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So I just finished reading all the yuletide stories I wanted and in the upcoming week I'll check out some rec posts for any works that I skipped that look good. I'm always amazed at how fast others get through it and start posting recs when I don't think I finished last year's collection.

I'm still massively behind on going through the Reading in 2011 Posts and I do want to post about movies and television this year as well, but some of that will probably bleed into 2012.

Someone besides me posted in [community profile] itstartswith the community I created but never promoted or mentioned. Yeah. I am going to do something about that: like start posting and promote it on some comms. I even made an icon for it that still doesn't look too shabby.

Besides [community profile] inkingitout I signed up for [community profile] poetry_fiction for 2012; it doesn't look like much but if I do this on time it will be a first for me in writing something in a timely manner for a challenge.

I need to find it within to subscribe to some other people, especially new journals. I remember what that was like.


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