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Thank you so much for the story you are going to write for me. I adore all these fandoms in various but equal ways and am looking forward to reading what you write. Below is a list of things I especially like, it is by no means whole, just broad enough in hopes to jumpstart you if you’ve hit a block. Even if what you write is not on this list, it’s not a big deal, this list just skims the surface of some of my absolute favorite tropes. Het, femslash, slash, gen, it is all good to me. Don't stress about this.

Things I Like:

Happy Endings, even if ambiguous at least a chance of hope
Secret Marriages/Relationships
Time Travel
banter (if applicable to the characters)
earned relationships
Magic woven into non-spectacular settings/modern
wall sex
devoted friendships being pressured but coming through in the end
Alternate Universes where the canon relationships are mapped on a different terrain but still come through
Dark AUs (criminals, everything leading to a bad place but it’s okay because the group/pairing is together)
People with crushes meeting up later on
Unrequited Love leading to the person meeting someone else
Canon Turn AUs - exploring paths not taken with repercussion rippling throughout

Things I’d rather not have in this story:
Noncon/Rape - even if it is in canon please no scenes focused on the act; implied, mentioned is fine
Sanctioned Infidelity - I don’t care if a couple hooks up while one or two are involved with others but I don’t want the cheated on party being painted as villains or deserving to be cheated on
Hard Kink - scat, vore, etc.
Deathfic (unless it’s in the canon but no focus on the act itself of the main character dying)
Extreme graphic Underage (nothing below 15 yrs old)

//If a canon includes any of the above of the second section, then don't feel like you have to avoid it. I just would prefer these things not be added to a story if not already present in canon. So if there is cheating involved and the cheated on partner is an actual villain, don't feel like you have to gloss over that.//

Requested Characters: Fleabag, Boo, Bank Manager, Claire
Gen, Fleabag/Boo, Fleabag + Boo, Fleabag + Claire, Fleabag + Bank Manager

This show has been one of my favorite recent media experiences. So much depth is crammed into these episodes; it was like peeling back bawdy, brash comedy to this resonant, painful core. I love the humor of this story, the characters interactions with her family, the audience, the world. I love the progression of the story. Some of my favorite moments of the show are: the retreat, the flashbacks with Boo, the moments with the bank manager, the final shot and everything it suggested.

What I’d like in this fandom: what if Boo hadn’t died? What happens beyond the final scene? Fleabag and Claire younger, when their mother was dying; the sisters growing up. AUs would be fine as well as long as the relationships are mostly there. I’d be into Fleabag/Boo.

Requested characters: Sam, Fred Patini

Crashing is such a fun show. Sam and Fred were one of my favorite things about this series. I loved their interactions: the way Sam would only really be vulnerable with Fred, Fred going along with Sam’s plans like leaving his job, Fred jumping into Sam’s arms when he was scared.

What I’d like in this fandom: More exploration between the two. What happened between the kiss and the final scene? What happens after the final scene? How do they work in the future? Any kind of domestic stuff like meeting the parents, friends, moving in together for real would be great. I loved the tone of the comedy of the show. AUs would be fantastic as well as long. I would prefer at least hopeful, if not happy endings for these two. The other roommates can make an appearance too.

Suicide Squad
Requested characters: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Tatsu Yamashiro, Rick Flagg
Gen, any pairings between the four

My favorite parts in Suicide Squad were the Harley Quinn and Deadshot bonding moments and the suggested history between Tatsu and Flagg and the conflicted moments between Flagg and Deadshot. Anything with these four characters would be cool.

What I’d like in this fandom: Mostly anything focusing on after the film? How does the next mission go? AUs would be awesome too. I’d love more team interaction stuff.

Ex Machina
Requested Characters: Ava, Caleb Smith, Nathan Bateman, Kyoko
(Caleb/Nathan), (Ava/Kyoko, Ava/OC if needed for the story), (Ava/Caleb, Ava/Nathan), Gen

This movie was one of my surprise favorites. I loved the themes of creation, the responsibility of the creator, the line between AI and humanity, the manipulation required for survival. Nathan’s egotism and magnetic presence was fascinating. The dance scene was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Caleb slowly being pulled in by Ava; and Ava holding her cards to her chest to ensure her freedom.

What I’d like in this fandom: Show the process of Nathan making his creations until he gets to Ava? What happens after the film--does Ava ever free Caleb? If they had gone away together does Caleb eventually betray Ava? How did the dancing start with Nathan and Kyoko? What if Caleb wasn’t an actual human?

(Disregard the DNW of rape/noncon if dealing with Nathan or if the story leads you there. This canon had some dark stuff, so feel free to have that in your story if you go with this fandom.)
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