Dec. 31st, 2011

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These are the rest of the books I've finished in 2011:

The Blood Chamber - fairy tale retellings with a gothic, feminist bent. This book is short but the language is lush and thick in some parts, making it feel longer than it is. I did not love every story in it but the ones I did, really were some of my favorite things read this year.

The Pushcart Book of Poetry - I find that reading anthologies of poetry help me find new authors/poets to read. It was from this book that I found Adrienne Rich and Szymborska.

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - Magical realism, protagonist I liked following, the idea was followed through well enough though towards the end the brother stuff made me pause and squint. I do want to read this one again though.

The Book of Laughter and Forgetting - I really didn't like this book though I appreciated how it was written.

Ender's Game - I need to make a post about this one later. Short one: I can see why it is a classic, and I did buy the sequel.

Among Others - I need to read this one again too to solidify my feelings on it.

The Dream of a Common Language - Loved it. Made me go out and find her other works (to my disappointment). Definitely plan to read again.

Delirium & Before I Fall - both of these are by the same author and I liked them both enough to follow her on goodreads and look for the rest of her work. I remember when reading her I thought these are books made to be movies, but that wasn't backhanded praise, just I could easily see things visually while reading them.

a list of the others to return to later )
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I did not go to the theatre that often when compared to everything I wanted to see, but I did go more than I went in 2010--even managed to see more than ten, enabling me to make a Top Ten List. (Before I go into this: ranking stuff is hard. Past a certain point I just wanted to put multiples on the same level and add a note that on another day the order may change.)

Thor, X-men: First Class, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and 50/50 )


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