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needs to up my sock game ([personal profile] wishfulclicking) wrote2013-01-21 10:22 pm

Into The Carrie Diaries, rollercoaster with 2 Broke Girls

Anyone else watching The Carrie Diaries? I was ready to mostly ignore it because I am mostly ambivalent towards Sex and the City, but this prequel show is quite cute: the girls feel real, their friendships are tangible things, teens are having sex without devastating consequences (yet), and Freema (from Doctor Who) is quite nice as Larissa (though her stealing concerns me). There is a canon queer character (Walt, who hasn't even come out to himself yet but it's coming this season probably) and there was on screen same sex kissing between a mixed couple of guys in the background. I'll make a proper post at some point, but if you like teen dramas that aren't too heavy (kind of like ABC Family but a shade different), focus on a girl coming of age, (so far) positive about sex and the different ways others react to it, familes dealing with grief (the mom is dead), then give the show a go.

2 Broke Girls was the best it can possibly be tonight. I don't believe in constantly mentioning a canon's faults if I enjoy it, but this show is so up and down and even when it hits its stride, it'll rear back and lob a joke that falls flat and makes me cringe. I am still very much in the Max/Caroline corner but if some OT3 with Andy was written I would not be opposed to it.

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