflection, I'm leaning towards thinking this book really dealt with the different ways people experienced and worked through grief and longing.

World War Z was everything I've heard others say it was and it did not disappoint me, even though I went in with the full amount of hesitance and cynicism that reading hyped books give me. Its scope is vast and it actually works, there's actual diversity and the scenario of a zombie plague is actually thought out and is displayed without mercy. This did make me wonder if the zombie thing is popular in other cultures.

Currently at 36/50. Still behind but the goal is still in reach.
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