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Yuletide is gearing up, something most of you are probably already aware of: the nominations are up and are going through the review phase. There are already enough fandoms I'm familiar with that I could offer but there are some more I'd like to check out just in case. A major part I'm thinking on is the yuletide letter -- I want to write one because I know I'd like one but I want it to be good.

I'm thinking nothing too stringent, a lot of variety, gen and pairings, and discussion about what I enjoy about the canon to provide a sort of springboard. Does that sound adequate?


My completist ways are dual blessing and curse; I could easily drop Fringe now because I haven't fully enjoyed a season since part of S3 and last season left me frustrated more often than not while enjoying certain parts, but I haven't really cared about the journey of the show for a while but I'm so very close to the end and I still hold varying levels of affection for the characters that I watched last week's premiere out of curiosity, loyalty, and an understanding that I have nothing else really to do at 9 pm on a Friday.

Elementary and Scandal are making it tough for a person without DVR. Last week I flipped channels and enjoyed both, this time I stayed with Elementary to see how they progressed from their pilot and realized it was just the kind of show I wanted to see Thursday night. Lucy Liu and Miller have great chemistry and the slightly prickly relationship between Watson and Holmes coupled with moments of warmth give me hope. The crime cases are CBS procedural but I don't really care. Scandal had a great moment between the First Wife and the Widow -- seriously, Emmy reel; but I have not seen the entire episode so I can't speak on it yet.

I find myself wanting to catch up with Go On but I haven't got around to it yet.

Parks and Rec is a constant pleasure that I'm taking extra care to enjoy because this feels like the last season of a great show.

Once Upon a Time sucked me back in. Even if I track down all the fic of Fairy Tale Land with Mulan and Aurora having adventures with Lancelot popping up occasionally it'd be worth it.
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Fringe continued its strong streak so far. Fringe Spoilers )

NYRB Classics and Oxford World Classics. I love lists and growing to-be-read piles so I'm going to tackle these two over an extended period of time.

Piece discussing the need for female music critics. Slowly I've been reading on criticism and fleshing out my thoughts on it. Someday I'll make a post on it all, but for now I'll share the link.

So excited for the code push on Sunday! Definitely changing the layout and playing with the new features.

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I still want to talk about television but not right now.

Fringe came back and I realized how much I've missed it. Excellent way to start the series though I can't wait for the actual team to reunite.

Community was funny. Not one of the best episodes but I really enjoyed it.

My Generation was okay. I feel like they could have cut the cast in half and stop having so many 'coincidences' and the show would be better for me. Though this is a premise that I'm ready to see played out in multiple fandoms b/c it combines two of my favorite things: high school stories and distance with time with some pining.

predictions for this weekend's matches )


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